26 May 2008

Feeling so uninspired to attempt my project. Instead I waste the time on browsing the friendster. Sigh. In need to come out with something fruitful/substantial for tomorrow's meeting. It is ONLY Monday, the time is ticking by painfully slow and I am already running out of energy. Shag. Received a message early this morning. Thought of THAT opportunity. But decided to throw it down the drain. Past. What's on my mind. Opened an email @ work. Him. He was kind enough to do up my monthly budget. The result: Impressive. Now, I am left with approximately less than an hour to read, digest & type. Fade.

25 May 2008


I've gotten my invitation card!!! Thanks to Mr. Double E. HAHA!
I have no idea why am I looking forward to it.
I am always excited about my friend's wedding since I have missed one last year.
I hope i dont miss this one. It is not because that I am excited to watch the bride and groom on the dais but the fact that I am going to meet the old friends. That's going to be very interesting!
Somewhat like an awkward reunion perhaps? haha.
Ashikin, hope you don't have anything on that day and you are up to this challenging errmmm..challenge? Hehe.

21 May 2008


When I was young, I fell in love
I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows, day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.


18 May 2008

I giggled so much while uploading the video below.
Finally, i make myself look at this song in a different perspective altogether.
Very light-hearted yet true!


The past two days I was down. About my bad skin. It is so prone to acne/pimples. I cant erase this from my mind..
"Oh ya now I recall. But I didnt remember her having that many pimples. Haha"
Argh! Do you how it feels? Very depressing. I tried to convince myself that my skin has improve but it failed! I started to feel crappy because I have been putting in alot of effort to make it better.
When will it come a time I have flawless skin?! Hmmmm....

*skip lamentation*

On the brighter note, he secures a job already! Congratulation awak! :)
And it is not ORD yet. He is indeed very lucky. He nailed it on the 1st interview. I am so jealous! This make me have a stronger urge to find a new job. Start earning big bucks as compared to the measly amount i am earning now. Shall wait till July. The increment month. If it is not up to expectation I shall quit!!

There are times that I cant believe what I am doing with my life.
I thrust myself into a whirlpool of unfamiliarity.
I don't even know whether this is going to work out well.
I jumped without giving it a deeper thought.
Now, I am here. I cant turn back against what I have decided.
I need to persevere. I need to stay firm on the ground.
I wont collapse without any attempts.
So far,it has been a good start despite the glitches.
Now the challenge is to make it a good ending.
I have 3 years to make it right.


May I ask?
Is this an auspicious year to get married?

Many friends are married or getting married this year.
It really makes me feel weird.
For sure, I am not influence to speed up marriage just because of them.
I am just curious of this phenomenon.

Ps: HAFIZ is getting married. I am invited!!! HAHAHA!

11 May 2008

If you find America's Next Top Model great..
Check out Australia's Next Top Model. It's the Cycle 4!

09 May 2008

Finally settled with this skin. Took me a very long time to decide on it. What more with me still recovering from flu. The virus is getting to my brain. Changing a skin never been this painstaking before.

I found a skin just nice to fit my pictures and videos in it.

Movies I wanna watch so bad..




Ayat-Ayat Cinta..

I have always admire people who pen their ideas well. And currently, this person is no exception. Shikin introduced him via her LJ. Since today I have plenty of time, I decided to take a peek into his blog. He reminds me so much of Alfian Sa'at. University graduates and both love to talk about the Malay community. Similar train of thought i presume.

In anyway, this guy possess a very witty sense of humor. His blog is worth reading.

Let's put that aside and change the topic. School started on 21st April 2008. Not officially yet.
Just the induction programmes. And what I am about to say hopefully wont get me a lawsuit in my letterbox.. Their Administrative Department is in dire need of proper organisation. In layman terms, it sucks! I shall not provide further justification to my words. The "wrongly-issued-textbooks-plus-no-confirmation-as-yet-about-my-subject-changes" proves everything. Period.

Apart from that I am pretty excited to start school proper eventhough it will be taxing. I hope the burning desire to learn wont die off soon after the commencement in July.


