30 December 2007

As promised, I shall disclose the answers for my 7th December entry.

1) The murderer is the crew because he was telling a lie.
*hint: Think of Japan's flag*

2) If you choose (a), you are a two timer in your relationship.
If you choose (b), you are loyal n faithful to your partner.
If you choose (c), you are a flirt!!

That's it for the day..Bye!
At the shrine of friendship Never say die, Let the wine of friendship never run dry.
~ Les Misérables ~

Just one more day before a new chapter begins. It will mark the unforgettable events that you will cherish or despise for the years to come. I've said enough before and I wont bother to repeat myself. Let's just feast our eyes with the natures' beauty instead.








18 December 2007

2007 is coming to an end while 2008 is nearing hopefully bringing along with it another 12 months of joyous moments.

2007 has indeed been another year to remember. I entered the year not knowing what to expect and in turn I received a whole lots of unexpected things.

The beginning of the year I struggled to adapt to the working world and decided to break away from theatre for quite a while. It was such a surprise when calculation was made and I came up with 1 year of non-existence in theatre. That’s a very long period I must say. And true enough, as predicted I faced difficulties to re-adapt into that as well.

So much adaptation was done. So much struggled faced. That just made me a better person (hopefully).

This year not only was it merely events of adaptation but also 12 months a various tests of faith and trust.

I could explain no further how much it takes to be constantly challenged emotionally. It was definitely draining. I could never keep track of how many times I shed tears for the people I cherish the most. How many times disappointment hits right in front of my face.. and how many times I thought of giving up all hopes but eventually hold on because I still believe. I still care. I care too much in fact to let go.

I know I have made a HUGE mistake due to my ego. That is not taking your hand whenever you need me to. And I even refuse to make the first move to make things better. My ego is just too huge.

For all that, I apologize and as one of the New Year’s resolution, I would love to improve on this aspect.

In conjunction with the closure of 2007, I would like to make a closing speech before I fly off in two days time.

Such beautiful memories have been carved in my mind for 2007 and all these can never happen without the people around me i.e. my friends, family and him.

I am thanking ALL of you whom in one way or another successfully bring joy and add colors to my not-so colorful life.

Thanks to Nurul, Ashikin and Shahdon for staying as my friends eversince our unglamorous years in Damai Secondary School. I hope our friendship remains for many2 years to come. And yes people, we have grown up and some changes are inevitable and perhaps vital to us.

Thanks to YOU for making me feel so special and let’s pray we can survive this rocky journey together. I really cherish you!

Thanks to Nadira for those fashion advises. Hehe! And most importantly, for being that uber sweet friend throughout. Hey, it’s almost 3 years since our very first outing after Devdas production right? And it fell on New Year? Haha! What a New Year back then. J

And to those whose names are not mentioned above, rest assured you are still remembered. And pardon me for not including your names here.


Will update again a week from now!

14 December 2007

I just come to a realisation that I have not been posting nothing else other than mere words.
Okay, I know it is highly depressing to just stare at word after word in a blog. I cant find the time to post up pictures and thus I cant fulfill a request on posting pictures of what's happening in Singapore.

I will update religiously this weekend by posting up any due photos or entries before I go on a 6 days hiatus.

Let me jot down the list of items/things I wish to get for myself for Christmas/New Year
  1. 2 pair of dresses
  2. A Pair of jeans
  3. 4-5 new tops/blouses
  4. Exclusive/ Exquisite accessories
  5. Medium-sized Handbag
  6. 2 pairs of shoes

Haha! I think it sounds like alot of spending need to be done. Nevermind. Self-indulgence before I proceed on a strict budget by January 2008

11 December 2007

Tomorrow I OFFICIALLY need not have to come into the Office! Let's celebrate!
I am going for a course and that's why I am still in the office at this hour trying to clear as many pending work as possible before I go MIA the day after.

I am pretty worried about my fate for January 2008 since the performance of my superior is not so fantastic. Shit! I hate to think about the bad bonus. Cross fingers and hope things will get better within this few days. Not much money coming in and I am VERY scared that we are unable to pull off this month's Billing.

