26 December 2006

It is exactly five more days to 2007. So much have happened be it good or bad. Be it either one it only serves as something to learn from. From it you mature and I must say I have mature quite abit looking back at where I started. This is the ending of 2006 and I started it with a big bang. Haha! Not a positive one that is. I recalled having to spend my New Year at home. The reason being I sprained my ankle while playing zero point during Camp Nexus. Stupid.

But this year I am definitely going to spend it in a very special way. There are so many reasons for me to look forward to 2007. I am excited to start afresh with those people who have always mean so much to me. The people who witness my downfall and my success. I wish for a better life ahead. A life which is still unpredictable. A life full of challenges. A life with the growing love and passion. A life that I can call my own.

I will never regret the events that had happened to me in the past because that is when I create my own history. My life history. Like any history textbook you read, definitely there will be stories about the gloomy failure and the victorious sucess of a country. Our life is similar to it. When we are facing our difficult moments, it feels like War. When we are experiencing happiness, it feels like a prosperous occasion. So many comparison can be drawn only with the word Life. There is so much to Life that at times when you heard news of someone committing suicide, you begin to wonder. Is it really nothing in the name of Life that Death is a better option? And we continously wonder. But have yet to find an answer.

I digress.

I was in the middle of sharing the reasons why I cant wait for 2007 to arrive. And I am about to share my new year's resolution if I am capable of producing it at this very limited time span.

First thing first..
The Reasons..

a) Obviously the utmost reason why i cant wait for the year to end and substituting it with the next year is because this year have too much going on. Too much for me to handle. I need to close this old chapter that have gone way too long and start a new fresh chapter.

In random order the lists of events of 2006

- Major Project that brought along a very major headache and burden together with it existence. Surviving in the group was already a big chore by itself and to top it all the topic chosen was too ambitious.

- Completed MP and began with Final Year Exam which was a struggle due to multiple commitments. Too much to cope with.

- Sins.

- Tainted Flower. Beneath the Batik. The first stepping stone. A play that opened various doors of opportunities. Not all were taken wisely. Some were rejected.

- Parlez. Franco-phobe moment.

-Tepak Sireh. Tonnes of adlibs.

- DreamScape 3.0. Who says Dream cannot become a Reality? 'Cos it did in this one. Right Nad? ;)

- Friendship strengthens.

- Enter the biggest commitment of all time. And very glad still in it.

- Words can break or make people. At one point it broke us. Not for long. Friends forever. :)

- The Most memorable Birthday.

- Graduation. Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition. Useless!

- Job-hunting period. The frustration and the disappointment. And not to forget the rejection and the discrimination too!

- Getting in touch with the woman within

- Sacrifices..

- Entered the working industry. Realise it isnt like bed of roses. Realise the ugly side of life.

- Adapting to it and accepting it as it is.

Welcome into the Adult World!!
where entertainment is second to responsiblity
where CPF, DPS,Medishield and NETs are all that matters
where fast food restaurants come second to luxurious dining experience
where personality outshine superficiality
where boys become men
where girls become ladies

Apart from those mentioned reasons. I am also glad that I finally met up with the long lost friends. I really mean for a long time. This year I have met up with my primary school friends. Those friends I used to hang out with and grow up with.
Haier Diana.

A small note to those that matters:

Congrats to Nurul'aini for surviving and still tolerating Cik Kham's attitude. And also for making it somewhere in the Media industry. Kudos!

Finally, Marissa you found the one you truly adore. Wish you all the best with him. May it not be those monkey love you had back in secondary school. And congrats for making it permanent in Supreme Court IT Department.

The thorn among the roses. Shahdon. Be strong while serving the NS. And I dont mean Physically like Aaron Aziz which I know you wanna. But be strong Mentally because it is more like a mental torture. I shall wait for me to win another of your infamous "Call from Tekong" competition. Haaha!

I heart IMH tour we had on Sunday. Truly enriching. Truly Asia! Haha. What can i say..You end up in the most unexpected place and doing well there. Have to salute your go with your instinct attitude. Very bold of you. Now you have yet to find your other half but I am still waiting for that very moment to happen. So that i can shut Shah up from pestering a Dinner together with my other half. I dont want to make the same mistake. Haha!

Lots of Love,

23 December 2006

Like any other bloggers that I have read their blogs talking about New year. I am not excluded.
I am also one of those who is wishing for the New Year to arrive and thus leaving this 2006 at the back of my mind. Like wise the same wish I had back in 2005. Haha! Guess some things never change but I bet this year is way way way better than the previous year.
Hey maybe I shall post up a line graph showing the different peak of my life this year. Cool huh? To better illustrate my point for 2006. Hehe.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Graph 1: Summary of Year 2006

Today was awesome. I never laughed so much for quite sometime and tonight was definitely a night to remember. Night at the museum. OMG! It was freaking funny lah! And I am so in love with those exhibits. Haha! T-rex rules ah (pun intended)! HAHAHAHA! Great show to laugh your stress out and wish it will never NEVER return again. That was what I did. And it works!! Very effective. Like the saying goes " Laughter is the best medicine". I was sick but i receive the cure to it.

Since it is just 2 days before Christmas aka Public HOLIDAY! Wohoo! I will like to wish those Christians and those non-Christian who thinks they are Christian and want to join along in the celebration..

SHOP SHOP AND SHOP before the GST increase next year hor!

Opps apology to those colour blinds out there. Too bad you can read my special wish if it is meant to be dedicated to you that is. Oh well anyway i know you cant be bothered about my wish either so no fuss lah. Haha

Returning to the topic of new year. Yes i am getting excited as the DAY is approaching. My countdown starts a week in advance. And guess I have to prepare my New year's resolution very soon. Once I have compile everything I might just be posting it up here soon. Apart from the resolution I have alot of socialising to be done. Haha!
Meeting up with the other 2 friends that have gone through thick and thin with me in the weekend or most likely Monday.
Having Post-Christmas plus catching up session with 2 of my secondary school classmates.
Surprising someone with the guest appearance that is tentative.
So that are some of the plans ahead. End of the year isnt as bad afterall.

And I have yet to do some shopping for myself. I need to do it a.s.a.p before the Christmas is over and the year is ending.

Oh my I have lots to update but just look at the clock now. It is already past my bedtime and amazingly I am not even sleepy. Must be the festive season mood. I shall continue this another day with my very own reflection and review of 2006. Stay tune till day good day. Enjoy the Holiday.

17 December 2006

I am in dire need of some fun during the weekdays but i am almost broke. Ya i know what a time to be broke huh? Out of all time it is Christmas Season. It sucks i tell you. Moreover nowadays i just feel quite lonely. Need to be all hype up once again.
This is weird I am surrounded with plenty of human beings and yet i feel lonely inside. Eurgh. I have no idea why. Dont ask because i dont know how to answer it myself.

On a happy note, i think i should list down all the things i have been wanting to do thus far. Ala Christmas wish list.

1) Watch movies: De javu_Cinderella_Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix_Night at the museum

2) Dine at Fish & Co.

3) Visit the Singapore Zoo

4) Cable Car ride at Harbourfront

5) Simulator ride at Singapore Discovery Centre

6) Ride the Sentosa Luge

7) Bumboat ride along Singapore River

8) Relive the Musical fountain moments

9) Cycling along East Coast Park

10) Try out the Nasi Ayam Penyet at Changi Village

11) Continue with the very own around the world in 80 days trip to Bombay

12) Shopping Spree

13) Catch up on missed movies aka VCD/DVD watching marathon

14) Get enrol into some classes to get away from the routined life

Ah..The list is seriously non-exhaustive. It can go on and on forever. This is how much i have longed to catch up with life. Sigh.

13 December 2006

Time and again he try talking sense to me.
But eversince graduation, I cant possibly register any sense.
My life is not making any sense right now. Not anymore for now.
I failed to live whatever expectation I have for myself.
I think I'm such a failure. Loser. Totally.
What have I done with my life?
Which path am I heading?
Which direction is my boat steering to?
God, how can I be so fickle?
Is this what I really want?
Come to think of it again..What exactly I want?
What is my goal in life?

New year is coming soon and it is time to really do up some review about 2006. It is time to set new goals and be specific. It's time for changes. It's time to get serious.

Ps: Thanks Ashikin and Shahdon for the lunch date today. It really help me to get away from my senseless life for that less than 1 hour.

10 December 2006

Sinful day it was. Started the day with the first meal of the day and had masala tosai. As the day progressed, went out with Ashikin and Shahdon. An unplanned outing which was supposedly to be a planned one. But due to some misunderstanding and miscommunication it was cancelled the day before. So we headed to Arab Street. Indulged in the fine dining experience at Samar. I loved the ambience. Breath-taking. Exquisite. Love it! We dined the Arab-style. Was a short outing but a nice one. At least now Shahdon will leave for NS with a good note I guess. Haha! At home, had dinner. Which was obviously done not frequently. I was again transported to a different country altogether. Indonesia was the next stop. Had Nasi Ayam penyet. Gosh I'm stuffed with food the entire day. I need to watch what I eat from tomorrow. I dont wish to end up gaining additional kilos in the next coming years. I need to maintain it or lose it.