I was on a jam-packed activities starting from 1st May 2008.

Let me fill you in with the necessary since I have been updating since I dont know when.

1st May 2008

Started the day early. 9am. When to tutor my student since her Paper 1 was on the next day.
Reached home and took a short nap. Woke up. Went out with him. My treat to the Breeks!

2nd May 2008

After work, met him again. Hmm..for the second time in a week. Met up for dinner and headed home.

3rd May 2008

Headed down to town. In search of his shoes but to no avail. Instead I got something for myself!

4th May 2008

Morning jog. Slept. Tutoring AGAIN!

5th May 2008

Met up with Shahdon and Ashikin for dinner. At Simpang Bedok! (which I wrongly-typed as Bedok Corner). It was the Singapura way! Fun! I've decided to head back there with my parents and maybe with him (on separate days of course!)

The dinner was on Shahdon! Thanks ya! Totally appreciate it!
And he is on his way to Temburong, Brunei as I type this out.

I have never felt so bloated before. We ordered like we have 6 people eating it. When it was just the 3 of us.

T3 was nothing spectacular. Except its interior design is pretty nice.
What you expect when Singapore spent a bomb on it?!

The 'Hot Seat' thingy really spiced up the night.
Only that Shahdon's too shy to answer our 'intimate' questions.

6th May 2008

Watched Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay with my colleague, Christa. Hilarious! But way too explicit for me and I think for her.
Quite shocked to watch too many topless and bottomless scenes in one night.

7th May 2008

Hey guess what?
By this time, I already felt sick! Took 1/2 day and went to work in the afternoon.
And I still dragged myself to Bugis Street and shopped. I couldnt believe myself!
At the end of it, I was half-dead. Felt crappy. My face was red. It felt as though I can collapse any moment.

8th May 2008

I was down with FLU! Slept the whole day.

9th May 2008

Was supposed to resume work today but still felt sick.
Took another day MC.

I am beginning to believe that I am aging too fast for my age.
I cant even handle the abovementioned schedule without making myself fall sick. Haiz!

03 May 2008

Dear all..

Please bear with this blogskin for awhile..
Will do the re-constructioning of this blog once I am less occupied with stuffs.
Now, how I wish that my office computer has the access to Blogger and other related websites..
I am deprive of updating my bloggie! There are plenty of things to pen down but there seem to be no opportunities at all.

Since I have come this far to drop a message I might as well progress further by posting an entry right?

It's the 1st weekend of the month! GST offset package money received! People are queueing up impatiently to cash their cheques. So typical!

Oh well...That's not what I want to go to actually. Shah's back from Brunei and left for KL yesterday. We still have yet to have an outing together. Like what is that suppose to be? Haha!

Since I am assigned the honourable task to do the co-ordination of outing..Let's make sure we at least have one ya?

Please reply to this message as soon as possible!
We need to decide on a day for the outing.. I thought of Monday 5/5/2008.
And the venue..Just a simple dinner where we can have plenty of time to talk perhaps?
Or would you all prefer a whole day outing?
I seek your confirmation fast!

Dear Nadira..
When is the most favoured day to go out? I prefer on the 7th May.
Update me ya?


Craving for that shopping spree at Bugis Village on a weekday..Cepat2 ye awk?!

02 May 2008

Curiosity starts to boil up and my very own detective game begins. Piecing bits of information together. Weighing the probability. That lengthy revelation keeps playing in my mind like some kind of good old movie. It’s like an unexpected twist to a perfect fairytale. What you see are superficial. What’s between the lines are preposterous.

I shall keep mum and not to blurt out anything. Should keep reminding myself that since I have this itchy mouth and the tendency to spill the beans.

Actually, the beans have been spilled not long ago. HAHA! I succumb to my very own temptation. Well well..Lucky the secret remains between us. Hope it will remain like this.

Been meaning to update my blog for so many weeks but I keep diverting my attention to other things..

I will try to update it soonest possible and change my twisted Blogskin..

Need to start working once again..Tada!