Enough said about the above. Maybe I shall move on to non-work related topics instead. My countdown is ON! 9 more days.. and 2 weeks to ehem ehem ehem! Wahaha! This is really very exciting indeed.

Beside work, I am trying to clear off the pending project I am currently pursuing. I never knew that it will be this hard. Thorough research need to be done and I better try to come with something fast.

So for those who are involve, I will forward it to you guys in due course.

Apologies for the delay. It will definitely be alive and kicking!

10 December 2007

Yesterday, I surfed the Net for hours since it was my relax-one-corner day. I started to search for any relevant websites to find out more about Taiwan night markets and the hotels I am going to stay in. Very exciting.

I dont even realise that somewhere along the way I digressed to the Star Cruise website. Haha! Jaw-dropping promotions!!

I want MY DREAM CRUISE!! Please..

07 December 2007

I am doing my update in the office again since my home PC is not willing to put me through the Blogger website which I dont know why.

Anyway, let me ask you guys a riddle to crack and a question to answer. Kindly leave your wonderful answers on my TagBoard.

1) A murder took place in a Japanese Navy ship at 2 am. The police questioned all who were on board.

Captain: Sir, I was sleeping when the murder took place.
Cook: I was cooking..
Crew: The flag was upside down..So I turn it upright again
Anchorman: I was anchoring

The Police immediately arrest the murderer. Who is the murderer and why?

2) Close your eyes and imagine you are walking through a forest. Suddenly, you come across a cave and enter it. What did you see inside the cave?
Please choose one of the following.

a) A canned food
b) Dead body
c) Treasure chest

Happy trying! The answers will be revealed in my next entry.

05 December 2007

I have been MIA-ing for the past 2 weeks from here due to many-many reasons and one of them is that I really cant find the time to do the updating.

I have plenty to pour out here and let's do it in sequence from the earliest to the recent events.

On 1st December 2007, Saturday happened to be the most terrible day of my life. It started bad and then it got worst. That particular morning I woke up for Drama rehearsal as per normal only to find the cast members seemed no where in sight. Okay I waited. Then found out from Nad that the co-lead was still taking his beautiful SLEEP. Argh!! I waited till I got sleepy. I did not perform during the rehearsal and struggle with the monologue. GUESS what?! ALL due to my OVER-CONFIDENCE thinking that I can pull it off without reading the script many2 times. Shit! Did I just confessed something here? *hides self and let NO one finds out*

After rehearsal, I met him and thought my unfortunate events stopped when the clock strikes 3pm. BUT no. It didnt happen that way. I had forgotten to book the movie tickets and cancelled the plan. Ended up at Mustafa shopping for toiletries when suddenly felt very faint. As though the people around sucked up my energy. I felt like shit. Dragging my feet to the train station and wishing to get a bite asap. It never felt that good after a hearty meal at KFC. I never eaten so much during a single meal before.

The day proceeded quite well until it was time to go home. I felt very very cold and physically and mentally shagged. I didnt know why it all happened that way. It felt like 24km route march! Haiz. Shivered like no one business. Upon reaching home, I laid on the bed and headed straight to dreamland.That was how shagged I was.

Okay, I have turned a day even into a 3 paragraph short-story. Wonderful!

Proceeding to the recent events..

I am currently typing away in my office. Yes, I am still in the office drafting WILLS. Those documents drive me crazy. I cant stand it!!

Somehow, in the office, I have so much inspiration pouring out that I begin to enjoy blogging in the office after 6pm. Haha! I really need to get a life!

After so much delay, finally managed to watch "ENCHANTED". Ahhhhhhhhh.. Uber sweet!
*sings* I have been dreaming of a true love kiss...

It's a movie worth watching. Tuesday night was well-spent and free food never fails to make me happy. *winks*


By the way, before I forget..Special Thanks to Shikin and Nurul for making dining at Ramen Ten fun! :) See you guys soon. And yes, Life have to move on people!