I'm getting bitchier day after day. It comes with age.

Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone.
-fort minor-
Pictures speak a thousand words but nonetheless I shall insert captions to go with it.
Enjoy the art of photography and photoshop! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Singapore Next Top Model in the making!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

DT members Unite! Go Tp Go!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

YCP members' Reunion

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wedding Photo: Faizal & Syima (Newly Wed on 9th December 2006) Hehe!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Gorgeous Threesome! I wish I have such complexion in real life. Dont wish enough! Hmph!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Finally..Yours Truly :)

-The End-

07 December 2006

Once upon a December, the three children went out to play. Heading Central where the real entertainment is. It was an exciting and unplanned quest for them. It was even unplanned for one of them since she got for herself an advanced Christmas present. Something she craved for long. Finally she received it. She was beaming with happiness while her other two friends celebrated the happiness with lots of laughter and joy. The craziness was up to its beam and soon it was overflowing. It was rare to experience the feeling especially on a weekday where people supposedly to be resting at home. But not for them. They never rest.

Anyway, the Christmas present she received will be posted soon if time permits.


Enough of what happened previously. The more important point that I want to bring across is coming very soon now. Guess what..I actually met SOMEBODY i never plan of meeting. If Ashikin you are reading be prepared to just smile and look to your either side. Haha!
*drum rolls*
It is....

Not only Hilyah..


That is so the "Oh My God" moment! And I actually said "Hi" to her and proceeded with asking how's life and where she's studying. I cant even believe myself that I actually tried so hard not to burst out into laughter while walking away from them. What a hilarious encounter i must admit.

It is about time for me to head on to the nearest sofa and turn on the tv set. Switch to Art Central to watch a Documentary. Haha! Yes Shahdon i'm about to follow your footstep. I'm your follower and you are my confucius. Wahaha! Whatever lah eh. Enough of me for now. Will upload pictures and the new Christmas present if time permits.

I will end this with another lyric from Carpenters. I'm so madly in love with them. I cant believe it. Love at the first hearing! And the female singer from Carpenters actually died of Bulimia! I know I'm slow but the cause of death is so...VIRUS. (finally I have a word to describe it with the help of Shah)

I need to be in Love
The hardest thing I've ever done is keep believing
There's someone in this crazy world for me
The way that people come and go through temporary lives
My chance could come and I might never know
I used to say "No promises, let's keep it simple"But freedom only helps you say goodbye
It took a while for me to learn that nothing comes for free
The price I paid is high enough for me

I know I need to be in love
I know I've wasted too much time
I know I ask perfection of a quite imperfect world

And fool enough to think that's what I'll find

So here I am with pockets full of good intentions
But none of them will comfort me tonight
I'm wide awake at 4 a.m. without a friend in sight
I'm hanging on a hope but I'm all right

03 December 2006

Recently, have been listening to songs by Carpenters. I become an instant fan. Even borrowed the CD from my colleague.
2 of my favourite songs are Mr. Postman and This Masquerade.

~This Masquerade~

Are we really happy with
This lonely game we play
Looking for the right words to say
Searching but not finding
Understanding anyway
We're lost in this masquerade
Both afraid to say we're just too far away
From being close together from the start
We tried to talk it over
But the words got in the way
We're lost inside this lonely game we play
(*) Thoughts of leaving disappear
Each time I see your eyes
And no matter how hard I try
To understand the reason
Why we carry on this way
And we're lost in this masquerade
We tried to talk it over
But the words got in the way
We're lost inside this lonely game we play
Repeat (*)
We're lost in a masquerade

26 November 2006

Have you ever loved somebody so much
It makes you cry?
Have you ever needed something so bad
You can't sleep at night?
Have you ever tried to find the words
But they don't come out right?
Have you ever?
There is a particular story I have been meaning to share with all the readers out here.
So here how it roughly goes..

One fine day, a guy with unknown identity encounter a garden full of beautiful, blooming roses. Without hesitation, he enter the garden admiring the enchanting view. Soon a particular rose caught his attention and he decided to pluck it and bring it along with him. Off he goes to walk further. Throughout his journey, he did encounter more beautiful roses. Some even more beautiful than what he have in his hand. By that time, the rose in his hand is slowly withering away but nonetheless he still hold on to it. Eventhough he have the option to throw it away and pluck a new rose, he still hold on to it. In fact, he hold on to the same exact rose till his last breath.

Life is a matter of choice. Where you are, who you are with and what you want to be. It all depends on the choices you make in life. If you end up being a criminal, blame it on your choice not circumstances. If you end being a lawyer, thanks to your wise choice. :)

25 November 2006

According to the non-Islamic calendar, yesterday marked the end of Ramadhan. No more Raya outings that is. That just reminds me that have yet to post all those pictures but come to think of it again, i dont think i will post any soon cos the collection is not completed.

It feels really weird and relaxing at the same time to be at home on a Saturday. Weird because you have nothing better to do so you decide to spring clean the house and relaxing because you sleep almost 12 hours without worries. Isnt life awesome on a Saturday?

Now i have a very strong feeling that i might be bumming at home tomorrow and the following day as well. You might be wondering why the following day? Monday? Because i took 1 day leave from work that is. But I think that is going to be wasted AGAIN. Haiz. This always happen. I always mess up my leave. So here I am wondering what i'm going to do to occupy myself during the free time. I am so not going to stay at home facing the computer again. I can do that at work also. Maybe I shall go to the beach to de-stress myself. I need that badly now. Shit happens nowadays so I need time-out. Away from the civilisation. haha. ok me and my crapping. And soon you will wonder..when am i ever serious? Hmm..I wonder too.

16 November 2006

Next top models on the runway show!
Definitely will leave you guys breathless at the end of the show.

Click here to view..


Note: It is taken from Shahdon's LJ. Reserved all rights.
Have you ever wish to turn back time and relive your childhood days? Those days where you used to do silly things and never be laughed at. Instead it was adorable. Those days you explore new things and easily amused by tinnie-winnie discoveries. Those days where buying colouring books, playing jigsaw puzzles and doing up word search is a common thing to be doing. No one will ridicule you doing such activities. But once you reach that maturity level beyond your childhood years, it seems like committing a crime when you start to get in touch with your "childish" side. People will give the same exact response once you reveal to them your "dirty" secret. Remarks like you are too old for those things is often heard.
Hello people try knocking some sense into yourselves. It is never too old to do the things that you love. It is definitely fine to be enjoying art through buying colouring books and colouring it. It is perfectly fine to master the art of analytical skill through playing jigsaw puzzles and word search. It is without doubt more than just a child-play. It is more of how you view things. It is not always 2-dimensional.

Have i told you guys how much I'm in love with SonyErricsons latest creation? Lovely! True beauty indeed.

15 November 2006

According to my Hp calendar which is 99.9% accurate today happens to be Shahdon's Birthday. So I like to take this rarest opportunity to wish him.


It seems that I lack of free time to relax and do nothing nowadays. After work, it is totally draining. Mentally. I never experience things like this before. Only recently that it happen to me. Perhaps one of the reasons is that I am given more work. Well not exactly more work but more to tedious drafting per file. After a few draftings, I end up being so drained that I wish I can be at home sleeping. But unfortunately, by that time it is only 3 or 4pm. A few more hours to go and that is when I find leisure in reading the newspaper/making myself a hot drink/walking to the reception and start a conversation with her. Well that's life in the office for me and I always look forward to my lawyer going to court and those other superiors out of the office leaving the secretaries and the receptionist to conquer the office. It always spell
F-R-E-E-D-O-M for me. At least I need not have to pretend to be busy or being pile with tonnes of work and photocopying. This is life at work and so far I have yet to regret accepting the job offer. In fact it widen my options for my future.

Today I have plenty of time to spare before I'm off to dreamland/tvland i.e Project Runway. I shall update more than usual. Let me enlighten you people with the "What's Happening?". The previous weekends was jam-packed with emotions. You just name it you get it. Emotions apart, let me give a brief highlight of my weekend. Saturday for some reason feels lively. Started the day with Drama (YCP). Rehearsed for Fauzi's Festive Fiasco. Performed soon after that. As usual, YCP never fails to put up a great show. After that headed straight home to freshen up and went out again. Err..I think now my entry sounds more like what-I-did-today kinda shits. I guess that's about it for Saturday. Details shall not be disclosed then.
Sunday was awesome!! For once I had this festive mood in me. Went out as an honorary member and had so much fun. I reached home at a record-breaking time of 1am! Woah..That's totally so rare for me. Thank goodness I am such a forward-looking person and I applied 1/2day leave on Monday beforehand. So I slept for more hours and woke up refreshed. Oh I think wasted that 1/2 day leave about an hour. I am so dumb. I thought I need to report to work at 1pm but instead it was supposedly to be 2pm. Haiyoh! So I reached work at around 12 plus thinking i was going to be late and ended up being too early. I guess cannot blame me lah hor. I'm still new.

