28 June 2006

I don't want to repeat the same mistake twice.
Once is enough to allow me to learn from it.
It's just too risky to fall for it countless of times.
Just like a blind man who never master the route he takes every single day.
Things get the better of me.
Guilt just keep growing within me.
I don't know. I don't know.
It was my small instinct dat tells me not to.
And I did'nt.
It was dat voice which tells me not to take another step forward.
And so I stopped. Frozen in the same exact position.
Things just aint the same anymore huh?
Well it changes.
And yes it did.
Everything isnt the same like it used to be rite?
Well it changes.
Perhaps for the better. Or otherwise.
You just pretty much cant decide, can you?
Nvm about all those changes.
Put aside all that and adapt to what's new.
Try to adapt to those changes.
It might be temporary OR..
it might be irreversible for all you know.
So what's next?
Live with it forever I suppose.
Nothing else can be done (not for the time being at least)
But I assure I still remember.
Yes I still do.
And will always remember.
How can I forget, rite? Haha!
Something enter into my very soul..
I don't what is it exactly..
But I know it's something wonderful.
Almost surreal.. :)

27 June 2006

Before I start my entry proper, I shall do up a questionnaire which Shahdon insist on me doing(my name is on his top list btw).
I know I'm very free now. No need to remind me of that.
So here we go..

7 Random Things about ME
1) I'm under ISOLATION period (just like bacteria) until I find a job
2) I've been doing the same old stuffs day in day out
3) I'm the most quietest human being around when I'm at home
4) I spent most of my time at home in my room in front of the comp
5) I've been getting weird dreams recently
6) I sleep when I have nothing better to do
7) I've been wanting to know whether I snore while sleeping

7 Things That Scare ME
1) God
2) People shouting at me
3) Being alone
4) My parents missing
5) Losing my love ones
6) Trap in the lift (alone!)
7) Those staring eyes of the BANGLAS (Argh!)

7 Random Music At the Moment
1) Unfaithful by Rihanna
2) I do (cherish you) by 98 Degrees
3) Buttons by Pussycat Dolls
4) Fix You by Coldplay
5) Beep Remix by DJ Foxmind feat PCD
6) 1985 by Bowling for Soup
7) Hips dont lie by Shakira

7 Things I Like Most
1) Reading horror books at night while snuggling under my blanket
2) Listening to music
3) Sleeping (Best remedy when you are feeling blue)
4) Chocolates
5) Shopping (or window shopping if broke)
6) Laughing
7) Day dreaming

7 Things I Often Say
1) "Huh? What ah?"
2) "Eh (name of the person)!" ( often used when I need a favor :P)
3) "Nonsense ah you"
4) "Wat the hell"
5) "Busuk ah!"
6) "Iyerr"
7) "Apa sajer" (or Wat only)

7 People To Do This
1) Ashikin (if she read my blog)
2) Fazira
3) Nur Ain
4) Faezah
5) Fuad
6) Liyana (if she STILL read my blog la)
7) ermm..Anyone else wanna do this?
Now let's start the entry proper. Been very hardworking recently.
Doing LOTS of job hunting, housework and reading my all-time favourite horror book.
I love the works by Stephen King. Never fail to fascinate me.
My eyes are constantly glued to every pages of the book and the ending left me in awe.
The langoliers: something or someone who run after lazy people and.. EAT 'em up! Cool!
Next story to look forward to..Secret Window, Secret Garden (familiar?)
Of cos it is familiar..The movie acted by Johnny Depp last year (i think so). That was it. And obviously I failed to catch that one in cinema. So yah!

I envy those who already get a job 'cos they need not have to worry about finance and all. Haiyah! And SOME people apparently don't understand my situation. But heck care ah! I don't need to explain 'cos I'm VERY tired of doing so. It never seem to get into their brain anyway. What's the use right?! Waste my saliva only!

I think I'll stop rambling for now. Be back soon and hope with a job in hand!

21 June 2006

My life resume per normal and I feel oh-so-like a babi.
All I did for the past few days was to eat, sleep and surf net. Of course I slept alot.
I mean ALOT.
Every morning I will wake up late and around 5pm I will take a nap which last almost 2 hrs!!
It has been a routine for me. I'm pretty lazy to do anything else so I decide to just sit down in front of the comp and surf net all day long. Not to forget job hunting. I'm thankful that my job hunting is made easier with a few people helping me out. Suddenly, I'm sure that I will end up doing something that I yearned back in secondary school. ACCOUNTS! It all came back to me now. Like what the hell I'm doing for the past 3 years in Poly?! And all the other whys start to enter my brain. BUT I don't think I should regret anything right now. I think I'll set up my new future goals.
* Study Mandarin at the end of July (sign up already! Whee!)
*Part Time Degree (most prob in accounts)
*Driving License
For the time being these are my goals. I hope I can achieve it within the next 5 years or so. Now since I have new goals in mind, I feel so much better. Being jobless for months cause me to do alot of thinking and setting up new goals for the future. Life is tough but I will not give up.
I'm pretty excited right now..One more day to go! Really looking forward to Friday :)
Haiz..I can't really do much communication right now. Batt flat!!! Out of all the time it must be today! I have to survive 1 more day without communicating with him. Can't stop thinking about him..
Whenever you're bored, you ask me to move faster
Whenever you suffer, you ask me to fly
During happy moments, you ask me to stop
When you fall in love, you ask me to last forever...

18 June 2006

Finally I have the opportunity to blog about the production. It was one heck of a journey I must say. Now, it's finally over and I'm missing it already.

