27 January 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry...

In pursuit of happiness..

I think you deserve a spot in my blog and I also think I owe you an apology.
Again, I am the one who started it all.
And again, I ruined that day.
I dragged you from the East to the West just to purchase my desired gadget.
I am sorry for doing the things I did out of anger and my egoistic mindset.
I am sorry at the start of this New Year I have already broken a promise.
What I had written as my resolution, I failed to apply right at the very beginning.
You can call me Stubborn, Ego or whatever you deem fit and I wont say a word.
I know I am in the wrong. Therefore, I am trying to amend it.

This apology come a little too late since that event was a few weeks ago.
BUT I feel oblige to let you know I am trying my best to make it up to you.
I know you have forgiven me without me even trying hard to apologize.
Nonetheless, one cant be very ignorant about another person's feeling.
I have hurt you countless of times..

01 January 2008

Feeling nostalgic at the moment and I came across this song..
What a perfect moment.
When I first listen to it, that's when I know I fall in love.

I put this on loop. As I continuously listen to it, the lyrics just sink in deep into my heart.
How true are those words I cant seem to conjure..
How perfect it describe what I was incapable of..
Ah! I'm such a hopeless romantic to my surprise.