Time really flies. Soon the attache is going back to school. I am so going to miss her. I have no more same "kaki" to engage in a youthful conversation with. Haiz.
AND November is ending soon. It is seriously fast! Soon without realizing it is going to be New Year! Of course, new year for me too! :) I think new year will be the happiest day of my life. Ermm..Well maybe ONE of the happiest day. Oh my Birthday is approaching too! 21! Legalise age! Hurray!! I can get ERS!!

Oh Oh Oh!! The GST is increasing by 2% soon. That will be the most tragic day of my life.

05 November 2006

Rushing here and there. Beginning to pick up the old momentum. The old lifestyle I used to be living. I am back to it. It feels good. I miss it so much but there is a price to pay. The tiredness and less time spent at home slacking, doing nothing at all. This lifestyle best suit me for the time being since it helps my brain to work better and effectively. I am more alert. That's the advantage of it.

I have decided to produce something written in malay as a closing for today's entry. I am trying to polish up my malay. My mother tongue.

Memang sudah menjadi hukum alam, setiap manusia hidup berpasangan. Tidak kira tua ataupun muda. Namun, bila hati sudah tidak serasi, syurga menjadi neraka. Retak menanti belah. Penceraian menjadi pilihan muktamad. Kisah cinta adam dan hawa berakhir di dalam mahkamah syariah. Di hadapan 2 saksi. Suatu tragedi. Adakah harus disalahkan takdir? Adakah ianya Qada dan Qadar? Ataupun kemahuan hati sendiri? Pelbagai alasan dan penjelasan yang diberi dua pihak. Samada menyalahkan satu sama lain ataupun saling memaafkan.
Seperti kisah cinta Nurul dan Ajai, mereka saling memaafkan. Tetapi yang anehnya kenapa jika sudah saling memaafkan tetap juga mahu berpisah? Mengapa hanya setelah 10 tahun baru kini dapat merasakan ketidakserasian itu? Mengapa setelah lama tinggal bersama membina mahligai bahagia akhirnya runtuh jua? Mestikah kita menunding jari ke arah suratan Illahi?
Aku teringat kata-kata ibuku.."Alah, artis-artis ni semue bukan nye betul sangat. Kahwin lepas tu berterabur"
Itu lah kata-kata ibuku. Mungkin ada betulnya cakap ibu yang pedas dan agak berat-sebelah itu. Pada pengetahuanku, artis-artis ini hanya menujukkan bahawa kata-kata ibu itu benar. Lihat sahaja berapa ramai artis-artis yang bercerai. Erra Fazira, Noraliza Idris, Awie dan ramai lagi. Angkanya semakin meningkat dan terkini ditambah dua.
Tujuanku bukan untuk memburuk-burukkan artis-artis tetapi setakat berkongsi sesuatu diruang ini.
Tidak juga aku mengatakan bahawa penceraian terjadi setakat dikalangan kaum artis sahaja. Itu memanglah tidak benar. Penceraian berlaku disekeliling kita. Puncanya sama. Tiada persefahaman.

Persefahaman penting bukan sahaja di dalam sebuah perkahwinan malah di dalam apa jua jenis hubungan memerlukannya. Persahabatan, keluarga dan pentadbiran sebuah negara.

Muafakat membawa berkat.

02 November 2006


Abstract thoughts.
Loves reality and abstract.
Intelligent and clever.
Changing personality.
sexiest out of everyone.
Quiet, shy and humble.
Honest and loyal.
Determined to reach goals.
Loves freedom.
Rebellious when restricted.
Loves aggressiveness.
Too sensitive and easily hurt.
Gets angry really easily but does not show it.
Dislikes unnecessary things.
Loves making friends but rarely shows it.
Daring and stubborn.
Realizing dreams and hopes.
Loves entertainmentand leisure.
Romantic on the inside not outside.
Superstitious and ludicrous.
Tries to learn to show emotions.
How attractive are you to the opposite gender? Do up this quiz to find out!

1. Which place do u want to have a travel most?
A. Beijing ...........................................go to q.2
B. Tokyo ...........................................go to q.3
C. Paris ............................................go to q.4

2. Have you ever cried when u see a touching movie?
A. Yes......................................go to q.4
B. No........................................go to q.3

3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend still has not come after an hour of your date with him/her, what will you do?
A. wait for another 30 mins.................go to q.4
B. leave immediately.........................go to q.5
C. wait until he/she comes..................go to q.6

4. Do u like to go to see a movie alone?
A. Yes......................................go to q.5
B. No........................................go to q.6

5. When he/she asks for a kiss in your first date, what will you do?
A. Refuse...................................go to q.6
B. light kiss on his/her forehand...........go to q.7
C. Agree and kiss him/her...................go to q.8

6. Are you a humorous person?
A. I think I am.............................go to q.7
B. I think I am not.........................go to q.8

7. Do you think you are a capable leader?
A. Yes......................................go to q.9
B. No.......................................go to q.10

8. Which gender will you choose to be born if you are given a chance?
A. Male.....................................go to q.9
B. Female...................................go to q.10
C. I don't mind.............................Type D (go straight to results below)

9. Have you ever got more than one boyfriends or girlfriends at a time A.Yes......................................Type B (go straight to results below)
B. No.......................................Type A (go straight to results below)

10. Do you think you are intelligent?
A. Yes......................................Type B (go straight to results below)
B. No.......................................Type C (go straight to results below)

Type A : Congratulations! You can extremely attract the opposite sex! You possess a charming beauty in the eyes of them. You not only have a pretty figure, but also have a humorous and gentle personality. You should be a literate person and know how to get along with people and can allocate your time well, thus you are always popular among the opposite sex.

Type B : Quite good! You can easily attract the opposite sex, but you will not easily into the loving trap. Your humor makes them want to get along with you. He/She will be happy being with you!

Type C : Not bad! You cannot attract the opposite sex very well, but you still have something good which make them like to get along with you. You should be an honest person and have a unique view in seeing things. You are quite friendly in the eyes of your friends.

Type D : Oh! You do not attract the opposite sex. You do not have much knowledge, and not much intrinsic humane values. You are too rude to the opposite sex. Thus you are not very popular among them.

01 November 2006

Today marks the end of my probation. Like finally. It is now 3 months into law. How am i feeling about this whole new experience? One word to describe it all. Crazy. Yes it is a CRAZY experience altogether.

Let me list down everything here:

1. I never NEVER even thought of any LAW-related jobs to begin with.
2. The ONLY job interview I went for FUN. No preparation beforehand.
3. The least expected one to be called up after the following 2 weeks.
4. My first-ever REAL job with me having NO experience at all in the area.
5. Working in this law-firm changes my perception about law.
6. Finally, I might be pursuing Diploma in Law if my impression about law remain unchanged.

I am unsure how long i am about to stay in the company and this line but hope there are better plans out there for me. I know for sure I will definitely get bored of the routined weekdays but for now it have yet to reach to a point of intolerance. So i am keeping my options open for now. I am still missing Science. I'm a nerd. Definitely.

27 October 2006

Number of the day is:

Like I said in my previous entry, today is a special day and of course it is. It will never fail to be special.. errmm FOREVER!
It is approximately 5 mins to a loong-awaited Tv program. I think I have mentioned it earlier as well so I wont repeat it anymore. Anyway, after much consideration and weighing the pros n the cons..I finally make up my mind to watch the MUSICAL. I am so so so excited about it! Oh ya! I forget to add this. After a PAINFUL sacrifice as well that I finally make my decision. I have to forgo my initial intention to purchase for myself a decent, inexpensive digicam. Haiz. Nevermind. I guess there is always next month as long as my source of income is still available and no intention of mine to quit as yet..There will always be next month to look forward to.
I am quite contented with the accelerating amount that is accumulating every month. I am so proud of my planning. It works well so far. Soon need to amend the plan and execute it as well. And at least for now I have some plans in mind which will be left pending for the time being. Need the right time and ..... to carry it out. I wont expect too much from now on. I think the reason why i was so devastated and disappointed back then was because my expectation was too high. Well, expectation can leads to destruction sometimes.

25 October 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Looking at this picture make me realise..I HAVE YET TO GET THE PICTURES!! PLUS the VIDEO..


SHAHDON!! Where's my Picture CDs? And MAGUS LUNA 1 cd? Huh huh huh?

Oh on the last note..2 more days to a very special day :)
Let me start it off with a special message to my beloved friend


2nd day of Raya and I worked. So totally no mood i tell you. I was stoning at work most of the time. Yesterday was fun! Crap with the cousins and crack jokes. I love it but abit sad at a point of time. No need to elaborate on that. Oh! I am so looking forward to spend this festive season with my fellow friends. Hope we all can go visiting together-gether. It will sure be fun. Right Nad? Hehe.

Wohoo! At last it is raining today. A very nice weather to relax plus the hazy condition is improving GREATLY. Wishing for it to disappear soon.

