30 March 2008

Short but Swweeet!!


I want to do this more often if we have the chance to.
Very enjoyable and economical as well.



Let's pretend to be......


My Ultimate Sadistic Picture!

24 March 2008

The Fun Fair Affair
Beyond the neon lights and child laughter
You held that gaze that made my heart skipped a beat..






This is a story about him and her.
She, who waited foolishly for him to return by her side.
He, who thinks that his "adorable" nature can bring him far.
My intention is not to intrude into their world.
I just cant stand the fact that he never learn his lesson and she cant let go.

I was once a victim but thankfully I realized my stupidity before it stray away too far.
If I still have yet to get over it I might as well give myself a tight slap.
I am a happier person after being fooled into that so called "love".

He thinks that his looks can woo every female on this universe and that his sweet words melt everyone hearts.
He thinks his good looks score lots of points but he fails to see that his lack of intellectual ability and immaturity score higher points as well.

He failed to see the pureness of her heart. He ridiculed her love. He abused the situation and made it seem that she wronged him.
He is too proud to allow himself to be the one in the wrong.
She is a fool to believe she was the one who wronged him and apologized.
She begged for his love and is under his mercy.

Why jump into pool of misery when you can lead a happier life without him?
What makes you think he loves you as much as you love him?
If he loves you, he would have made a small sacrifice for you.
When a guy fall in loves, he loves dearly.
Pardon me if I'm wrong but from what I can see..
He easily chucked you aside to pursue fame.
He easily pick himself up while you still shed endless tears.

You should be shedding tears of joy that you don't end up with someone as egoistic and selfish as him.
When he said you deserves someone better. Believe it. You do deserves someone thousand times better than him.
My hope is to see you finally move on and find a new definition of happiness.
It doesn't necessarily evolves around him. In fact, happiness might be away from him. :)

Please stop inflicting pain to the heart. It's unhealthy. Seriously.

Maybe my perception is very prejudice. Sorry.

23 March 2008

Again, my entry always come very very late..As requested by Nadira somewhere in early March, I shall post up the 10 random things now

1. I am beginning to feel that his skin is much more smoother than mine. Argh!! I have been taking extra care for my skin. Regular scrubbing and sufficient moisturising.I'm slowly turning into a freak..

2. Addiction to Korean Dramas isn't that healthy afterall. It cause you to be broke before the end of the month and encourage the development of eye bags due to late nights. *Sigh*

3. Finally my office computer has been upgraded to Windows XP and I am able to access to MSN! What a delightful activity I can engage myself in. Hehe!

4. I am having a date with Ms Nadira Bte Zainal on Friday and to indulge in another dramatic experience. Really looking forward to it. Hehe!

5. Met up with Shikin on the eve of Good Friday with the initial plan on watching Rule #1 at Century Square. However, since we both thought that it was better to spend some quality time together, we headed for Pizza Hut. HAHA! I felt she have taken over my "chimpanzee"ness and I cant help it but to laugh.

6.This is the 1st time in my 22nd years of living that I bumped into two guys who got not much of the look but flirt around like there is no tomorrow. A total turn-off.

7. Currently, a Chinese neighbour of my aunt thinks that I'm drop dead gorgeous and have the intention of match-making his son with me!!! I am so flabbergasted! He even think of converting his son into a Muslim. *faints*

8. I saw my junior Damai Secondary counsellor last week when he decided to barge into my privacy during my word search game in the bus. What a coincidence!

9. My Mak's Birthday is just around the corner and I bought for her an advanced gift. I am so proud of myself. I presented her with something she can use continuously.

10. Our relationship may seem low profile due to the fact that very minimal information has been disclose publicly. It does not mean you don't matter or that I refuse to talk about you. I think by now you know the reason why. Apart from this, I want to let you know no words can describe what we go through together. No words is comparable to my feelings. I don't care even if the world is against us. I will keep holding on to the same promise we made the last 2 years. Who cares if they feel you aint good looking for their liking? All that are superficial. And it's me who is with you. Not them. Let the world talk 'cos they don't know what really is in the heart.

Tada! Done..

07 March 2008

Currently am addicted to Korean Dramas..
I love to watch them speak..So animated. Very adorable.
Any kind souls out there that can lend me Korean DVDs or recommend me any good Korean Dramas so that I can hunt for them?