08 November 2009


The hiatus of thoughts is over now.
I hereby resume writing per normal.
Alright, life like was mentioned in my earlier entry is pretty much monotonous.
With the routine-base activities I am going through daily, it is making my brain sluggish.
Plus, my creativity juice has dried up and never replenish since God knows when.

My current state is very disheartening.
It is similar to suffering from chronic illness minus the physical pain.
Mine is more of a mental torture. It hurts more as the year progress to an end.

Thankfully, I have my studies to keep me sane. Only for a short while.
Apart from that, I don't feel that I accomplish much within this year.
There is no new challenges in my life. No doubt my job is getting taxing with added responsibilities. But there is still no pleasure. Like things got stale along the way.

Haiz..I am jaded.


Black & Bleak.
I am hyperventilating in an empty room.
Why? Why do you do that to me?

Rip me apart and leave.
Why? Why do you do that to me?

Twirling with my thoughts.
Push me into a whirlpool.
Why? Why you don't even care?

Is it time yet? To make my exit.