23 July 2007

Here's a random update from me.
I am feeling rather bored now.
So I am filling this entry up with loads of music videos.


Avant ft. Nicole Scherzinger-Lie About Us

Gwen Stefani- 4 In The Morning

Justin Timberlake- Summerlove

Elliott Yamin-Wait For You

15 July 2007

Wajah mu..
Seindah serinya pelangi yang indah
Seharum mawar putih segar berkembang
Wajah mu..
Mengapa sering terbayang di mataku
Sehingga terbawa di dalam mimpiku

Sayang ku tahukah kau di dalam hati ku ini
Tersimpan perasaan cinta nan suci
Kau bunga ingin ku sunting menjadi milikku
Lantas ku abadikan dalam jiwaku
Sayangnya..harapan yang selama ini ku bawa
Hancur berkecai musnah jua akhirnya
Semuanya bagaikan sebuah mimpi
Kau pergi jua setelah cintaku kini membara
Belum sempat ku curahkan oh kasih ku
Kau pergi tak kembali
Another Sunday!
So it marks 1 week since the last entry was posted up. What have I been up to?
I am practically leading a monotonous lifestyle and I cant complain much because partly it is my fault for not trying hard enough to fill up my daily schedule to the brim.
I know a couple of people who have been up to things to make themselves better. Wish them all the best. :)

For me the only thing that has been occupying my life right now is lots of decision-making AND work!
I have always been loving the end of week. Never fail to dig it. Those are the days when I suddenly gain additional energy to stay up late with friends.

This Friday the 13th was spent with Nadira. Our less frequent outing really had us talking non-stop. We didnt do any window-shopping OR shopping for that instance. We basically fill each other up with loads of updates. It was great. Anyway, what's new right? Haha!
ps: Hey! I never knew I was ONCE an Idol too! :D
Hari Raya is approximately 2 and half months to go and for some strange reasons I am so hype up about my clothes for this year. I even went to survey few places for them. And I have decided to indulge myself this year.
HARRY POTTER is showing! AND the last book is out ( this part is not applicable for me actually). I will catch the movie real soon with him. Heard the reviews wasnt so fabulous BUT you got to watch it to believe it.
My To-do list before October
  1. Paint my Home and re-vamp my room
  2. Do up an Art Piece for my room wall
  3. Visit IKEA for some items
  4. Buy Hari Raya clothes and a pair of heels from HeatWave
  5. Save at least two to three quarter of my planned amount for Dec '07
  6. Lose a few kilos

08 July 2007

It is Sunday and I was not feeling quite well the day before.
So woke up nearly afternoon.
Watch some DVD and went to sleep again.
I seriously dont know what is wrong with me. I sleep and eat too much nowadays.

In the evening, I decided to laugh my boredom off by watching "Mind your Language".
I love that show and thanks to it, my day turned out better.

I need to watch more of these kind of shows.
Next weekend I must make some plans for myself.
Perhaps trying to lose some kilos, rent VCDs just in case I'm not in the mood to go outdoor and do alot of self-reflection.
That's a handful of activities to occupy myself for two weeks.

I will try to get back to more updates soon.

05 July 2007

Yesterday I had a dream..
Of us. Four of us.
I dont know whether should I even call it a dream in the first place.
Him. Her. Me. You.
, who have forgotten how you look like was sobbing in regret.
He was there with no purpose. At least that's how I choose to remember.
You were consoling her. I dont even know why you did that.
I was looking at the whole picture as though analysing but couldnt come to a conclusion.
It was too much to swallow.
Maybe thats the reason I kept my distance. Till the end.

Quoted from a Friend: "When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade"

02 July 2007

2 useful knowledge learnt from miss-godsend

Number one: Never refer to a salesperson as "Uncle". Always address him as a salesperson.

Number two: We work for money. So dont be stingy to spend it on your loved ones.
Mak oh Mak!

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The intergalatic war between the two machinery species. The heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. For those who loves actions. For those who loves the good triumph over evil ending.This movie provides both. Personally, I enjoyed it despite not watching the cartoon.
Do watch it if you have not catch it in cinema.


Alfian did a very good job in presenting the issue of polygamy without the usage of male actor on set. The repetitive usage of the lines from P Ramlee's film "Madu 3" was interesting to note.
At several parts of the play, the 2 charaters would either lip-sync or say out the particular lines.

"Nasib baik awak di rumah orang. Kalau tidak saya kerjakan awak"
"Awak ingat saya ni batang pisang ye? Sebelum awak kerjakan saya, saya korek...biji mata awak"
"Eh eh..Sedapnya. Sudah dia rampas suami kita. Biji mata kita pula dia nak korek.."
"Awak tak pandai jaga suami. Sebab itu suami awak cari lain.."
After Off-centre, I am glad to watch yet another worthwhile play. I have the rarest chance to watch plays therefore I cant possibly waste it on something with no substance.

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Our Friends Forever pose.