22 June 2008

My randomness strikes back..

Dear Miss,
Don't be too driven by emotions because it is not worth it.
Don't dwell on what have happened because the present is what matters.
God is never cruel.
If sadness enter your life now, happiness definitely will come knocking your door.
If it is meant to be, it will.
You cant run away from fate.
Stay strong..
Halimah :)
Recently, I have been doing much of reading and you will never guess what I read. I borrowed books which sadly to say I have neglected before. It calms my nerves and allows my mind to be at peace. In any way, I have been trying to revamp my life. It is definitely not easy. It's like Jihad.

I am being less and less productive nowadays. It frustrates me so much that I cant get many things done like how I used.

It's my first love and I wish it to be my last..


You warm my heart..

08 June 2008

I have not been very diligent at studies for sure. TWO assignments! I still cant complete both. Plus no Tutoring today supposedly to make things easier. Unfortunately it didnt because I failed to utilise that precious time. Instead I start browsing friendster and typing this entry.
Delay is not only for the assignments but other activities as well i.e.

- To watch Samurai X series (I'm still stuck at Disc 2 out of 12!!)
- To finish reading up the library books
- To finish reading the Crim Law guide[Chap: Defence]
- To fold piles of clothes and chuck inside the wardrobe
- To visit the optometrist: my eyesight is failing me :(
- To call up AVIVA: taking too long to reply my letter. Sigh.

I shall not continue with the list or I'll get a fright myself.
In a few minutes, I am heading to a Wedding invitation @ Tampines. And ya! I still have yet to find the colour!!

I need to start the list soon or perhaps now!! Bye.

07 June 2008

It was so clear from the very beginning.
He have one thing in his mind. Fear.
It is undeniably that the only solution he ever thought of. Separation.
Disappointment cant be any obvious than this.
The way she gathers courage and stay strong. Heart-wrenching.
Pretense. Such an act to hide vulnerability.


The same topic keep dwelling in the household. I dont even know how to approach it. The talks make me really angry at times.
How she behaves recently. It is perfectly fine to be in a relationship BUT to neglect everything else is not so wise. Anyway, she is not mature enough for this and I fear it more when she is with him. He is not someone I fancy to be with her. He is too questionable to deserve my approval. It is really a challenge to approach this because I dont want to appear busybody.

If the parent dont want to take the active role in discipling, who else will?
External parties can only advise but nothing much to it. She being that defiant makes me want to give her a tight slap. I dont want someone I know too well to be a victim to temptation. That will be the last thing I want.
I wonder how much damage is done.
I wonder how corrupted it has been.
Parenting is not easy. One need to be diplomatic especially when it comes to such matter.
And importantly, proper education needs to be inculcated since young. The naive days.
Like a malay saying:"Melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya"
Translated version: "Taming the bamboo starts when it's a shoot"


After a hectic week at work, it reaches the abyssal period.


With reference to the tagboard, I am excited about 2008 Baju Raya. I need to go hunting of it soon. Still undecided: the colours, ready-made or tailor-made? Hmmm....