27 February 2007

Random activities to be done

I want to type out some things I need to do before JULY arrives. You know what it spells for? GST.

  1. Visit a few eating venues that will satisfy my eating desire (Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, Fish & Co. and probably Arab Street)
  2. Shop for J.Lo's perfume. (I forget the name but I know the bottle is beautiful and smell so sexy)
  3. Stock up on my office wear+ casual attire.
  4. At least 2 more pair of shoes
  5. 1 big/medium bag
  6. DigiCam (I guess this should move up the list and receive higher priority than the rest)
  7. Please please..Can I go to the Zoo before July? Pretty please..

I think it is enough up till July. I really need to accomplish all these. I hope I can. Pocket, please allow me to. Hehe!

I am beginning to get very irritated with this advance blog system. The more advance it is the more haywire things appear. Simplicity is bliss i tell you guys. Too much complication leads to loads of irritation of the mind and soul. Haha! What the hell..Even my words are getting all mess up now.

Before I start at anything, I very much hope you faithful readers out there are able to read this current entry of mine because apparently some of you guys out there cant even read my current entry despite me updating it more frequently. Stupid blogger. I have never experience technical difficulties with it but now..Too many problems too little time to solve it. It's a chore i tell you.

Let me put up a Public Announcement here..
ATTENTION DEAR SHOPPERS who apparently love shopping at GIANT HYPERMARKET @ BEDOK. Kindly note that GIANT is closing down as at 1st March 2007. It is moving to Tampines (i think). Any last minute shopping to be done at the mentioned place, please do so before the mentioned date. Thank You.
I'm totally going to miss GIANT. It practically house all the necessities. I am so going to miss the chicken!! I shall go and buy it tomorrow! The last day!
By the way, Sing Shiong is taking over GIANT. Haha!

10+4=Fourteen :)

I hate to blog nowadays since there is almost nothing to blog about. My life have been going in the same cycle day in day out. No variation. I am getting bored of the mundane lifestyle I am leading but I am in no position to vary it either. In fact nothing much can be done. Work takes up majority of the time and week. 9am-6pm. 8 freaking hours of my life gone just like that! If you multiply by 5 meaning 40 hours per week spent slogging in the office. How nice! Then that leave me with the rest of the hours to do anything I like. If I deduct 7-8 hours of sleep daily I need. I barely have much time for leisure. I can only find leisure on every Saturday which is definitely not enough. I have to choose who to spend it with, what to do and I dont have 24 hours on Saturday to do alot either. Then come Sunday..The time I need to recharge for Monday. No wonder it is known as Monday Blues. You totally have to drag yourself out of the weekend mode back to reality. Haiz. Utterly depressing.

On the brighter note, March is going to bring me a slight variation though to my lifestyle. Meeting new people from two different courses. Hopefully that is something worth while. And great! Just by typing this entry it ate up 1/2 hour of my free time. Bloody hell I am turning psycho here. I am turning calculatively psycho. I need professional help fast?! Hmm..

Please ignore my craps. It's not worth reading seriously. This is just one of my moments I choose to do brainless stuff so pardon me for typing this senseless entry. It just keep me being me for a few hours at least. Errr..I am not making any sense at all! Shucks. Ok let's just call it a day now.

25 February 2007

It is Sunday once more. This previous week past at an extremely high speed. It is a good and a bad thing. Good to be able to reach weekend quickly and enjoy it sooner while bad because ALOT of work in the office was put on hold. Need to rush numerous stuffs and the coming week will start my slogging. Course start on the 1st and had the chance to check out the venue. Fortunately, the 1st module is not that intensive. At least I can take slightly more time to adapt to studying once more. I hope March will be a more promising month just like how i wish February was and turned out to be a little better than okay.

The long holiday as I was saying earlier I need to finish reading 3 books within 3 days but unfortunately thanks to my slow reading ability, I managed to finish only one book. Well at least better than none. Haha. I am working on the second book now. Need to finish it before the due date.

On a different note, I am really looking forward to meeting you guys for dinner or whatever it is to be at Ramen Ten. It's been a while and I hope the plan will work.

Nad, we gonna meet up on Friday. Whee! It's been such a long time. Haha. Have alot to catch up with.

Seriously, I am definitely bored now. People are sleeping when it is only 2pm! Not much activity around to keep me entertain except for reading book which I am going to do pretty soon (hopefully if not too lazy).

20 February 2007

I've been too tired the past few days to blog. Cant believe that there's alot to do despite the Chinese New Year. And I cant believe Nad..You actually went to Sentosa on Saturday too! Haha! But too bad I didnt bump into you that day.

