30 July 2006

There are few blogs that I often visit due to several reasons..
1) The way they write their stuffs..It entertains me! (i can even laugh out loud reading it)
2) I'm plain bored..
3) I love looking at some edited pictures ( Shahdon's blog lah who else rite?)
4) I'm just kepo and enjoy reading what have been happening to people's life.

Now I'm so happy!!
Why you ask? Eh or you guys don't even bother?
Nvm I shall tell anyway..Hehe!
I bought the HAMTARO already!
I mean the soft toy I have been talking about in my previous entry.
So CUTE!! So round..
Very huggable!
Eh correction..Not I bought it..
I got it F.O.C!
That's the best part about it.
I'm cheapskate i know but it's not a sin what being one.
It just benefit you! Hehe!

It's very VERY dark rite now!
Nope it's not power failure but it's the weather!
So windy= Perfect timing to sleep!
Change topic, change topic. I'm not here to blog about the weather in any case. Just sidetracking you know. I always do that. Oh now what am I about to say? Ah! I remember already..
I read someone's blog and it made me laughed real hard. Funny! It was a great start to a Sunday morning.
It was entertaining but at the same time something caught me attention.
A common mistake ALOT of people did.
The common phrase people use..
"Eh, rambut aku botak ah"
Aik..Kalau dah botak macam mana lak ada ada rambut?
Kan botak tu takde rambut..
Translation: "Alamak, my hair bald lah.."
Wahaha! Where got such things one?
Bald means no hair what..
You think what? Bald is the new Armani izzit?
Nonsense ah!
ok ok..I just feel like putting it here and try observing this next time.

Watched Suria Segar just now! Hahaha!
What a program to watch early in the morning.
Alah same lah like Selamat Pagi Sigapura or in direct translation Good Morning Singapore!
What attracted me to watch it was the fact the special guest is Alfian Sa'at.
Not that I'm a die-hard fan of him but it's the fact that he's gonna promote the upcoming show..
Now I really feel like watching it.
Very tempted to watch it.
And..I have yet to watch Pirates of Caribbean!!!!! *cries*
AND today is the last day Cabaret is showing!!!!! *cries some more*

It's frustrating ah..If you are broke and money is making its way to you freaking slowly!!!
And I still want the SHADES!!
Bugis Market here i come!
*fly away*

28 July 2006

How are you doing right now? well? I'm pretty unsure.
Having butterflies in my stomach. I cant wait to meet.
But till now you remain silent. That silence worries me.
I hope you are fine and well.

How I spent my Friday?
Talking. Lots of it.
After a very successful day of distributing flyers.. (the first time we completed the whole stack!)
I chatted wih Nad. One of the topic was Overseas!
Haiz..Everytime I talked about it, I feel like crying. It just make me feel sad.
And Nad if you noticed after we went into the toilet I never continue with the topic anymore.
I cut it out of my mind cos that topic links to alot of other sub topics.
Maybe i'll tell you one day if there's a chance.
Ok after such topic I feel kinda drained but window shopping is very therapeutic.
Soft toys and shades caught my attention today. Made up my mind to get those.
Indulgence I must say.
The next person I talked to later that day was Shikin.
Met her at 5pm to get some law notes.
I need to do abit of reading and mental preparation for Tuesday.
So we talked. An interesting conversation.
How funny life is.
A complete turn for her and also me.
Shah if you are reading this..Me and shikin are wondering where are all those pictures?
Please send to us a.s.a.p.

I'm still waiting patiently at home..
But as the clock keep on ticking I'm getting slightly impatient.
I'm tired and sleepy now. Must be too much standing and walking around.
Need my rest soon. So I'll end here.
And HSA still have yet to call.
It must be a sign. *ponders*

27 July 2006

I knew it. It gonna end anyway.
No point of hoping and wishing for it to last.
Some people are just extremely superficial.
They went for it 'cos they were desperate at one point of time.
Perhaps they were just very lonely and need a company.
They need someone to hear them, care for them and love them.
But in return what did they give?
It's just for the fun of it.
They enjoy receiving but not giving.
It's a pity for the one being the victims to these culprits.
I knew it but i kept mum about the whole thing.
I knew one day it will end.
And it did.
In fact faster than i expected.
A new eye candy with the right looks become the source of new interest.
Oh come on..
Mirror yourself before even dreaming of making your fantasy come true.
You dont even have the right proportion and you are eyeing someone like that?!
Anyway, apart from a broken relationship..A new one is form recently.
Very happy indeed but at the same time worried.
Worried that again it's all about the idea of being in love.
I hope for the best eventhough I just dislike the partner.
Like totally getting on my nerve.
*glass breaking noise in the background*

