27 June 2007

A: What's the meaning of marriage?
B: To get divorce..

What is wrong with people nowadays? Marriage dont have positive meaning anymore.

*A year and a half.

24 June 2007

Friday night movie was never as fun. Fantastic 4: The rise of the silver surfers wasnt that fantastic afterall. Apart from the special effects there isnt anything much to be excited about. Oh by the way, Jessica Alba looks different. She looks like she have been starving herself lately. Personal opinion i guess.

The next movie that ought to be given some attention to is this one. Transformers. Initially I wasnt very keen in watching it because the I thought it was some Cartoon or something. But after watching the trailer my perception changes. Check out the trailer. It's awesome! Enough said.


Next on the list is my pre GST increment by 2% shopping spree! I am going crazy over lots of things right now. I saw the crazy sale at Mango but i didnt step inside because it was packed with humans! Lots of them.

I began my shopping spree at Lucky Plaza then to Far East and ended it at Bugis. There are still a few things that I wanted to get but stopped myself from getting it to avoid creating a huge hole in my account.

These are a few things I wanted to get:-

1) Pink heels (gorgeous I tell you)

2) A Pair of printed tee with hilarious quote "Nothing can change my love for you.. Only Money Do!" Someone practically gave me the killer stare when I wanted to buy it. Haha!

3) A white watch, what I called "The Matrix" watch..I love its face! Very the futuristic.

And of course I am getting myself the last great indulgence before 1st July.

17 June 2007

Down the memory lane, back to the childhood days..


A very big THANK YOU Ashikin and Shahdon
for that SWATCH..
for visiting RAMEN 10..
for asking Nurul to join us..
for INDIRECTLY making my 21st Birthday wishes come true!
And of course, with an additional someone in the picture as well!!

Yesterday was double the surprise. I never expect to have my birthday celebrated since it is way belated. However, that 4 months of wait is worth it I guess. (1st surprise)
Bumping into your friend who almost forgotten names caught me off-guard.(2nd surprise) In anyway, I dont have much to say about it. I was never close to that friend to begin with. So being even distance dont make any difference.

Oh! Madu 2 will be showing together with Kampung Wak Hassan at the Arts House end of this month. Interested? Please check out further information yourselves.

13 June 2007

I finally get down to this theory..

Roses by any name smell as sweet


Shits by any name smell as BAD!

I now believe in this phrase.."Shits happen for a reason"

If you put it scientifically, through what I have grasp from all those Science lessons..
Human excretes by-products known as faeces or commonly known as shit to remove toxins and other unwanted waste from the body.


If you put it with reference to Life..
All bad things happen for a reason. It allows one to learn the meaning of hardship.

I finally bringing myself to blog once more. After the previous short entry I composed, I decided to be more detailed with this one.

30th May 2007 Eve of Vesak Day

Another date with my cousin equates to another late night movie outing. We just loves watching movie together. Haha!
Pirates of Carribean was our movie choice and since the next day was a Public Holiday we watched it at a later timing. Pirates was fun despite me getting lost in the middle 'cos I didnt watch the POC 2. As usual after a late night together, my cousin would surely sleep-over my place and talk alot!
We had a great time till 2am when both of us dozed off in the middle of a conversation. -_-"

8th June 2007 Being Bitchy

After soooo long, I met Nadira. It was approximately about 2 months since we last met. So long ago I tell you. We definitely missed the bitching and goofing around. I think bitching is definitely therapeutic looking at the stress level and work load in the office. I want to do it again. It gets to tiring to keep it inside too long. You might explode any time. So dont hold it back just BITCH it out!

9th June 2007 Advanced Birthday celebration

On the 11th was my brother's birthday. So we celebrated it with a sumptous dinner at a Seafood restaurant. Nothing that spectacular actually. So shall skipped the details.


10th June 2007 IT day

Headed down to Funan IT mall to do some cammie hunting. I ended up at Challenger (I cant believe myself sometime) and even enjoying the trip down there. Looking at my atrocious IT knowledge I was awed by the different electronice gadgets on the shelves. I am so JAKUN. But it think it's okay to be and at least I am now one notch higher in my IT knowledge.

07 June 2007

I am on Cloud Nine right now. After a year, I finally find a solution to my huge problem.
I am going to pursue my dream no matter what (in a realistic way of course!).
I cant wait to put my plan into action.
I hope this will be a successful one.
I am really counting on this chance to make my dream come true.
I will blog about IT in details after I manage to succeed the initial stage of my plan.
Therefore, for the time being please be patient and wait alright. That is if you are interested to know what am I talking about.

04 June 2007

Yet another new template for convenience sake. So Nadira I have made the necessary amendments to my blog to cater to your special request. *smile*

To those who have read my previous entry..That was written way back on 24th May 2007. I'm over that and over the fact that I have yet to get my outing pictures. So Shahdon dont get angry hor..I know you have passed all the pictures plus great videos to me. Thanks a gazillion!

While I am typing this out coincidentally I received an sms from this person..
"Ok, my FINAL interview will be tomorrow 12.30pm! If you want your diamond ring and kebaya Barbie doll, pray that i shine during the interview tomorrow!"

The message was sent to 2 separate people and one of them happened to be me! Wow! Haha! Guess which one I'll be getting if this person shine during the interview?
*drum rolls*
A Kebaya Barbie Doll!

My prayer may only worth that much. Ouch! That's sad. Haha! So to you..You know what I'm going to do right? Haha!

Oh finally i am able to surf the net, watch videos at youtube and blog! It is worth the wait. I am so happy now. After so much agony I have to face, finally!

And people I am back online! MSN here I come!