So I'm quite lazy to go into details what I did for this long holiday. Basically I spent time with people. In general. I think not a single day spent alone. Saturday went to Sentosa for the fun of it. Haha! A few changes here and there other than that nothing much besides the nice sea view. I cant believe I actually went on an eating spree. Thanks to someone. Purposely dragged me along as an eating partner. Thanks alot. Now i cant seem to stop munching! Argh! On Sunday had an early start. Jogged with my cousin but my stamina was very bad so I jogged only for 1.5km!! Haha! At least it's quite an achievement for me since I did a consistent pace and didnt even stop. Quite a good thing for me. Haha! Perhaps I will make it a habit to jog at least once a week. Maybe shall jog again tomorrow or what. Healthy lifestyle! Haha. On Monday, I spent it around Singapore River and Esplanade. Hey they are in process of building the stage for National Day. The spectators' seat is also half-way done. Yesterday had nothing much to do. Did alot of sitting around. Walking aimlessly. And reminiscing the past. Quite a weird and fun day. Felt like the Poly days. Hehe.

The plan for today was supposedly to go to East Coast for a swim in the sea. But I'm too shag. So I cancelled it. So now slacking at home and i need to finish 3 books that I borrowed from a friend. I only start on a few pages last night. Hahaha! I still have 3 more days to complete everything. Hope will be able to do it. Or at least the 2 books within 3 days.

It is weird..the more clothes I buy the more i feel there's not enough clothes for me to wear. Wahaha! I desperately need more clothes especially for special occasions 'cos there's nothing special in my wardrobe for the time being. I think I need more dressy clothes. And a fine pair of shoes. I need to add more earrings into my collection as well. Not to forget to buy netting to hang those earrings.

Ah..I dont have much to type. I want to go and slack now. If i'm in the mood to type a more essay-like entry will do so in the near future.

10 February 2007

Good Afternoon Singapore! I am so happy!! God knows for what reason. My heart cant stop smiling. This is just a perfect Saturday afterall. I woke up today with a new realisation. It took me so long to even realise it but finally I did. I finally discover how I miss those days I used to have when I was back in Secondary school and the first 2 years of my poly life. That is being that girl who spent her weekends curled up in the comfort of her bed reading up the most romantic love stories and soon proceeded to watch her favourite Bollywood movie.

It is fun lazing around. While on a typical weekdays will reach home to have that cosy moments in front of the tv.

That was how I used to spend my time. That was my life. My life evolving around the greatest invention of all time, Television.

And not to forget the books. I am the all-time bookworm. Cant help it. Grow up with it.

At last, I know why my life have been so dull and seem so mundane for the past few months back. The ultimate reason is that I wasnt in control of my own life. I was too dependant. I relied too much on others that I forget that I am capable of doing alot on my own. I forget that I used to be that girl who run her own life the way she want and accomplish it just perfectly fine.

Well since now I have get my fingers on the core of the problem and tackle it. I am living a more fulfilling life. Bear in mind that it's not that I wasnt happy for the past few months, I was. My only problem was it never feel so complete afterall. No matter how happy I was, I feel I was capable of doing more. I feel that a part of me was just not there and here I am now after so much worries I finally get to make myself completely happy once over again. It seems so long since I had a blast.

Let me move away from my own life now. Let's just talk about something completely different altogether. Let's have some quick movie review. For this month, I barely have time to watch any movies and come to think of it again there aint much options available in the cinema nowadays. No movie seems to appeal to me as yet. Therefore I only managed to watch one movie which left me appalled at the end of it. Not for the good reasons that's very obvious. What a way to begin my 21st. By watching an R21 movie! Well people dont get the wrong idea please. It's not that I was aware that the particular movie I was about to watch is rated R21. I just got interested to watch it due to its deceiving synopsis and catchy title! I was cheated! I hate being cheated. They should not have written the synopsis in that way. Practically misleading. Hmph! Ok before you all start guessing what movie I am talking about let me just spill it out for you. I was talking about "Perfume: the murderer story".

You all must be aware by now that I adores thrillers and mysteries and you cant blame me for being interested in this movie.
Ok initially, it wasnt that bad. The beginning was quite promising actually. Hmm..again being deceived. First impression only lasts for a short period of time.
It started disgustingly interesting but as the movie went on. It deteriorated due to its longwindedness and illogical ending. I felt completely dumb watching it and come to think I ended up reaching home past midnight because I wanted to watch that movie so much. It felt terrible! To top it all, felt quite guilty dragging Shikin along to watch it. And she's not 21 yet!

To think i want to do up a short movie review, this that I'm typing doesnt even come close to being a review! Sheesh.

By the way, just itching to say this..I'm currently head-over-heels with the fragrance by J-Lo. In fact the bottle is so gorgeous. And and..I am very into the book I borrowed the past 2 weeks. "Swapping Lives" reminded me of a movie somewhere last year. I dont know whether it is exactly the same but I remember watching the trailer.

Errm..Someone commented on my language proficiency yesterday. Haha. This I mean it in a good way. I am speaking and writing in a more improved English. That I must say I am so glad to hear. Working in a Law firm definitely polishes up one language and deteriorates the other. Haha! You have to listen to how I speak my mother tongue nowadays. Totally embarrasing! What happen to it after 7 months?