I've been totally occupied with interesting encounters this week.
Becoming a flyer distributor isnt that bad afterall.
In fact I enjoyed it thus far 'cos of the right type of company.
Me and Nad was talking through the crowds while distributing flyers.
How nice!
Work can never be as simple as this one.
Get paid for fooling around.
At least we didnt throw the flyers into the rubbish bins ok!
We have integrity..
Whatever lah Halimah..Move on with the topic.
I'm starting work in August if HSA dont get back to me by tmw.
I give them until tmw morning to get back to me..and if not too bad.
I'll just sign up the employment letter and pass it to HoH law tmw.
Seriously, it's scary and thrilling at the same time.
Who would have thought I will end up in a law firm to begin with?
It's totally off from my field of studies ah.
If my lecturers find out about it..They seriously gonna faint i tell you.
Halimah and LAW FIRM?!
What's up with that?
In any ways..I'm lucky for being able to secure a job quite fast even with my constant complaining and whining due to being jobless.
So the moral of the story is:

24 July 2006

Helios Coolios!

WaaaH!! Biopolis Rocks! I'm so loving it..
Err..Ok ok..you guys must be clueless what the heck I'm talking about here.
Let me explain to you guys..
In my previous entry I did state about an interview with HSA rite?
Ah good..Basically I went for the interview today!
Instead of Friday 'cos they rescheduled it due to some urgent meeting on Friday.
The place is opposite Ministry of Education.
Gosh I feel like in some kind of CSI or criminal minds show!
They even have names for each building and the one I went to is Helios.
Cool rite the name?
Sounds like Halogens!
So Science! Hahaha!
At first I felt nothing when I reached the Centre of Drug Administration (or sth along that line lah)..
But then when I came to know I was about to be interviewed not by one or two people but 5!
I was seriously freaking out..
However it went well..
Alamak how like this?
The job seems appealing and they did not question the amount I asked for.
And tomorrow..I'm going back to HoH Law to discuss about my 3 mths probation and salary.
I'm dead I tell you..
Aniwae..did I tell you guys I'm now a freelance Nutritionist?
Anggun International accepted me last friday.
I finally got to meet up with that lady after postponing the interview twice!
At first I was already pissed and don't wanna go but then I changed my mind.
Now, I'm given an assignment. A Nutrition TALK!
Can you believe it?!
A talk!
Scary shit ah..
Doing my revision currently..
All those dusty lecture notes are finally out of my drawer.
Finally have the chance to breathe some fresh air.

So what have I been doing for the past few days?
Since I didnt appear online most of the time..
I was actually doing ALOT of cleaning up.
Yesterday cleared up my cupboard..
Discard old clothes to make space for new ones. Hehe!
Today cleaned up my cabinet top and make-up kit.
Dust free now..
I rearranged my accessories and now it seems pretty much organised.
I think so..
Oh I was also trying to pamper myself with DIY manicure & padicure!
Eh ok ah people..I wanna watch Miss Universe.
I heard there was a fight! I wanna see! Hehe!

22 July 2006

So you think you can DANCE?

I bet they do!
This is superb! Love their choreography!

19 July 2006


Oh yah before I forget and later someone will start to tag me saying that I forget to give the credit to her for those 2 songs I posted in my earlier entry I better do it now!
So here it goes..
My special thanks to Nur Nadira Bte Zainal for introducing me to the above-mentioned songs.
I really appreciate it since it add to my current song collection.
*Loud Applause*
Therefore, I hope you can kindly continue your generous donation of songs to me.
And in return, I will continue to pray for your health and long live. Amin.
*wide grin*


Ah!! After 2 hectic days, finally I got my own free time today. This is just the beginning I must say. It's gonna be worse in the days to come. So today I'm making full use of what I have and tomorrow back to square one. I'm very please right now 'cos my luck is doing 360 degrees turn. I've been getting good news for quite awhile till it left me confuse. Confuse to choose which one. I'm spoil for choice.

1) I'm got a call from HSA* on Monday inviting me for an interview on THURS! Oh my! It's such an honour. After so long now the call me. Tsk tsk.. Abit the slow right?
2) Yesterday, received a called from a company I went for an interview two weeks ago. They got back to me positive! So I'm on my way for a 2nd interview.
3) A newfound long term wealth.