I am about to have things to spice up my unhappening, boring weekends very soon. Hurray! Thanks to the people who allow it to happen. I shall plan my weekends so that I have a very very NICE weekends to look forward to. There are plenty of FREE events at esplanade to look forward to. I really wanna watch Puteri Gunung Ledang but too expensive. Sad! Never the mind this 27th October 2006 at 8:30pm on SURIA..they will be showing Puteri Gunung Ledang the Movie. I definitely will catch as an alternative to the musical one that i am about to forgo.


Haiyah..So early and yet i am so sleepy. I shall go rest for now. Toodle doodle dee!

24 October 2006


06's Raya have a whole new meaning to it. No more about money or pretty clothes. It is about something else. Something that is felt. Not seen, heard or spoken. It is within us. Everyone of us...

21 October 2006

Hey..Guess what I found in the internet today? I will share it with you guys. Just for interest sake. 10 things men want in a woman. Interesting and kinda true i think. But i think in real life you just have to go with your guts ladies..

Knows what she wants
Confidence is still the name of the game. Many men listed trying to hard to please others (including them) as a turn-off. Instead, women who know what they want (and aren't afraid to ask for it) were described as attractive, sexy and desirable.

Makes me laugh
A sense of humor is as important to men as it is to women. After all, a relationship without its fair share of laughter gets old pretty quickly, if it gets started at all. Lighthearted, witty or utterly ridiculous doesn't seem to matter, as long as you get each other's jokes and aren't afraid to throw dignity to the wind and get silly sometimes.

Takes care of herself
Yes, looks made the list. But no one cited "beauty" or "great legs" among his criteria. Instead, it seems that looking "put together" is essential. Men admitted that they want a woman to "put time into her appearance" and be generally neat and organized while avoiding the "high maintenance" category.

Shares my interests
If you can't agree on what to do together, it gets complicated to be together. It is important to guys that their girls have common interests (or be open to them). Whether they're into rock climbing or old movies, they'd much rather have you along. And even if it's not your thing, simply being curious and open-minded about their work and hobbies can be enough to satisfy their need to be understood.

Surprises me
It's actually not much of a surprise; spontaneity ranked high as a very desirable trait in a woman, though the quality earned varying definitions. For some it was the inclination to make spur-of-the-moment decisions or having a generally "adventuresome" personality. For others it was enough that a woman thought differently than they did and had the ability to surprise them with her outlook, her suggestions or her actions.

Impresses me
Many women get the message that men are threatened or turned off by intelligent, powerful women, but according to the source, that's pure fiction. Guys want someone they can respect. They cited intelligence as a highly desirable quality; quite a few admitted that they preferred a woman who is more intelligent than they are. Strong really is beautiful, so put your best self forward.

Doesn't care what I think
It's not always what they say to our faces, but guys claim to respect a woman who does her own thing, even when it isn't aligned with what he wants. Independence is strong and attractive, and it's a plus when he knows you're autonomous enough to be on your own and have a good time without him.

Tells it straight
Guys don't want to have to play games or guess what a woman wants, so they're drawn to honesty, sincerity and the ability to communicate clearly. If you're straightforward about how you feel and what you want, he can react to you rather than waste time trying to gauge what's really going on. Men aren't exactly pros when it comes to reading our minds, and they know it. Being upfront about how you feel can make it a little easier on everyone.

Cares about me
They didn't seem as concerned with being the sun to her earth as they were interested in women who are genuinely compassionate. While a girl who is the center of her own universe might be intriguing in the beginning, it gets old fast, and men want to be treated with kindness and respect as much as women do. They also notice how we act when it's not about them: back-stabbing and cattiness score high as major turn-offs.

Confuses me
Don't ever feel that you're beholden to one version of yourself or that he'll lose interest if you reveal your "dark" side. Men are strangely drawn to contradictions, and the polarities of your personality are what make you uniquely you. Let yourself be bookish and passionate, conservative but spontaneous, lighthearted and intellectual -- those warring contradictions that can make you crazy can also make you mysterious and continually surprising.
3 days to HARI RAYA!
I'm having PMS big time. This is terrible. I need to get hold of myself and start to enjoy the upcoming festive ocassion. I need to be in my festive mood soon.
Oh anyway, yesterday was my 2nd time going to Geylang. OMG! The earrings!! Those bollywood kind really drive me crazy. And as expected I bought those. 3 pairs in fact. Actually wanna buy more but must be thrifty. Haha!
And shit lah..Have to give Raya money to ppl while others happily collecting money. NO more DUIT raya for me!! *cries*

To those non-muslims and to those muslims that never seem to be fasting..

From the bottom of mera dil (my heart).

20 October 2006

I feel so irritated and agitated at almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
Gosh I need a break. From all these. I am sick and tired of going through it every single day. I thought after yesterday I will feel better today. BUT i am so wrong.

I am so so so drained. Emotionally.
I want to give up but I want to stay on.
I want to quit but my heart says otherwise.
I hate feeling like this. I hate being stuck in between.

I am sorry I dont seem as strong as you thought i will be.
I am sorry if i dont understand.
I am sorry i cant be the person you want me to be.
I am sorry for being so difficult.
I am sorry for being such a pain.
I am sorry if i sound hurtful.

The feeling deep down just seem to ache very badly.
It resurfaces even more these days.
It hurt so much i often feel so numb.
It make me wanna breakdown and cry but there's no more tears.

Will things end up my way? Like how i envision it?
I HATE YOU for making me like this.
I HATE YOU. can you just vanish into thin air so that i need not have to face you every single day in that kind of condition? condition which only makes my blood boils even more with hatred. the condition that is so painful to watch.

18 October 2006

Who knows what used to be something I never think of taking seriously might soon be my career in a long run. Law? It never register in my brain before and now i am considering taking Diploma in Law. Can you believe it?! This is totally random and I am beginning to steer into a different direction. I am revamping my future goals. Maybe this is fate. Maybe there is underlying meaning behind all these. From the job enquiry up till now.

We will see what fate have in store for me. Hmm..

17 October 2006

"Ewah ewah kain langsir ela-ela..Datuk janggut putih nenek rambut merah..Emak jangan berletih bapak jangan marah..jangan masuk kolong..Hari ini HARI RAYA!"

Whee! In less than a week we, muslims gonna celebrate Hari Raya. Guess what? My lawyer gave me a HUGE Hari Raya Hamper! Cool! And my work place is also ready for Raya! I got my new work table just now and it's GREEN! Like ketupat rite? So happy. Now my area is at least much neater and organise. Ok like every Hari Raya..the norm will always be the norm. We will always exchange Hari Raya cards or e-cards or something like that asking for forgiveness. Since blog is a very very public place and very accessible let me post up my Raya message here instead. Save cost and everyone can read. Easy for me easy for you!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dear Friends and you lovely readers out there,

I take this opportunity to seek for forgiveness for all my wrongdoings especially with regard to what i have said in front or behind you. Hope we can start a new chapter and so I can have more opportunities to create more bad things to you and ask for forgiveness again later. HAHA! Kidding lah. Like I was saying, let's start afresh and forget the past 'cos what is important is the present and the future that awaits us.
I wish you guys all the best in what ever you are doing (of course the good things only), good health, prosperity and progress for our nation. HAHA! ok again nonsense. But I hope you get what i mean. Please remember no matter where you are and how long I have lose contact with you, I will still cherish those days we spent and knowing you once is already a pleasure.
Lastly, wish you all muslims and non-muslims out there..SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN & HAPPY HOLIDAY respectively.

Yours truly,
Halimah Omar (aka Hally or whatever nickname that was given by different individuals)

15 October 2006

Ok people!! Back again..at this hour I am still awake. Surprise anyone? No? Nvm..Haha!
Aniwae, just reached home from watching Magus Luna 2. It's been like sooooooo long lah since i last visited Techno and the place never change. Gosh it housed alot of our fun conversations while eating the chicken cutlet rice and drinking ice-lemon tea!! Met ex-dramatec members and of course the juniors. It was like reunion kinda thing and i enjoyed myself.

I think i shall reserve my comments to myself. If you wanna know you can ask me yourselves and I can gladly share my views with you guys.

And..Shit! I miss acting big-scale performance! and most importantly..I miss being BUSY! ok maybe you guys out there will think i'm nuts but I am seriously missing my used-to-be hectic lifestyle. Wanna know why? Becos there seemed to be a kind of adrenaline rush when you are busy and alot of excitement. Suddenly when you are thrown into a routined lifestyle, you feel caged! WAHAHA!
Ok i dunno what i am talking about. But for those who get what i mean..congratulation to you. You are on your way to be the next SINGAPORE BRAINIEST KID! * throws confetti*

Took a few pics with Nad's digicam and perhaps might be uploading it here. see how lah eh. Nw i am itching to get a digicam for myself!! So i need not have to rely on other people and bugging them for pics. BUT shah..I still want all those pictures you owe me! This is totally not professional and at the rate you are going..I am not gonna hire you as my wedding photographer ah! Lebih rela hire orang tanjung pinang sey!