Speaking about work. Not much updates about it afterall. Only that yesterday I finally got to be myself for a day. It is so relax! I love yesterday. And there one of my colleagues commented ,"Wah Halimah..You are funny today."
Haha! What an insult I tell you. Am I that boring at work? Haha! The answer is YES! I am being a boring girl at work not to forget acting demure and soft-spoken! Those who knows me and are reading this must be rolling their eyes by the word "demure" and "soft-spoken". That two vocabs totally not suit to describe me! I am neither demure nor soft-spoken.
I tell you, my colleagues will definitely be shocked if they ever saw me out with my friends laughing like some crazy hyenas and spitting out sarcastic remarks and crapping a whole lot. They might not even recognise that it is one of their colleagues they are seeing. Haha. Hmm..I am displaying split-personality. Only that the real me is what you guys have witness time and again. Only that you all wont have the chance to see me in the office only that if you intend to engage a lawyer or seek legal advises pertaining to Civil, Family or (god forbids) Criminal matters.

I must have bore you guys with my essay-like entry and oh well in the first place you are welcome to stop reading if you aint interested. But it proves that you are interested in reading my nonsense since you are still faithfully with me till this point. I must say I'm truly flattered.

Here i would like to dedicate this small portion of the entry to those NS men who have just gotten back from their trip to hell. Welcome back to Singapore! Singapore is proud of you!*throws confetti*

Alright, alright..I declare the end of this entry now! Have a good weekends!

05 February 2007

My head is spinning and I feel like throwing up.
Everything seems to become topsy-turvy.
Sometimes I hate to go home right after work and would rather stay in the library drown in my own fantasy world. Reading those uber sweet love stories or the page turning mystery. Or I even will be contented just by flipping through fashion magazines. It seems I can find solace in the Public Library eventhough it isnt so conducive afterall seeing ah-peks snoring at those sofas taking up all the seats. Oh well I've turn immune to all these. If you are living in one country make sure to behave like the citizens. So you wont fall out of place.

Talking about being out of place. This leads me to a more interesting fact of my life. Hmm..It seems as yet things are still not falling into place. It should have been since it's almost 7 months already but oh well things just gets more unfamiliar. It never seems to feel right. I have been trying to make it like my own but till now I never feel that i belong there. Even for a day. But I am beginning to make rapport with my own superior. At least things aint that bad like it used to be. At least they are nice eventhough it might be an act. I really dont give a damn. They can pretend for as long as they want and I shall put on the same mask as usual. I can never really be myself with them. I think I know why. GENERATION GAP. It is an issue. HAHA! No matter what at least I am making the effort to be nice and narrowing the gap between us. Who knows in months to come I will be able to close that gap totally. I really hope so.

As for things not falling into place, I am still searching for a reason to purport the feeling I am experiencing.Maybe this is temporary. But what if it's permanent? How will I go about tackling this problem? Haiz. I hate thinking too much. Maybe this is the reason why I happen to have this topsy-turvy feeling. BUT if i dont think about it, how can things get going? How can I make things better if I dont think about it and try to find a solution for it? Errr.. Okay I am going in circles. I am having issues with myself (I think). I think I need a psychologist. ARgh!! I am going nuts! Help!!

Alright this is getting more freaky than it already is. Before things get out of hand I shall put an end to this entry right away.

Oh well on a brighter note, I am waiting for end of this week. :)

04 February 2007

I am in the mood for love. Wohoo! Valentines' day is approaching and it is only better to slightly make some changes to adapt to the mood. So decided to change the skin again. Since yesterday I've been having few connections with love. Like reading "The Big Love" by Sarah Dunn and watch "Down with Love" on Channel 5. It feels great! It really made my day yesterday apart from the perfect meal with family, those wishes and chocolate indulgence.

Wish you are here with me.
5 more days *smiles*

01 February 2007

Hey it's me again! New month new look. Reason for the change of blog skin?
Well partly due to my niece comment on my blog and partly to get in touch with my "nerdish" side. Have i succeded? I guess i need not have to try too hard to project that image huh? *roll eyes* Whatever. Hmph!

Updates! updates! Tomorrow I am officially turning 21! And hey..I am officially a young adult and I am capable to build my own sweet home. Sounds like a great deal? Haiyah..Not for me. It feels all the same. My colleagues were asking whether I am throwing any sort of birthday bash this year. Well turning 21 isnt like a big hoohaa for me. It all feels the same. In fact it feels kinda depressing to know you are growing old and you are still not sure what to do with your life. Sad isnt it? Haiz. *shakes off the thought*
I guess I shall not dwell on the matter too much or else tomorrow i wont be enjoying my day. Haha! Oh by the way, my colleagues actually celebrated my birthday in advance just now together with another colleagues whose birthday happens to be today! Double celebration. Great huh? Yes it is indeed a fun celebration.

My countdown is still on. The more I start counting down the more anxious i am about it. I cant wait for that day to finally comes. I am surely going to be one happy lady! Wahaha!

Actually now I have nothing to blog. I just want to provide you readers with a new utterly meaningless entry to accompany this change of blogskin. Testing out the way the entry is going to come out after typing it all out.

Oh it seems that my life is slightly progressing. Going to be tied down for another year. So i have ample time to make my next decision. I am definitely going to fully utilise my youth to the maximum.

Alright wont bore you guys any further. Shall update more soon.