I'm so confuse as which one to be involved in. My mom termed it as Tuah Rimau. What a weird term. Haha! Ok guys, I shall explain to you what it means. In conjunction with Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month), I shall share with you people out there the meaning of this phrase.
Tuah Rimau means a few good things (or good luck) that occur to a person simultaneously or at one shot.

That's the new phrase for the day..

Now, I shall share with you guys the lyrics to the top 2 songs I've been listening to these few days.
*Health Science Authority
Ghost of You and Me
What am I supposed to do with all these blues
Haunting me everywhere
No matter what i do
Watching the candle flicker out
In the evening glow
I can't let go, when will that night be over

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

Seen a lot of broken hearts go sailing by
Phantom ships, lost at sea
Well one of them is mine
Raising my glass I sing a toast to the midnight sky
I wonder why the stars don't seem to guide me
(chorus repeated)

The ghost of you and me
When will it set me free
I hear the voices call
Following footsteps down the hall
Trying to save what's left of my heart and soul

Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow
I can't let go
When will this night be over(chorus to fade out)


Jeannie Ortega.. papoose?
let me show u all how its posed to be done

Jeannie Ortega:
don't get me started
it's getting kinda crowded in here
back up off me, im feeling like im suffocated
now here's my problem
i'm not gonna be your chick on the side
forget about it
u know damn well it wouldn't be right

Chorus (Jeannie Ortega):
I dunno wat u been thinkin bout me
did u think this was gonna be that easy?
hell no,u must be going crazy!
(noo-o-oo)Why don't you get outta my life,
get outta my sight,
get off oh my back...

why dont u go back to ur world...
go back to ur girl..
i think u owe her...

i know wats going on
i wont be second to none(noo)

back up, cuz u crowdin my space..
u need to get outta my face

-end chorus-
lets be honest
im not the type of chick that u use..
and if u want it,
if u want it
u'll have to choose
ive been thru this
i ve been cheated on..
i know how it feels
would i know that u wouldnt do the same to me

(Chorus: Jeannie Ortega)
I dunno wat u been thinkin bout me
did u think this was gonna be that easy?
hell no,u must be going crazy!
(noo-o-oo)Why don't you get outta my life,
get outta my sight,
get off oh my back...

why dont u go back to ur world...
go back to ur girl..
i think u owe her...

i know wats going on
i wont be second to none(ohh noooo)

back up, cuz u crowdin my space..
u need to get outta my face

-end chorus-
Papoose...BK.B..uh..K...they say u cant have ur cake and eat it too..
tell me wats the meaning...
wats the sense of me having cake if i cant eat it
cheaters never win, my friend, u like creepin'
but hate when ure girl starts cheatin imagine if u came home to ur wife,
opened ur door and locked it, then u found rkelly hiding in ur closet
i knew u would start cheatin, before u even stopped it
im like when u double ur money, im a profit..
albert einstein was smart, but im sum wiser...
im a ladies man, ur man is a womanizer
u gotta fite for love, can u make a fist
since ur name is genie, can i make a wish? (yeaahh)
no minor set backs, every move major
grown folk behaviour, jus do me one favour..
he put u on the side, let me be ur saviour..

(Chorus: Jeannie Ortega)
I dunno wat u been thinkin bout me
did u think this was gonna be that easy?
hell no,u must be going crazy!
(noo-o-oo)Why don't you get outta my life,
get outta my sight, get off oh my back...

why dont u go back to ur world...
go back to ur girl..
i think u owe her...

i know wats going on
i wont be second to none(ohh noooo)

back up, cuz u crowdin my space..
u need to get outta my face?

get outta my life,
get outta my sight,
get off oh my back..

cuz ure crowdin my space?
u need to get outta my face?

15 July 2006


Ah..It's been awhile I updated my song list. That's when I decided to vary abit my music taste.
Instead of the normal kinda music I often listen to, I decided to opt for instrumentals!! So you know lah hor who I turned to for those type of music. Who else rite..The KING of Classicals lah!
Wah seriously amused with his amount of songs! Tsk tsk..
I asked for a few gave me more than 10 I think. But good lah! Hehe!
Thanks hor..
Oh shit!
*stare at the clock*
It's 2:33 am!!
It's late..Very late. It's been awhile since I stay up this late.
And I'm so dead. I'm meeting him in a few hours time and I'm not asleep yet.
I hope I can wake up early..and if there's eye bags..
Shall go for the trusty ice packs! Hehe!
Alrite alrite..I think I should be off to sleep in awhile..
But then again I'm still online wif NAD. Haha!