09 October 2006

Hello Readers!!!
The previous week was both energy-consuming and fulfilling at the same time.
The weekdays was spent as usual..working. Then friday came.
Met up with the "Brain" casts..Who else rite?
Nad aka tipah and Shah aka Ian. We break fast together and after that..
Jeng jeng jeng!! Shopping!! Ok the shopping bit was fun but..the haze was a killer. It started to make me feel stuffy and uneasy at the end of the day.

The next day was even a killer. My condition was not-so-bad when I reported for the performance at Taman Warisan together with Mas and Nurul. However, the haze was getting really bad by 6pm and I had already started coughing and feeling breathless. So after everything, went to break fast with Nurul. As expected everywhere was packed with people and so we had our later break fast at BK. By that time, my chest was aching. As soon as I reached home, asthma attacked. Shit ah! It been so long since I last had asthma and now because of the horrible weather I am having one. So I thought by Sunday it would be fine. BUT no. It didnt. This sucks ah and now I'm on MC for a day. Yes. I did not report for work today. I went to the clinic and true enough..was diagnosed with RTI. haiz.

Ok enough of my complaints aboout the weather.. Why not I post up picture of me and my IDOLA. Argh!! So happy to meet him. He is one of the talented guy around but sadly he RARELY appear on TV. He should have his own talk show ah! Now..Here's presenting..

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30 September 2006

This week is a very tiring week for me. On top of my work, I had rehearsals and today is the actual performance. It was kinda last minute but thanks to Effa I think we have a chance to pull it off. Glad she came yesterday and she is very professional. And she is very easy to work with. Thank God. Ok I am nervous now. I just hope I dont screw up the lines and it is an interactive play ah! Scary shit.

My apologies to YCP for unable to attend the weekly training. It's either I am super tired or for now..It's me helping Nurul with her mini project. I will try to attend soon. So so sorry people.
Two days back, I had two very weird encounter and at the same time it was testing my patience.
The first one was no surprise. It was me at work and trying to call up a client asking her for some informations to fill up a Transfer form. I was dreading to call her by the way. I knew back then it was going to happen again. Bloody shit you know. Now I think..serve her right to be divorced. She ought to be divorced. If I'm her husband I will do the same. I asked a few simple questions and then there she was trying to make my blood boils. Idiot!
The second was shocking i tell you. I was at the traffic light near my area when suddenly a chinese woman bumped her body onto mine. Crazy i tell you. I was too bewildered to even tell her off. I think she is crazy because the guy at the traffic light was smiling knowingly. I just crossed the road without turning at her.

These human beings are trying to test my bloody patience during this Ramadhan. Lucky I didnt lose my patience. Actually come to think of it, I am really super patient lah. No kidding.

26 September 2006

Hady is the new Singapore Idol. Yes my instinct aint working out right then. haha. Nvm. Despite the failed instinct, i am truly happy for Hady. Yes he deserves it and i underestimated the voters. I thought they will go for Jonathan since 2 years ago the title fell into Taufik's hand but i was wrong. They aint prejudice afterall. Kudos Singaporean!

Today i received last minute notice which i accepted with open-heart. However, i am worrying about the end-product of something so last-minute. I hope it work out fine. Let's just wait and see. At work, I broke out of the daily rountine of mine. I get my hands on something new today. Probate matter. It excites me of course. Learning again something new. Fortunate for me that I read those stuffs beforehand and thus I dont get so lost.

I wonder why the days seem to pass so slowly and i am not even looking forward to anything during the weekend. Haiz.

25 September 2006

Local programmes are entertaining at times. Recently, i find Singapore Idol season 2 entertaining in its own way. Take note i am viewing it in a different perspective altogether. It's interesting to find out how singaporean is voting for their next idol which time and again stir up lots of controversies. Remember how singaporean reacted when those better singers got voted out and how they constantly blamed it on Joakim? haha. I am not even surprise if after the result is announce tonight, more issues will be brought up. My gut feeling is telling me Jonathan is going to win this no matter how many people said Hady is the more deserving one. Yesterday's comments from the judges prove my instinct. Sort of i guess.

Anyway, local stuffs are not as bland as thought. There are local productions with substance waiting to be recognised. Waiting to be noticed by the public. So when you think local stuffs are all tasteless, look again. You might just find something worth watching in the comfort of your home.

24 September 2006

Have you ever been teased due to your fear of somethings? Fear of sleeping in the dark? Fear of getting into trouble with your parents for reaching home later than usual? Ok enough said. I think we all have fear. We are not the invincible one. We are timid by nature. We are scared. Ok for all the scaredy cat out there, let me enlighten you with some bombastic jargons specifically related to fear.

- Cibophobia: You are afraid of food(Are you kidding me?)
- Dendrophobia: Fear of trees
- Philemaphobia: Fear of kissing ( i doubt youngsters here have this phobia)
- Samhainophobia: Fear of halloween
- Scriptophobia: Fear of writing in public ( not for vandalisers i suppose)
- Dishabiliophobia: You have problems undressing in front of others
- Acrophobia: Fear of heights
- Nephophobia: Fear of clouds
- Mycophobia: You wont eat mushrooms
- Arachibutryophobia: If you have a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
People forget the most valuable things in their life. They take for granted the people they see often because they know that they will stay. They will stay no matter what. But they forget, not all will stay for long. Soon they will be gone and you will never have the chance to tell them how much they meant to you. How precious they are in your life. How much you love them. So you forgetful human, tell those people that matter the most in you life how much you love them before they are gone forever. Spread the love, you lovely people.

Oh see I forget too.. I love you..I love you people!! :)

21 September 2006

I witnessed the most heartwarming and the most dumbest event ever.
Maybe let me start with the heartwarming event. Today is one of the lawyers daughter birthday and he made for her powerpoint slides. I find it uber sweet.

However, the same exact lawyer unfortunately did the most dumbest thing ever. Haha.
He asked the manager who called him because there was a missed call. He checked the number.
And guess what..He had accidentally gave himself a call via the office phone. How dumb! Tsk tsk tsk. Nonsense.

I cant wait for tomorrow. To enjoy and induge myself before the fasting month.
Aniwae, got to go..It's Mud Pac time!

20 September 2006

I am truly excited about the Final Showdown this Sunday. Oh well not entirely excited lah. The only reason i want to watch it is to find out how Singapore vote this year. My prediction is Jon eventhough i know Hady is a better singer. I somehow feel that Singapore will vote for Jon this time. After watching tonight's episode of Singapore Idol: The Journey, i am more convince that Jon is going to win this. Anyway, i'm still supporting Hady though.
Next, i am also looking forward to tonight's new season of Project Runway.
Now my favourite show is back. Whee!

16 September 2006

Fellow readers please ignore the previous entry. Just venting my frustration abit.

Now it's my 2nd month working and i hope i did a good job thus far. Seriously i dont know how to judge myself. Mistakes are unavoidable I suppose. I even lose count the number of times I commited silly mistakes with Cheques, E-filing and drafting letters. But the thing is you learn from your own mistakes. Somehow I still feel I need to learn and ask more questions. I think my lawyer is right. I'm not inquisitive enough. Shall set new goals for myself. I'll learn and work at the same time. I'm beginning to compile my own notes and read more. My manager told me reading IS important and I agree with him. I'll find every opportunity to ask more about the different areas. New goal for the week.

Fasting month is around the corner and soon enough is Hari Raya. And I've just realise that I graduated officially from TP almost 3 months and inofficially around 6 months ago. Wow! That's half a year. Miss those days. And yesterday had the chance to catch up with the good old days with my poly friends. So much to talk about and so little time. Wish could stay longer but time didnt permit us to. We will meet again some other time. Talking about catching up..I have a very long list of people I need to catch up with. I just want to announce it here that you guys are not forgotten. Still remember you people only that I dont own all the time in the world to sit down and do lots of catching up. Nonetheless will try my best to meet you guys soon.

I think that's about it for now. Maybe tomorrow will update more if I have the time and the mood. Last of all, Goodnite dear readers and enjoy your Sunday! Sweet Dreams :)

11 September 2006

Eurgh! This internet connection failure is getting on my nerve!
I cant log in to MSN. At times, I cant even view websites. Stupid.
Recently, I forgo lots of TV shows and on Wednesday gonna forgo another one.
I think it wont be a problem since there's a second telecast.

09 September 2006

It's sinful yet fulfilling.
At times, you just have to splurge a little to feel the satisfaction.
I'm glad I did it.
Once awhile is harmless but don't turn it into something addictive.
It probably gonna burn a hole in your pocket.
The night to remember. So happy!
And now I need to be watchful before I turn into a beggar.

06 September 2006

You must be wondering how many more entries I want to post up today.
Oh well this will be my last one. I feel the urge to type more to compensate for my less typing hours at work. You wouldnt want to know what I did today at work. I was rotting until I cannot rot anymore. I was reading until I'm sick of it. I was stoning until I cannot move anymore.
That's how bad today was. Like my colleague said..The government is not in, let's close the door. Haha! She was right ah. Today was a carefree day. The manager is on leave. The 3 lawyers not in the office. Left with the secretaries. Haha! So relaxing. And today I bought along my small pillow to work as well.

