05 December 2009

Dead & Gone!!

I miss performing...Haiz..
Mim Alif Lam Alif Sim....

the best described my current state. I have not even started on a proper revision on any of my subjects including Contract Law. Gosh..This is so sucky. I have been slacking far too much and I think December is a perfect time to start the engine before it's too late.

All that said, I cant find the drive to begin!!!!!! HELP!!

I am known for my controlled emotions but does not always mean it is healthy.
Once awhile you just need to eradicate unwanted thoughts, feelings etc from your system so that it wont overflow and spill. Now that will be a messy affair if it happen to spill.

Well I am thankful that I am able to detoxify occasionally.
There is always one particular individual I can count on to be the shoulder to cry on, the listening ears to share my ups & downs and the hands
that catch me when I fall.

I am thankful that I fate bring me to him.

Oh, I do not discriminate.

Thus, I would like to express my gratitude to the friends that have been there when I broke down and torn apart. Been there when I soar up high and smile.

Thank you.