Dreamscape 3.0 marked the end of my days with Dramatec. During the closing night, I could not believe I actually teared right before the curtain call. I looked at the 3 different group of people that merged into one for this production. The freshies, the juniors and the seniors. It was the moment I will cherish forever.
A month back, I thought this would never happened. It was a struggle I must say and I almost walked away. BUT I stayed. I stayed all the way even I knew I could have left long time ago. I stayed for her, him and myself. After the closing night, I know it was all worth it. To stay on till the end. The satisfaction. The triumph. I feel like a winner! :)

Dramatec is one of the CCA that I will remember for its good moments and also for the wrong reasons. I still remembered how I first landed myself in the CCA and how I started to grow as an actor in it. I started off being a Grandmother and now I even proceeded to take on a challenging role. Lesbian! I'm so glad I pulled it off after so much struggles along the way.
Dramatec not only allow me to grow as an actor but it allows my circle of friends to grow as well.
I got to know people whom I never dreamt of making friends with..

Nadira: All I know I thought she was the unfriendly type and I never spoken to her before until we were paired up in Devdas as the mothers! Too much stereotyping I suppose. Haha! And right after that production we become friends. Good one indeed! What a way to start a friendship. :)

Melvyn: I used to think he was arrogant and I hated him for that! Hehe! But now just look at how we turn out to be! Talk nonsense and all.. Funny I tell you..

Shikin: The scary dark side girl whom I used to fear. She wasnt friendly at all but heck now I can even joke with her. And yes, her fashion disaster moments will always be remembered. haha!

Shahdon: I know this guy long time ago and i must say i'm happy for you that your dream finally come true! Kudos Shah! :)

And then I got to know the juniors..Mastura, Yazid, Fadzley, Mato and Priya.. They are talented bunch of people and I was very impressed after working with them in "The 60's" and "Magus Luna".
I believe you guys can continue shining and remember to always be humble. :)
Oh yah not to forget Iggy..You know what..You should start venturing into acting as well. Don't stick to costume and make up alone. I know you have the potential as well but you are not confident about yourself. I know you can do it Iggy! I really believe you can! And not to worry I will tell you if I'm going anywhere. hehe!

The freshies..Fifi, Fima,Rainbow,Hinaa (my personal make-up artist),Eel, Aliyaah, Hidayah..Err..Do I miss anyone? Aiyah, basically to all the freshies who were involved in the production. First impression back at AGM, you guys were the loudest bunch of human beings around! Gosh! Hehe! I was irritated by that and I thought I will dislike you guys BUT after those few days with you guys..I changed my opinion about all of you! You guys are simply the best freshies! Thanks for the make-up and hairdo. You all make me so nice for those 2 nights! Love you guys!! :)
Hope you guys will remember me..And take care.

Dreamscape 3.0 play.stop.rewind will always be a wonderful and magical dream for me.

Gonna miss everything about it.
Gosh..Now I hate when I have nothing to do.
Nothing to look forward to.
Nothing to rush for.
Nothing to be stressed about.
I begin to think of him alot.
Anything and almost everything can make me think of him.
4 more days and counting down.

11 June 2006

I decided to drop another entry here.
It's more like movie review and my ratings for each. Since this June there are countless of good movies to watch I shall narrow your options a little (or is it too late now? hehe).
-Over the Hedge-
Relive your childhood days by watching this super humorous cartoon in the cinema. Accompanied by adorable characters it will sure make your day when you are feeling down or sad. Perfect monday blues movie too! You need not have to be a kid to enjoy this one.
It teaches alot about friendship as well :)
My rating: 4.5/5
-The Da Vinci Code-
At first the book seemed unappealing to me. I remembered a year back, I was forced to read the book which I apparently ended up reading the 1st few pages of it. However when the movie was released, I was interested to watch it. Curious how the ending will be like and all.
Plus the good leads made it even a must watch for me. After watching, it was the most satisfying, money-worthy movie I ever seen. The long duration is not the issue. So if you still have yet to watch it, do it now!
My rating:5/5
Alright that's it for my movie review. An outdated one I must add. I bet 99.9% of the readers here have watched both. Hehe.

Buzzing off. Be back soon.
Good evening my fellow readers and obviously my friends..
It's been a long time since I last blogged. I have been up to almost the same thing again and again lately. What else can it be rite? Drama.
It's been so much like my 2nd Love or is it my 3rd? Nonetheless it is one of my love.
Recently, I'm contemplating on one of the biggest decision of my life.
It will determine my future.
I think I shall drop the subject matter for now.
Dear friends..
You have been the reason I stayed on for long. Because of you I endured those troubled times despite as much I want to pull away from it. I stayed on just for you guys.
You are the reason for me to move on. You are the reason for me to smile. You are the reason for me to get agitated or irritated. You are the one I quarrelled with, laughed with and cried in front of.
I never can express how much I appreciate you guys being around. You guys are the best part of me. Without you, my life wont be that exciting afterall.
You may not be the best but what you have been to me is simply beyond my imagination.
I might have neglected some of you guys along the way but I assure you, you will always be part of my life.
If one day I am gone and fail to say goodbye..Remember that I cherish each and everyone of you in different ways.
After awhile, we might walk our separate paths but I hope we can keep in touch for as long as we can. I look forward to meeting you guys in the future.
I will end it here..The rest will remain unspoken and unwritten.


I never feel this excited about a phonecall before until tonight.
The thought of listening to the familiar voice once again after so long make me smile so widely.
Really look forward to it.