Eh alamak..I continue later lah eh..
SI in on now..Cya guys later.
My first step to being independent.
Finally I'm beginning to walk on my own.
Eventhough it's just baby steps I'm glad I'm starting it now.
Not later not soon but at this very moment.
I'm starting to learn about life.
I'm starting to know the real world.
I'm almost proclaiming to the world I'm an Adult.
Certified one.
I'm seeing a beam of light at the end of the tunnel.
what used to be so dark and liveless suddenly seem a little brighter.
Eventhough it have yet to glow at the highest intensity, i'm grateful still.
At least there's some light shining down at me.

Thank you God for answering my prayer.

I'm glad my (/our) life is going to be better soon. A total evolution i hope.
I hope they change for good and it last.

I'm not losing hope. Never. :)

05 September 2006

It's been so long since I type out a proper blog entry. Haiz.
Wat to do not much time for me to spent staring at the comp screen blogging.
I don't want to risk myself getting myopia u knw.
Anyway, this will be a short entry.
Firstly, my shout-out goes to him.
Happy Graduation day to YOU! Finally after what seem so long you graduated BUT it's not the end yet. Hehe!

This week is going to be a busy week for me. Apart from my existing job, I'm going to be working at the expo from Saturday to Sunday. Lesser leisure time it seems. Haiz. Nvm still have Friday nite to look forward to. YAY! Shop!! I like! :)

Err..Now I've run out of things to blog about. I shall end it here then.
Oh aniwae Nad...We should fix one day to meet up!
For You I Will (Confidence)

Wondering the streets, in a world underneath it all
Nothing seems to be, nothing tastes as sweet
As what I can't have
Like you and the way that you're twisting your hair
round your finger
Tonight I'm not afraid to tell you
What I feel about you.

I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
and cannon ball into the water
I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
For you I will

Forgive me if I stutter
From all of the clutter in my head
Cuz I could fall asleep in those eyes
Like a water bed
Do I seem familiar, i've crossed you in hallways
a thousand times, no more camouflage
I want to be exposed, and not be afraid to fall.

I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
And cannon ball into the water
I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
You always want what you can't have
But I've got to try
I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
For you I will
For you I will
For you

If I could dim the lights in the mall
And create a mood I would
Shout out your name so it echos in every room
I would

That's what I'd do, That's what I'd do to get through to you

I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
And cannon ball into the water
I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
You always want what you can't have
But I've got to try
I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
For you I will
For you I will
For you I will

24 August 2006

Singapore made the right decision for not voting out the better singers in the competition.
Tonight nurul was ousted.
I know she wont last that long in the competition cos she IS quite bland.
I cant seem to stay awake most of the time when she performed.
And I'm so happy HADY stay on. WHEE!
My 60 cents didnt go to waste.
This is the 2nd time I voted for someone throughout the 2 season of SI. (the 1st was TAUFIQ duh!)
Now I'm really rooting for Hady. His performance yesterday was superb! I love his rendition of Lagenda by Sheila Majid. Make me melt. Ah...
On the other hand, Joakim still stay on. Ya I've to agree with Dick and Flo that the way he handled all those criticism and controversy was commendable. And I also forget that he is just 18 years old. Despite how much I hate his singing and his personality, I still think he handle those shitty stuffs very well. For an 18 year old..Oh my what you expect and it's not his fault that he's bless with good looks and gain instant popularity by those teenage girls. Singapore decide who they want to vote. Not him. Pity him abit lah eh.

I think enough of SI. Now, I'm freaking depress!! I'm facing a MAJOR problem right now and I dont know how to solve it. Help!! Someone please help!! I am gaining WEIGHT! Yes, Halimah is officially growing HORIZONTALLY every single day! Blame my colleagues please! They feed me sooo well. I really need to discipline myself already. Even my mom said I've become BUNCIT!! Argh!! Stress!! Basically that's the only stress I'm facing currently. Wahaha!
So happy lah life down at Hoh Law. At least I wont have to worry about pre-mature aging! Haha! No need to use Olay to fight 7 signs of aging. Hehe!

Ok I need to highlight something very important here. haiz. You know I received a question smack right in front of my face. Snap me back to reality. He asked me..
"Where is the ambitious you I used to know?"
Upon hearing that, I was speechless and angry at myself.
How can I completely erase that fighting spirit in me?!
How can I change the used-to-be strong Halimah?
How can I become so dependant?
How can I be so weak?
How can I let my heart do more of the thinking than my BRAIN?
Gosh! I need to find the old Halimah back. I'm in dire need of some serious identity searching.
I need to gain back my fighting spirit. The competitive me. The girl who used to believe nothing is impossible. The girl who is willing to go against all odds to get what she want. And her wants are simple. And I believe it's achievable.
i can do it i can do it i can do it i can do it yes i can!!

18 August 2006

I just finished reading my previous blog entries. Haha!
I realized I mentioned alot of interesting events and now I sort of regretted deleting other past entries dated way back to 2004? I cant remember. Shit I should have keep all that. For record sake.

I might enjoy reading those in the near future but stupid me deleted all those entries. Nvm. I still can retrieve some of it from different sources. Hehe! And of course one of the sources is my oh-so-good memory. I drink booster ok. HAHA! Kidding only.

Anyway, today at lunch discovered some interesting facts. Nad, I really wanna chat with you 'cos one of the interesting facts is about you! I hope you going online tonight but I dunno what time. There's alot to update you sey.

Work has been great. The things I used to be clueless about now I'm beginning to pick it up quite fast. So many procedures and steps to follow. So I decided to take down notes. At least it will keep me from being too blur. Oh ya did I mention at times I will be rotting at work because I finish my work fast? Yes I basically rot or take my own sweet time doing the assigned tasks. Works that can be complete within 1/2 hr i will drag it to 1 hr or so. Haha!

I'm not regreting my decision :)

The feeling just keep growing and growing everyday. I don't think I will ever be bored of it.

16 August 2006

I've given up on staring at the computer screen for hours! I am really heading towards the Myopia road. My eyes need to rest more. So that's the reason why I have not been blogging or going online for quite sometime. Miss blogging and chatting though. Whenever I go online, it's either i'm too early or those people are busy. Sheesh! I always choose the not-so-perfect timing.

Ok since I'm trying to stay awake to watch my favourite show, Project Runway..I decided to kill the time by blogging. Let me give you a brief update of the "what's happening". On the National Day eve, I spent it gawking at the oh-so-beautiful fireworks together with 3 others. Unfortunately, had a hard time going back home since it was so so so packed. I hate the crowds and worse still I was in heels. But I think the beauty of the fireworks was all worth it despite the poor coordination of music and the firework itself.
On National Day, obviously without fail I will plunge myself in front of the TV to watch the parade and all. To top it all, I had my mouth-watering AYAM PENYET after that( of course after watching S'pore Idol also).
Talking about Singapore Idol, eurgh!! It's just frustrating every week seeing the faces you wish will be gone soon and those you wish could stay on are gone just like that. I have come to a conclusion that Singaporean don't know how to vote wisely. I wonder how they vote during the campaign. Hmm..

Apart from my rusty update of my National Day celebration, I finally got to enjoy myself on weekends. Sunday will be for recharging my energy. I'm very pleased now since at least I have something going on in my life. I'm doing something with my life. All thanks to my friends who keep supporting me and being there for me. Thanks ya! :)

Ermm..Oh yah I got to catch up with some of my polymates. Get updates from them and I realise I miss Poly life. I miss design and ITAS canteens. I miss my foccacio bread! I miss alot of stuffs. And I'm still not giving up hope with my dreams (if you know what I mean).

05 August 2006

Notice the new section in my previous entry?

Yes, Sharper than SWORD: WORDS will be dedicated to people who are straightforward and use words as their weapon of defence. Every now and then, I will be bloghopping and scouting for some phrases or sentences people say or write and quote it (mind you I'm not plagarizing) into my blog. Basically, I'm turning into a paparazzi( do i spell it correctly?) lah eh.

I think you guys have enough of me for today. 3 entries in a day! Am i crazy or am i crazy? No need to answer that. Self-explanatory.
This is my second entry for the day. I'm plain bored at home now. Intially, planning to go out to watch some fireworks spectacular down at esplanade but come to think of it I decided to skip that. So I'll have to opt for the other choice then. Sit at home and rot. Maybe not exactly rot ah 'cos my cousin have kindly decided to lend me her Bollywood vcd. So 3 hours of activity for me and the rest is still unplan. Hmmm..

I was too free just now so I read one of my poly fren's blog. More specific her friendster blog. Then for some weird reason I begin to think of him. Not about missing him but how I'm constantly envious of him. Not for any other reasons but solely related to family. When we normally have our conversation about siblings and parents, I always end up a little cranky unknowingly. All because of one simple reason. His family and him is so closely-knitted as compared to mine. Actually it's not that I'm not close to my own family, I am. But for some funny reason I don't feel belonged at times. On some ocassions, I feel that I belong with them while most of the time, I dont. Weird. I am not saying that we treat each other like complete strangers. No. It's just that maybe my expectation is too high. Or maybe my idea of an ideal family is too far fetch. Maybe those belong only in a dream. Perhaps.