Are you afraid of the WOLF?

Oh my GOD!! I'm freaking full right now and I dunno why.
After so long finally I got to eat at Techno once again.
Even paid a visit to (or easy said CRASH) Dramatec.
Wah so good..Was welcomed with open hands by the juniors :)
And 2nd OMG..To the WOLF game!
I love it to bits eventhough I just played it twice.
Thanks Shahdon for introducing the game.
I wanna play wif more people..
I wanna have the witch..the cupid..the fortune teller!
I wanna play it again!!!!
I feel so high high high!
*jumps around*

13 July 2006

The Apprentice

A first step to be the next apprentice of the year.
My very first baby step.
Will I be high up in the hierachy?
Only god knows.

Greatest Achievement of the Week!

To complete 192 pages of WORD SEARCH!

08 July 2006


Mom says..
If Your nose suddenly feel itchy. That means you gonna have a quarrel or a fight with someone.
How true! Hmm..

07 July 2006


It all started out fine.. Had an appointment with Venture Era at 2pm. And then from things began to deteriorate. It was totally a bad day to be out of the house. I should have stayed at home and sleep the entire day. Haiz..
They quit their jobs..
No one is working..
I made someone angry..(I'm sorry once again)
I'm still jobless..
I cant meet him cos he is held up..
They created too many troubles I hate THEM..
Tell me how fucked up life can be?!
And someone smsed me in the morning asking me how I am..and and want me to coach him/her in acting..Especially crying!!!
I think this someone have yet to go thru' shits..That's the reason why he/she cant cry.
My advise dear someone..Put urself in my position and I bet u can cry ur ass off!
Stop bothering me! I hate being used when needed! Go away! Dont bother me anymore! Go find someone else if u wanna earn ur stardom!!!!!!

03 July 2006

Hi 5!

5 snacks I enjoy

1. Polar's Chicken Pie
2. BK's Onion Rings
3. Chocolates!! *drools*
4. Hagen Daaz Ice cream
5. Tasty (All time fave!)

5 songs I know the lyrics to

1. Wrap my words around you- Daniel Bedingfield
2. Mengejar Bayangan (I wrote the lyric..So hw can I not remember it rite?)
3. Have you ever-Brandy
4. National Anthem..(Is it consider ah song? Haiyah..Anything lah hor)
5. Errr..Some hindi songs? hehe!

5 things I would do with 100 million

1. Shop! Shop! Shop!
2. Dine in Expensive Restaurants! Eating those GOOD GOOD FOOD!
3. Study OVERSEAS! Get a Degree fast!
4. Buy my DREAM House!
5. Get married? Wahaha! No lah..I want to Set Up my own Food Business! Hurrah!

5 places I would run away to

1. Cruise ship anchored in the middle of the blue sea
2. Kashmir! I've been wanting to go there since Sec sch!
3. The beach to watch sunset or sunrise
4. Cinema/Theatre..Watch all the movies/musicals that I can
5. Any where with nothing but nature..But not a jungle of course!

5 things I would never wear

1. Tube Tops! Never! (Esp after watching that Video..)
2. Bra and panties outside of My ROOM or worse outside of the HOUSE! No way!
3. Backless dress..Or anything backless. I dont like!Hmph!
4. Micromini..even if I want to I swear my parents will chase me out of the house if i wear one.
5. Any tank top or spaghetti top without a cardigan..
(Call me old-fashion..But i just dont like to bare too much)

5 bad habits

1. Talk first, think later
2. Lose sense of timing when having too much fun
3. Skipping meals
4. Snacking junk food excessively
5. Get paranoid easily

5 biggest joys!

1. Being in a Happy Family
2. Raju s/o Apu! :)
3. My friends
4. Indulge myself with GOOD FOOD
5. Watching cute lil babies smile at me

5 fictional characters I'd date

1. Johnny Depp in Pirates of Carribbean! hot! hot!
2. Aladdin..Argh..so cute!
3. Tweety..Is it a female or a male? I still confuse about its gender.
The other 2 i dunno already ah! Haiyah..

5 unfortunate individuals to do this

1. Fazira
2. Shikin
3. Maryam
4. Raju s/o Apu
5. Err..Anyone ah..Who is just very free rite now!

Wokay Nad! I've done the quiz be it my name is on the top or the bottom of the list.
Whee! *fly away*