29 February 2008

I prefer to be messy now. Thus, I came up with this entry. Unorganized and appears haphazard.

Stepping into the student’s shoes in April and I think that will definitely spice up my monotonous lifestyle. It will transform my schedule from slack to hectic. I’ve been lazing around too long. Need to gear up into action as soon as possible.

At times, life is a pain in the ass. Which, unfortunately, also seems to apply to my colleagues. Opps! Pardon my bitchiness.. It gets really hard to contain oneself when it comes to such matter.
Ps: Some can’t even pronounce zero properly and still have the cheek to talk about others.

How on earth did I bump into my past? And my present seems to bother me as well.
Please don’t tell me this is ‘THE’ test ‘cos I’m pretty sure I’ll pass with flying colours. Afterall, I’m a distinction student in this subject you call “Loyalty”.

Friends. I have been quite unaware of the “what’s happening” in their lives. Maybe ‘cos I’m a little too caught up in my own world. Too busy sorting out my life. Too busy watching those DVDs. Too busy thinking of the next course of action. Too occupied with God-knows-what. Or perhaps I don’t have many friends to catch up with for a start. Perhaps…perhaps..perhaps..

I am missing theatre already! Please save me..

At times, the people you think are family turn out to be the perfect stranger while vice versa happens. Sigh. Again, life seems unpredictable with every step you take forward.

Boys make a better friend than girls. Period.

When I have a house of my own, I want to furnish it with IKEA purchases.


19 February 2008

Been away for a very long time..

Here’s what I have been up to since my last update:-

CNY’s Break

It was the best ever! Enjoyed it thoroughly till I had to drag myself out of bed on the Monday morning for work. Sianzzzz..

Went out with him almost everyday. Watched Sweeny Todd the 6th February and he was sweet enough to accompany despite the fact it’s a Thriller. The movie was okay and Johnny Depp was fabulous as usual.

On Friday, my first ever picnic and I cooked! Wahaha! Don’t ask me how I managed to do it without burning my entire kitchen. It was pure luck. CNY remember?

Cant get enough of each other? Again, we went out on Saturday but for a short while.

So the bottomline, CNY was spent solely with him. Haha!

Oh I forget to jot this..
I WAS under depression and at the verge of giving up all hope.
I even took leave from work on Tuesday just to clear the mess in my mind and also to allow the puffiness reduce in size.
That relaxation really works its magic!


Oh well, SMSed my Valentines’ day wishes to the ladies. No flowers or chocolates for me AGAIN. He didn’t believe in ALL these. Sheesh! What to do..Haha!

Despite that, I think it was a sweet evening.

Company’s CNY Dinner

BORING! *capitalize and bold*
Nothing new I suppose. The only difference is what I had that day. Hilarious!
Shall post up my 5 course dinner pictures soon.

I was supposed to meet up with Nadira after CNY dinner but cancelled it ‘cos it’s too late. Had phone conversation with her instead. A great one indeed. :)


Now, I’m praying hard that my application get through and things go on smoothly.
It’s alright if they don’t support me.

I have him, her and them with me!
That’s enough for me to rock the world!

07 February 2008

From HIM to HER

The Heart Never Lies

Some people laugh, some people cry
Some people live, some people die
Some people run, right into the fire
Some people hide their every desire
But we are the lovers

If you don't believe me
Then just look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies

Some people fight, some people fall
Others pretend they don't care at all
If you wanna fight I'll stand right beside you
The day that you fall I'll be right behind you
To pick up the pieces

If you don't believe me
Just look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies



Another year over, and we're still together
It's not always easy, but I'm here forever
We are the lovers

I know you believe me
When you look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies

And we are the lovers
I know you believe me
When you look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies


Another year over, and we're still together
It's not always easy, but I'm here forever

Yeah we are the lovers, I know you believe me
When you look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies

'cause the heart never lies

Because the heart never lies


From HER to HIM

You lit up my dark nights and shelter me from stormy days..
You are my reason for staying and not departing..
And you are right, the heart never lies :)

Ps: Thanks for the comfort and care today. Loves..

05 February 2008

Opened up a fresh word document with the intention to write a short-story in Malay.
My good intention failed since I faced alot of difficulty coming up with descriptive words in Malay. I, unconsciously, started to think in English and I had to resort to the Oxford Malay-English dictionary as an aid.

It began to turn out time-consuming and decided to call it quit. Shite!

It is always the case when you are too used to doing everything in English?
If it is, then it is very depressing for me now.
My future goal is to publish my own book in Malay mind you and now this is happening to me.
Perhaps, I'm just exaggerating here but it will definitely need effort to pick-up that same old writing skill I once possessed. Sigh.

Oh by the way, I'm just done with looking through Johnny Deep's filmography and my respect for his acting carreer just step up a notch. I wasnt a fan of him until recently. The way he portrayed different character is astounding. The moral of the story is: Never go for the norm.

01 February 2008

Who moved my cheese?

A story once told is now spread like wild fire.
Spread those positivity and optimism throughout.
I am glad I came across it because it changes my perception.

A new month brings a new set of changes.
I need to somehow switch from that autopilot to manual mode.
I need to be more independent now.
Now, I really believe what my dad repeatedly tell me..
Don't rely on others but yourself!
His words prove to be right.
I am confident the close ones will help but I was disappointed by the outcome.
I broke down in despair.
Anyway, thank you to my listening ear, whom ignite that passion when someone decided to blow it off.
I promise to fight all the way and make ALL of you proud.

Thanks Mak and Ayah..
Your approval and support really means the whole world to me.

Devil wears Prada was mind-blowing.
On the other hand, MY FATHER deserves some credits for the well-crafted portrayal of father-son relationship.
I never knew that it aches so much. I never knew that a certain connection can occur.
Language isn't a barrier or a limitation to pure enjoyment!

I am currently addicted to movie marathon. It's simply divine laying on your bed while indulging oneself with a good movie.
Daily therapy I must say.

What's next on my list?

More self-indulgence?
Let's begin by doing something to the woman's crown! *ponders*

Who says money cant buy happiness?
Oh..Maybe not too often.

Money is not everything. Was offered a better salary but rejected it.
Call me Stupid but I think I am smart.
To work for someone that constantly elevate your blood pressure isn't healthy.
I am not going to continuously entertain ridiculous behavior from him.
He irritates me more than I can imagine.
AND the worse thing..he did it with a smile!
Cunning as a fox!

There you have it, my rant for the day. About work. Totally unnecessary!
That's why it is publicize here you see. Not in some hidden diary.

Written on:
Monday,28th January 2008