Yesterday I had a dream. I dream that one day we will be one happy family again & you will be fine with your brother once again. How I wish.

Sharper than SWORD: WORDS

Quoted from Alfian's Journal http://www.blurty.com/users/sleepless77
From the comments column.

"...actually, come to think of that, you should write a part for Taufik someday. The boy is just *terribly* easy on the eyes. You should convert him into an avant-garde theatre rebel while he's still fresh and yummy, before he turns into a has-been. Rescue him from doing 7-11 commercials all the time.
I was at a standup show by Kumar, and he pointed out quite rightly that if Taufik had been Chinese, then he'd have got a contract in Greater China by now...

(He could conceivably still get one if he learned to sing in Chinese, which has been done before, but that ain't easy. But then, if Olinda Cho can play a straight girl, why not?)"


His reply?
"Har? Get him to act in play? I don't know man, I don't think local theatre can afford him. And his kohl haha."

By the way, the above comments are for one of his entries regarding HomeSick. Yerp, the one I'm gonna have to miss yet again 'cos it's too expensive!! haiz..
In conjunction with my topic about family..Let me present to you one of the HomeSick pictures.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Good Morning Singapore!!
The feeling of great satisfaction waking up early. I'm so happy I manage to wake up very early in the morning and to the sound of my hp. Not the alarm clock but just another message. You know lah my message tone. I was wondering who the sender is only to find out it was Shahdon with his GOOD MORNING!!! message. He is in one of his good mood. Hmm..
Oh actually I'm not intending to dedicate one whole paragraph explaining further about his sms. Only that something in the sms caught my attention.

You know how you get used to doing the things you love and then when at one point of your life you decided to shove it aside due to other responsibilities coming your way, you feel something is missing? I'm feeling this way right now. I suddenly realise how I miss doing something I used to proclaim to the world as my passion. I bet you people know what I'm talking about 'cos it's pretty obvious. For those who don't get it, ask me and I'm more than happy to share.
I'm feeling the temptation to pursue my passion once again but not at this very moment I suppose. I will return to it when the right time come. For now I shall stick with a responsibilty I'm entrust to.

At this point of time, while facing the screen happily typing I realise how time pass. Like it was ages ago since I last graduated from Damai and was stressing over 'O' Level. That precious moment remain cherish forever. Now, slowly I'm growing into an adult. All these while I have always considered myself as a teenager. Living life the way I want and care less about responsibilty. Go out during weekend and enjoy! I'm not saying that I'm about to turn into a boring adult. No! Definitely no. I'm just saying that things will be much more different as an adult. Scary. Stepping into adulthood once and for all. The next thing I will realise I'm already married with 5 kids!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That'll be a total nightmare for me. I don't wish to have so many kids. Ok now I'm beginning to talk about kids. *stop. look left. look right. change topic*

Let me move on to the next item on my list. My favourite movie. As some of you might be aware that I am (/was) a HUGE fan of Bollywood movies. I can endure the 3 hours of non-stop dancing, singing, running around trees, rolling down the hill antics (I'm stereotyping here). I don't mind all that. Now I begin to wonder the main reason why I watch those movies. I'm not a fan of love fantasy in the first place and Bollywood movies are full of it. So why do I watch it then?
I watch it because of the actors and actresses. Very captivating. Even the not-so-into Bollywood movies agree with the mentioned statement. Another reason why I watch the movies is because of the music, colourful costumes, beautiful landscapes and the choreography. It is something extravagant and pleasing to the eyes. Now I know why I watch it. Call me shallow but I dont quite bother about the content of the movie. However, I have to agree at times Bollywood do produce movies with substance. Example, BLACK.

04 August 2006

I received a forwarded email from a friend of mine.
I had a great time laughing at it.
It was regarding those maths problems which you often encountered way back in secondary school.
It only make me realise one thing. How I miss Maths.
Yes..You read it right. I MISS MATHS.
Ok call me weird or even crazy but I sort of miss those days when you had to crack your brain to solve those challenging Mathematic questions.
Eh at least I'm still considered normal can..
This friend of mine is even weirder than me. She only could attempt those challenging questions and leave those 2-3 marks questions completely blank. No, not that she's lazy or something but just that she COULD NOT answer it. She didnt know how to do it. WEIRD.
Yes let me introduce that friend to you readers.
She's none other than our very own..
Ms. Nadira.

Since I'm at the topic of Mathematics, why not I share with you those humorous mistakes done by some courageous students. If I'm their maths teacher I would have award them marks for being brave and thinking out of the box. Haha. So that explains why I dont qualify to teach and is incapable of tutoring.

Here are some interesting maths problems solved by those said students.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I wish I could do all these during my 'O' Level!

01 August 2006

First day of work was definitely a good beginning of my career as a Litigation Secretary.
Colleagues are extra nice, lawyers curious what I learnt in my course and where i was attached to and my working place covered with FILES. Lots of them.
I was busy or should i say "step" busy on my first day.
It was quite an enriching experience.
Learnt the litigation procedure.
Introduced to Syariah Law & the manager made me read about it.
I brought it home and still have yet to finish reading it.
Have to get use to facing computer for long hours. Typing letters.
I'm proud of myself since today I typed numerous letters and faxed it too!
Yes I learnt to operate the fax machine! Finally! Hurray!
And i discovered the shocking truth about lawyers..

They have the WORSE handwriting ever! Tsk tsk..

30 July 2006

There are few blogs that I often visit due to several reasons..
1) The way they write their stuffs..It entertains me! (i can even laugh out loud reading it)
2) I'm plain bored..
3) I love looking at some edited pictures ( Shahdon's blog lah who else rite?)
4) I'm just kepo and enjoy reading what have been happening to people's life.

Now I'm so happy!!
Why you ask? Eh or you guys don't even bother?
Nvm I shall tell anyway..Hehe!
I bought the HAMTARO already!
I mean the soft toy I have been talking about in my previous entry.
So CUTE!! So round..
Very huggable!
Eh correction..Not I bought it..
I got it F.O.C!
That's the best part about it.
I'm cheapskate i know but it's not a sin what being one.
It just benefit you! Hehe!

It's very VERY dark rite now!
Nope it's not power failure but it's the weather!
So windy= Perfect timing to sleep!
Change topic, change topic. I'm not here to blog about the weather in any case. Just sidetracking you know. I always do that. Oh now what am I about to say? Ah! I remember already..
I read someone's blog and it made me laughed real hard. Funny! It was a great start to a Sunday morning.
It was entertaining but at the same time something caught me attention.
A common mistake ALOT of people did.
The common phrase people use..
"Eh, rambut aku botak ah"
Aik..Kalau dah botak macam mana lak ada ada rambut?
Kan botak tu takde rambut..
Translation: "Alamak, my hair bald lah.."
Wahaha! Where got such things one?
Bald means no hair what..
You think what? Bald is the new Armani izzit?
Nonsense ah!
ok ok..I just feel like putting it here and try observing this next time.

Watched Suria Segar just now! Hahaha!
What a program to watch early in the morning.
Alah same lah like Selamat Pagi Sigapura or in direct translation Good Morning Singapore!
What attracted me to watch it was the fact the special guest is Alfian Sa'at.
Not that I'm a die-hard fan of him but it's the fact that he's gonna promote the upcoming show..
Now I really feel like watching it.
Very tempted to watch it.
And..I have yet to watch Pirates of Caribbean!!!!! *cries*
AND today is the last day Cabaret is showing!!!!! *cries some more*

It's frustrating ah..If you are broke and money is making its way to you freaking slowly!!!
And I still want the SHADES!!
Bugis Market here i come!
*fly away*

28 July 2006

How are you doing right now? well? I'm pretty unsure.
Having butterflies in my stomach. I cant wait to meet.
But till now you remain silent. That silence worries me.
I hope you are fine and well.

How I spent my Friday?
Talking. Lots of it.
After a very successful day of distributing flyers.. (the first time we completed the whole stack!)
I chatted wih Nad. One of the topic was Overseas!
Haiz..Everytime I talked about it, I feel like crying. It just make me feel sad.
And Nad if you noticed after we went into the toilet I never continue with the topic anymore.
I cut it out of my mind cos that topic links to alot of other sub topics.
Maybe i'll tell you one day if there's a chance.
Ok after such topic I feel kinda drained but window shopping is very therapeutic.
Soft toys and shades caught my attention today. Made up my mind to get those.
Indulgence I must say.
The next person I talked to later that day was Shikin.
Met her at 5pm to get some law notes.
I need to do abit of reading and mental preparation for Tuesday.
So we talked. An interesting conversation.
How funny life is.
A complete turn for her and also me.
Shah if you are reading this..Me and shikin are wondering where are all those pictures?
Please send to us a.s.a.p.

