13 December 2008



Accumulated resentments, periodics tantrums and deeply buried disappointments.

Toxins that need to be flushed out of the system before 2009 begins or else it will be left

hazardous to the mind, body and soul.

As far as I can recall, I have been brooding on how boring my life has been, how unproductive

I've become and how slow I have been progressing.

Honestly, life has not been that bad afterall.

Life has not been stagnant. It keeps on propelling.

And as I am typing all these..it continues to move ahead.

Eversince I can remember, it has always been about the fury, the angst and the sadness of life

that has been successfully reflected.

I wonder where have all the joy went to? Have it evaporated into thin air? Or just that the

negative feelings outshine the positive ones?

Two years back. Without fail, I wish for the years to pass me by without a blink of the eye.

To hurry history. And never look back.

Now, I crave for it to slow down so that I can suck it all in.

The goodness of the unfortunate events.
The healing process of the wound.
The smell of the earth after rain.
The glow of the morning sky.
The adrenaline rush from that Sunday jog.
The smile on her face.
Siblings' laughters.
The warmth of his hugs.

I crave for the details because it will never be replayed again.

If it does, then it will just be of fond memories stored at the back of your mind together with

other rusty old memories.


Something knock me hard on the head.

Telling me it's like a wild goose chase.

Trying to break my spirit.

Is that it?

I will not give up until I pour that last ounce of effort.

Only God knows what the future entails.

09 December 2008

The well run dry
Waiting anxiously for the rain
It wont arrive soon. Not yet.
It is not the time of the month.
Shit. This cannot go on.
Or I will die out of thirst.
Wishing for a miracle..
I hate being broke in DECEMBER.
First week to be precised. Boohoo!!
Going on a ration now!

08 December 2008

My Bedroom Day!

Time spent alone was never this great.
It's been quite awhile since I had time to spend on my own.
Today I did it.
It was a day well spent. Hey, when you enjoy wasting time..It is not time wasted.
The weather was perfect. The bed was extremely comfy. And the stomach was contented with all those delicious food filled to the brim.
There, you have it! My very own movie marathon.

Started off with Daddy day care. Followed by two Malay movies.. Nothing mind boggling. Just wanted to laugh my head off and I did! I watched "Apa Kata Hati?" and "I'm not Single".
Subsequently, I took a nap and woke up to watch "Date with Tad Hamilton".

So there you go..My break spent as simple as it can be and I am very very happy!
Okay, I am rambling nonsense and it's not intellectual at all but I don't care.
Bottomline is I am one happy lady today! :D