24 May 2006

Time check: 720am.
I cant seem to put myself to sleep. Currently, in a paranoia state. It seems so hard for me to push it aside. I'm worried. Eversince yesterday.
I had a dream. A nightmare to be specific. About it. My life have become DREAMSCAPE 3.1 now! Oh great. In the zone already.
Okay, see how I am now?! I cant stop worrying. In fact, there is a mix of nervousness accompanying that feeling. On normal occassion, after a dream I cant recall it or just have a vague image of it BUT not this time. The same exact dream keep playing and playing all over again in my mind like a spoiled video recorder. I should not over-react I suppose.Well oh well, easier said than done. Sigh.
My negligence lead me to this and it's not practically the perfect time to drop your HP in the taxi. Fortunately for me, my HP is not totally missing but it is just not with me in times when I really need it. I feel like a fish out of the water!
I swear I'm going to learn my lesson after the incident. After the night I did 200m sprint back home I'm going shopping for the HP string.
All I need now is sleep which for some weird reason I cant put myself into and something to calm me down. Or maybe something to do to kill the time.
Let the clock ticks faster please!
The feeling is not disappearing so soon and I think it just grow even stronger now. That panic attack mode. Damn.
Should have known from the start this is going to happen.
Should have known prepared for it. My mistake.
Just too busy for my own good.
Too many things going through my head till I misses out some important facts of life.

Frequent squabbles..Err..Maybe imperfection is the first step to a life-long journey. I hope.

22 May 2006

Finally it's over!
Good job to all my co-actors and a new experience for me.
The first time involved in such an event.
New friendships are forge and learnt a couple of things more.
However, I did just ok in yesterday performance and unbelievable I had a mental block while delivering 1 chunck of lines. Damn.
Luckily, I managed to cover up and the rest of the scenes went smoothly. Phew!
Oh did I mentioned how i love the Dikir Barat group?
They are friendly bunch!
During the rehearsal b4 the actual performance, they watched us. They made us laughed on stage.
Lastly, I love my eye makeup thanks to one of my co-actors and thanks Hidayah for your costume rental service. Hehe!

20 May 2006

I'm all alone now. Weird.
After all those mad rush for the whole entire week I'm down with almost nothing to do.
After tomorrow things gonna pace down very much (I hope).
I've not been getting sufficient sleep and rest and to top it all been doing lots of thinking as well.
Emotional rollercoaster this week and I'm totally drained.
Beginning of the week I was feeling like on top of the world and as the days passed the feeling deteriorated.
Broke down couple of time. Haiz..
Stupid stupid. Should not have done that.
Anyway, now it's better now since I'm being assured (not insured).

Apart from being emotionally drained, I experienced something fulfilling this week.
Opportunities just awaits me right in front of my door steps.
Received 2 calls which changed my fortune.
The golden opportunity. Make me smile and cry at the same time.
And oh yes, it makes me think. Think real hard.
And perhaps I find the answer..(I think so)

After all these, going to get down to real business. No more fun. Just plain serious adult life.

17 May 2006

Will wonder ever cease?
3 Male teaching a female dance moves.. hmm..*ponders*

Oh yah..Guess what? I discovered something today..Interesting to me but perhaps not to you guys. But oh well let me just share it anyway.
Do you know how the name "techno" even derived from the eating place which sells 1/2 fried spring chicken rice?
It was said that the name was derived long time ago..to be exact 6-7 years ago.
His brother told him that.
The reason why it was called 'techno'..
Simple reason. Cos that place always play techno music.
What a way to name an eating place. So predictable lah!
But nonetheless the name still stuck in our head till today.
Originally stupid but it created an impact though. Haha!

That's all about the history of 'techno' (eating place opposite TP)
Hail techno! Hail techno!

16 May 2006

I dont want to be like THEM!! *cries*
Don't want!! Argh!!
See see..You happy right I blog about gaining weight? Sheesh.
This someone keep saying that I'm going to turn like those Mak ciks walking back from the market in near future!
In other words, growing horizontally and wider! Argh!
You evil you evil you evil! *continue chanting*
I'll make sure I go to the gym every week ah i tell you.
I don't want to turn into a humpty dumpty in the near future.
I don't care I don't want to.
Gosh traumatising just thinking of it. I think i better stop thinking of it and start talking of something else.

My friend advise me not to rush things and I think she's right.
I will not rush things and stay happy for now.
At least I'm doing something I love.
Anyway, I'm feeling way better now. I mean I was sick on the weekend and now I definitely have recovered. Get back to real business. Memorising script. Scripts I mean. I'm so worried I'm gonna mix up my lines.
God I'm so stress now. *starts flipping the scripts*
I'm so stress I think I feel like shitting.
2 productions. 1 in 4 days and another in less than a month. Yikes!
Err..I think I need to shit now. See you guys another time.

01 May 2006

Update again from me! Let me see where should I begin? Hmmm..
Currently, still selling anggur (grapes) or the direct term for it..UNEMPLOYED.
However, I did manage to earn some cash..Not thru' any illegal ways mind you but through an easy but patience-testing way.
Wat exactly I mean by that?
Well..was working at the Singapore Expo from 25th-28th April at the Secretariat doing some quite an easy job but the person in-charge didnt make it quite easy definitely.
Imagine at one point of time I felt like strangling her or hanging her on a tree. Yerp she can be dat annoying I tell you. Fussy and always..I mean ALWAYS making me do unnecessary things. Especially photocopying so many copies of papers which she thought could beautify the walls of the office.
The purpose: to make those as wall papers. How nice!
Lucky for me..I was working with superb colleagues.
That made the whole thing fun and funny as well.

You know i decided to do some Singapore Discovery..Searching for places of interest all over Singapore. Since I'm juz plain tired of Orchard, Bugis, PS and Esplanade..I decided to turn into mother nature. But it was thrilling. Haha!
Definitely refreshing..Ahh..RI...CO..LA..!!! :D

Let move on to Anugerah Skrin.
It was my 1st time watching it after I missed the previous episode..
My comment: Rafaat Hamzah was kinda weird with the judging. Perhaps he was being sarcastic today after it was said he was being Simon Cowell previously. I think he should not have bothered about those comments as long as he believe that by saying what he said he is being frank and keep the contestants aware of their weaknesses. But apparently he took things quite badly and decided to limit his comments. He commented things like " Ok", "I enjoy myself" and "they are funny". Kinda vague I must say but thankfully there's Najib Ali who give constructive feedback and all.
About the talents..They are fluent but some seem to be scripted. They way they speak like so not natural. Hmm..

Last of all, today helped out around the house ALOT. Since my mom decided to make a mini celebration for her belated wedding anniversary..so i had to help in the kitchen. But it was worth it especially when the food turned out superb. Yummylicious. :D
A full stomach equates to a Happy Me!