I'm still waiting patiently at home..
But as the clock keep on ticking I'm getting slightly impatient.
I'm tired and sleepy now. Must be too much standing and walking around.
Need my rest soon. So I'll end here.
And HSA still have yet to call.
It must be a sign. *ponders*

27 July 2006

I knew it. It gonna end anyway.
No point of hoping and wishing for it to last.
Some people are just extremely superficial.
They went for it 'cos they were desperate at one point of time.
Perhaps they were just very lonely and need a company.
They need someone to hear them, care for them and love them.
But in return what did they give?
It's just for the fun of it.
They enjoy receiving but not giving.
It's a pity for the one being the victims to these culprits.
I knew it but i kept mum about the whole thing.
I knew one day it will end.
And it did.
In fact faster than i expected.
A new eye candy with the right looks become the source of new interest.
Oh come on..
Mirror yourself before even dreaming of making your fantasy come true.
You dont even have the right proportion and you are eyeing someone like that?!
Anyway, apart from a broken relationship..A new one is form recently.
Very happy indeed but at the same time worried.
Worried that again it's all about the idea of being in love.
I hope for the best eventhough I just dislike the partner.
Like totally getting on my nerve.
*glass breaking noise in the background*

I've been totally occupied with interesting encounters this week.
Becoming a flyer distributor isnt that bad afterall.
In fact I enjoyed it thus far 'cos of the right type of company.
Me and Nad was talking through the crowds while distributing flyers.
How nice!
Work can never be as simple as this one.
Get paid for fooling around.
At least we didnt throw the flyers into the rubbish bins ok!
We have integrity..
Whatever lah Halimah..Move on with the topic.
I'm starting work in August if HSA dont get back to me by tmw.
I give them until tmw morning to get back to me..and if not too bad.
I'll just sign up the employment letter and pass it to HoH law tmw.
Seriously, it's scary and thrilling at the same time.
Who would have thought I will end up in a law firm to begin with?
It's totally off from my field of studies ah.
If my lecturers find out about it..They seriously gonna faint i tell you.
Halimah and LAW FIRM?!
What's up with that?
In any ways..I'm lucky for being able to secure a job quite fast even with my constant complaining and whining due to being jobless.
So the moral of the story is:

24 July 2006

Helios Coolios!

WaaaH!! Biopolis Rocks! I'm so loving it..
Err..Ok ok..you guys must be clueless what the heck I'm talking about here.
Let me explain to you guys..
In my previous entry I did state about an interview with HSA rite?
Ah good..Basically I went for the interview today!
Instead of Friday 'cos they rescheduled it due to some urgent meeting on Friday.
The place is opposite Ministry of Education.
Gosh I feel like in some kind of CSI or criminal minds show!
They even have names for each building and the one I went to is Helios.
Cool rite the name?
Sounds like Halogens!
So Science! Hahaha!
At first I felt nothing when I reached the Centre of Drug Administration (or sth along that line lah)..
But then when I came to know I was about to be interviewed not by one or two people but 5!
I was seriously freaking out..
However it went well..
Alamak how like this?
The job seems appealing and they did not question the amount I asked for.
And tomorrow..I'm going back to HoH Law to discuss about my 3 mths probation and salary.
I'm dead I tell you..
Aniwae..did I tell you guys I'm now a freelance Nutritionist?
Anggun International accepted me last friday.
I finally got to meet up with that lady after postponing the interview twice!
At first I was already pissed and don't wanna go but then I changed my mind.
Now, I'm given an assignment. A Nutrition TALK!
Can you believe it?!
A talk!
Scary shit ah..
Doing my revision currently..
All those dusty lecture notes are finally out of my drawer.
Finally have the chance to breathe some fresh air.

So what have I been doing for the past few days?
Since I didnt appear online most of the time..
I was actually doing ALOT of cleaning up.
Yesterday cleared up my cupboard..
Discard old clothes to make space for new ones. Hehe!
Today cleaned up my cabinet top and make-up kit.
Dust free now..
I rearranged my accessories and now it seems pretty much organised.
I think so..
Oh I was also trying to pamper myself with DIY manicure & padicure!
Eh ok ah people..I wanna watch Miss Universe.
I heard there was a fight! I wanna see! Hehe!

22 July 2006

So you think you can DANCE?

I bet they do!
This is superb! Love their choreography!

19 July 2006


Oh yah before I forget and later someone will start to tag me saying that I forget to give the credit to her for those 2 songs I posted in my earlier entry I better do it now!
So here it goes..
My special thanks to Nur Nadira Bte Zainal for introducing me to the above-mentioned songs.
I really appreciate it since it add to my current song collection.
*Loud Applause*
Therefore, I hope you can kindly continue your generous donation of songs to me.
And in return, I will continue to pray for your health and long live. Amin.
*wide grin*


Ah!! After 2 hectic days, finally I got my own free time today. This is just the beginning I must say. It's gonna be worse in the days to come. So today I'm making full use of what I have and tomorrow back to square one. I'm very please right now 'cos my luck is doing 360 degrees turn. I've been getting good news for quite awhile till it left me confuse. Confuse to choose which one. I'm spoil for choice.

1) I'm got a call from HSA* on Monday inviting me for an interview on THURS! Oh my! It's such an honour. After so long now the call me. Tsk tsk.. Abit the slow right?
2) Yesterday, received a called from a company I went for an interview two weeks ago. They got back to me positive! So I'm on my way for a 2nd interview.
3) A newfound long term wealth.

I'm so confuse as which one to be involved in. My mom termed it as Tuah Rimau. What a weird term. Haha! Ok guys, I shall explain to you what it means. In conjunction with Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month), I shall share with you people out there the meaning of this phrase.
Tuah Rimau means a few good things (or good luck) that occur to a person simultaneously or at one shot.

That's the new phrase for the day..

Now, I shall share with you guys the lyrics to the top 2 songs I've been listening to these few days.
*Health Science Authority
Ghost of You and Me
What am I supposed to do with all these blues
Haunting me everywhere
No matter what i do
Watching the candle flicker out
In the evening glow
I can't let go, when will that night be over

I didn't mean to fall in love with you
And baby there's a name for what you put me through
It isn't love it's robbery
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me

Seen a lot of broken hearts go sailing by
Phantom ships, lost at sea
Well one of them is mine
Raising my glass I sing a toast to the midnight sky
I wonder why the stars don't seem to guide me
(chorus repeated)

The ghost of you and me
When will it set me free
I hear the voices call
Following footsteps down the hall
Trying to save what's left of my heart and soul

Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow
I can't let go
When will this night be over(chorus to fade out)


Jeannie Ortega.. papoose?
let me show u all how its posed to be done

Jeannie Ortega:
don't get me started
it's getting kinda crowded in here
back up off me, im feeling like im suffocated
now here's my problem
i'm not gonna be your chick on the side
forget about it
u know damn well it wouldn't be right

Chorus (Jeannie Ortega):
I dunno wat u been thinkin bout me
did u think this was gonna be that easy?
hell no,u must be going crazy!
(noo-o-oo)Why don't you get outta my life,
get outta my sight,
get off oh my back...

why dont u go back to ur world...
go back to ur girl..
i think u owe her...

i know wats going on
i wont be second to none(noo)

back up, cuz u crowdin my space..
u need to get outta my face

-end chorus-
lets be honest
im not the type of chick that u use..
and if u want it,
if u want it
u'll have to choose
ive been thru this
i ve been cheated on..
i know how it feels
would i know that u wouldnt do the same to me

(Chorus: Jeannie Ortega)
I dunno wat u been thinkin bout me
did u think this was gonna be that easy?
hell no,u must be going crazy!
(noo-o-oo)Why don't you get outta my life,
get outta my sight,
get off oh my back...

why dont u go back to ur world...
go back to ur girl..
i think u owe her...

i know wats going on
i wont be second to none(ohh noooo)

back up, cuz u crowdin my space..
u need to get outta my face

-end chorus-
Papoose...BK.B..uh..K...they say u cant have ur cake and eat it too..
tell me wats the meaning...
wats the sense of me having cake if i cant eat it
cheaters never win, my friend, u like creepin'
but hate when ure girl starts cheatin imagine if u came home to ur wife,
opened ur door and locked it, then u found rkelly hiding in ur closet
i knew u would start cheatin, before u even stopped it
im like when u double ur money, im a profit..
albert einstein was smart, but im sum wiser...
im a ladies man, ur man is a womanizer
u gotta fite for love, can u make a fist
since ur name is genie, can i make a wish? (yeaahh)
no minor set backs, every move major
grown folk behaviour, jus do me one favour..
he put u on the side, let me be ur saviour..

(Chorus: Jeannie Ortega)
I dunno wat u been thinkin bout me
did u think this was gonna be that easy?
hell no,u must be going crazy!
(noo-o-oo)Why don't you get outta my life,
get outta my sight, get off oh my back...

why dont u go back to ur world...
go back to ur girl..
i think u owe her...

i know wats going on
i wont be second to none(ohh noooo)

back up, cuz u crowdin my space..
u need to get outta my face?

get outta my life,
get outta my sight,
get off oh my back..

cuz ure crowdin my space?
u need to get outta my face?