1st June 2007

The typical Singaporean food outing. Travelled all the way to the West just to enjoy PRATA! But I have to say it was not a wasted trip. We gobbled down a total of 10 pratas. A variety of them! My favourite is Chocolate Prata. Yum yum!
And i never spent so much on pratas before. Haha!
It was great guys!

Now, let's talk about the Arts in conjuction with Singapore Arts Festival that is going on. I am pretty excited about the upcoming Dramas that are showing soon.
Shikin wants to watch Alfian's Madu 2 and Shahdon wants to watch Asian Boys Vol 3. Me? I am still unsure. But for now I am excited about Madu 2 since I read it once before. However, I cant recall it that well. Asian Boys..I also want to watch! There's gay issues. Haha. Why am I excited about GAY issues? Err..nvm.

I think I am ready for another Artsy Blast!

03 June 2007

It hurts more than I can ever imagine. Being doubted by someone that mean the whole world to you isnt the thing anyone would wish for. That pain lingers within your heart, engulfing your soul. No words can describe the pain. Perhaps I am exaggerating on it but nonetheless the feeling is terrible. I hate it when it all repeat itself. It is like a bad movie or a bad song that keeps playing over and over again. It gets annoying. It makes you despise that moment so much you just want to scream so that it will stop. But apparently it never. I don’t even know whether it will ever stop. Sigh.

No matter how bad it is an apology always makes it better. Temporarily at least. When the same situation arises, it stirs the same old feeling. It is almost like a cycle you know. A cycle you just hope never exist.

I cant put the blame on one party. Perhaps its both or perhaps its none. No matter what it hurts both. Why must certain things be so complicated? Why cant things be very simplified? Straight-forward. No twists and turns. But one will say if such things happen, what’s the point of living? It is as good as living a pointless life. No ups and downs. No learning throughout your years. Forever stagnant. Stuck at the same point. No revolution.

I will try to look at it on its bright side. Such situation serves as a challenge or a test that will prove the authenticity of the beautiful words once spoken or written not long ago. Come what may, will you stay?

Try answering it sincerely..

24th May 2007

I wrote this on the stated date but only able to post it today because of the same reason stated in my previous entry. I want to be active updating this blog once more with better entries. I have been trying to let my imagination run wild. Letting my words flow freely. But I failed. No matter how much I tried to let everything out in words. It never seem to sound right. I am no good with words since god knows when. Neither am I good with portraying my emotions in the best way without leading to misunderstanding. There is a difference between acting on stage and being yourself in real life. I love acting as someone else and indirectly adding my own emotions to make it realistic. That’s the beauty of theatre. That’s the reason I love theatre. Solely acting that is. Acting is a form of art that allows the freedom of expression. However, since I have become inactive in it for quite a long time now..There is minimal way to express those buried feelings. The other options is to talk it out (to the right person of course). But who wants to listen? People are so busy with their work/ commitment. They don’t even care what you are going through. The only best thing they can do is to hear you. Kindly note that there is a difference between listening and hearing. I rather be listened to than be heard.

Oh yah..I talk as though I am the only person in the world with problems huh? Maybe I am selfish. Just like what a colleague said. “You all ah..Very selfish..If selfish don’t be human ah. Better be animals”. Haha! Who can ever forget such words man! People pretend to forget but they don’t. Definitely not those words.

Alright, my entry is turning depressing as time goes by. I think I should opt talking about the wonderful, perfect moments of my week rather than doing what I am doing now huh? Afterall, people appreciate Life as it is while it lasts.

Ermm..Before I proceeds to type the happy moments of my week I want to highlight on an issue or rather end it with a question. Why is it so difficult for people to give others a second chance?
Okay! Let’s be happy now. I sound like I am having Multiple-Personality Disorder right? Don’t bother.

12th May 2007: Off Centre

I know I am way too late in updating about this but hey..It’s better late than never. And if you are already late be later! Anyway, the play was a blast. I think you guys should visit the following livejournal:- www.miss godsend.livejournal.com for a well-written review on the play. It was awesome, fantastic, witty and the list goes on. Definitely worth the money! After this play, I am itching to watch another and another and another. I am so missing acting and watching plays. Shah and Shikin! We need to hunt more good plays and watch it together ok!

Further to the above, I am writing to demand for the pictures taken from 12th May 2007 outing and from last month expo-Nasi Ayam penyek outing. Kindly forward the said pictures through email, post it on the blog or burn it to CD, whichever deems fit within the next fourteen (14) days, failing which I am proceeding according without further reference to you.

By the way, that’s for you SHAHDON! And in layman’s term..WHERE’S ALL THE GODDAMN PICTURES? What takes you so long to upload or send it to us?! Argh! Geram!

13th May 2007: Mothers’ Day

It was Mothers’ Day but as usual I am not the daughter that celebrates it. I only celebrates Birthdays. Haha! It was also the day I finally stepped into City Plaza. OMG! The place was jam-packed with indonesian maids/banglas/phillipinos/Thai workers. It was especially full with them on a Sunday. However, the place was very promising. You can find all sorts of things there. The clothes are affordable. Nice bags. Cheap VCDS. And there is my favourite food outlet too! Arnold! Yummy. It was an interesting trip down there with my cousin. She engaged my help in search for her mom’s gift for Mothers’ Day. That made me a little guilty nonetheless. Haha!
I think that’s about it for the major events that makes slight difference to my boring life. Haha.
31st May 2007 is Vesak Day and I am planning to watch the Pirates with my cousin on the 30th. It will surely be another exciting event. I love her company. Somehow she makes me feel young. Haha!

And I want to fit in 2 more appointments into my next week calendar. Planning to meet the ladies again. That was a long time ago. Haha!
There you have it. An ultra long entry.