19 July 2009

Take a Break!

Oh great! Almost 2 months have passed and my break is coming to an end on 7th September!
Only now I managed to meet up with a friend to get tons of movies to watch.
Ya what a waste for not having those movies earlier to kill the time!
So to compensate for the loss I decided to do a movie marathon!
I started yesterday and I still have plenty of catching up to do.
Therefore, in order to expedite matter I am listing down the movies I am dying to watch.
  1. Bride Wars
  2. 17 Again
  3. 21
  4. It's a Boy Girl Thing
  5. Fracture
  6. Untraceable
  7. Conspiracy
  8. Knowing
  9. My Sassy Girl
  10. My Blueberry Nights
  11. The Promotion
  12. Thank You for Smoking
  13. Definitely, Maybe
  14. Dark Floors
  15. Teeth
  16. The Great Debaters
  17. Reservation Road
  18. Meet Dave
Wokay! I think it's over ambitious to complete the list but I think it's possible! Let the race begin!

Alright, I have absolutely nothing about my life I wish to update for the time being so so..till then! Sayonara people!!

05 July 2009

Childhood Bliss

How perfect it is if life can be as sweet as cotton candy and ice lemon tea!
Unfortunately, it is not.
So we make do of what we possess to the best of our ability and make imperfection seems perfect.
Even in the smallest of things, we CAN be happy and chirpy.

Currently, I find pleasure & happiness in COLORS and CARTOONS.
And I find the perfect balance in these..