24 August 2006

Singapore made the right decision for not voting out the better singers in the competition.
Tonight nurul was ousted.
I know she wont last that long in the competition cos she IS quite bland.
I cant seem to stay awake most of the time when she performed.
And I'm so happy HADY stay on. WHEE!
My 60 cents didnt go to waste.
This is the 2nd time I voted for someone throughout the 2 season of SI. (the 1st was TAUFIQ duh!)
Now I'm really rooting for Hady. His performance yesterday was superb! I love his rendition of Lagenda by Sheila Majid. Make me melt. Ah...
On the other hand, Joakim still stay on. Ya I've to agree with Dick and Flo that the way he handled all those criticism and controversy was commendable. And I also forget that he is just 18 years old. Despite how much I hate his singing and his personality, I still think he handle those shitty stuffs very well. For an 18 year old..Oh my what you expect and it's not his fault that he's bless with good looks and gain instant popularity by those teenage girls. Singapore decide who they want to vote. Not him. Pity him abit lah eh.

I think enough of SI. Now, I'm freaking depress!! I'm facing a MAJOR problem right now and I dont know how to solve it. Help!! Someone please help!! I am gaining WEIGHT! Yes, Halimah is officially growing HORIZONTALLY every single day! Blame my colleagues please! They feed me sooo well. I really need to discipline myself already. Even my mom said I've become BUNCIT!! Argh!! Stress!! Basically that's the only stress I'm facing currently. Wahaha!
So happy lah life down at Hoh Law. At least I wont have to worry about pre-mature aging! Haha! No need to use Olay to fight 7 signs of aging. Hehe!

Ok I need to highlight something very important here. haiz. You know I received a question smack right in front of my face. Snap me back to reality. He asked me..
"Where is the ambitious you I used to know?"
Upon hearing that, I was speechless and angry at myself.
How can I completely erase that fighting spirit in me?!
How can I change the used-to-be strong Halimah?
How can I become so dependant?
How can I be so weak?
How can I let my heart do more of the thinking than my BRAIN?
Gosh! I need to find the old Halimah back. I'm in dire need of some serious identity searching.
I need to gain back my fighting spirit. The competitive me. The girl who used to believe nothing is impossible. The girl who is willing to go against all odds to get what she want. And her wants are simple. And I believe it's achievable.
i can do it i can do it i can do it i can do it yes i can!!

18 August 2006

I just finished reading my previous blog entries. Haha!
I realized I mentioned alot of interesting events and now I sort of regretted deleting other past entries dated way back to 2004? I cant remember. Shit I should have keep all that. For record sake.

I might enjoy reading those in the near future but stupid me deleted all those entries. Nvm. I still can retrieve some of it from different sources. Hehe! And of course one of the sources is my oh-so-good memory. I drink booster ok. HAHA! Kidding only.

Anyway, today at lunch discovered some interesting facts. Nad, I really wanna chat with you 'cos one of the interesting facts is about you! I hope you going online tonight but I dunno what time. There's alot to update you sey.

Work has been great. The things I used to be clueless about now I'm beginning to pick it up quite fast. So many procedures and steps to follow. So I decided to take down notes. At least it will keep me from being too blur. Oh ya did I mention at times I will be rotting at work because I finish my work fast? Yes I basically rot or take my own sweet time doing the assigned tasks. Works that can be complete within 1/2 hr i will drag it to 1 hr or so. Haha!

I'm not regreting my decision :)

The feeling just keep growing and growing everyday. I don't think I will ever be bored of it.

16 August 2006

I've given up on staring at the computer screen for hours! I am really heading towards the Myopia road. My eyes need to rest more. So that's the reason why I have not been blogging or going online for quite sometime. Miss blogging and chatting though. Whenever I go online, it's either i'm too early or those people are busy. Sheesh! I always choose the not-so-perfect timing.

Ok since I'm trying to stay awake to watch my favourite show, Project Runway..I decided to kill the time by blogging. Let me give you a brief update of the "what's happening". On the National Day eve, I spent it gawking at the oh-so-beautiful fireworks together with 3 others. Unfortunately, had a hard time going back home since it was so so so packed. I hate the crowds and worse still I was in heels. But I think the beauty of the fireworks was all worth it despite the poor coordination of music and the firework itself.
On National Day, obviously without fail I will plunge myself in front of the TV to watch the parade and all. To top it all, I had my mouth-watering AYAM PENYET after that( of course after watching S'pore Idol also).
Talking about Singapore Idol, eurgh!! It's just frustrating every week seeing the faces you wish will be gone soon and those you wish could stay on are gone just like that. I have come to a conclusion that Singaporean don't know how to vote wisely. I wonder how they vote during the campaign. Hmm..

Apart from my rusty update of my National Day celebration, I finally got to enjoy myself on weekends. Sunday will be for recharging my energy. I'm very pleased now since at least I have something going on in my life. I'm doing something with my life. All thanks to my friends who keep supporting me and being there for me. Thanks ya! :)

Ermm..Oh yah I got to catch up with some of my polymates. Get updates from them and I realise I miss Poly life. I miss design and ITAS canteens. I miss my foccacio bread! I miss alot of stuffs. And I'm still not giving up hope with my dreams (if you know what I mean).

05 August 2006

Notice the new section in my previous entry?

Yes, Sharper than SWORD: WORDS will be dedicated to people who are straightforward and use words as their weapon of defence. Every now and then, I will be bloghopping and scouting for some phrases or sentences people say or write and quote it (mind you I'm not plagarizing) into my blog. Basically, I'm turning into a paparazzi( do i spell it correctly?) lah eh.

I think you guys have enough of me for today. 3 entries in a day! Am i crazy or am i crazy? No need to answer that. Self-explanatory.
This is my second entry for the day. I'm plain bored at home now. Intially, planning to go out to watch some fireworks spectacular down at esplanade but come to think of it I decided to skip that. So I'll have to opt for the other choice then. Sit at home and rot. Maybe not exactly rot ah 'cos my cousin have kindly decided to lend me her Bollywood vcd. So 3 hours of activity for me and the rest is still unplan. Hmmm..

I was too free just now so I read one of my poly fren's blog. More specific her friendster blog. Then for some weird reason I begin to think of him. Not about missing him but how I'm constantly envious of him. Not for any other reasons but solely related to family. When we normally have our conversation about siblings and parents, I always end up a little cranky unknowingly. All because of one simple reason. His family and him is so closely-knitted as compared to mine. Actually it's not that I'm not close to my own family, I am. But for some funny reason I don't feel belonged at times. On some ocassions, I feel that I belong with them while most of the time, I dont. Weird. I am not saying that we treat each other like complete strangers. No. It's just that maybe my expectation is too high. Or maybe my idea of an ideal family is too far fetch. Maybe those belong only in a dream. Perhaps.

Yesterday I had a dream. I dream that one day we will be one happy family again & you will be fine with your brother once again. How I wish.

Sharper than SWORD: WORDS

Quoted from Alfian's Journal http://www.blurty.com/users/sleepless77
From the comments column.

"...actually, come to think of that, you should write a part for Taufik someday. The boy is just *terribly* easy on the eyes. You should convert him into an avant-garde theatre rebel while he's still fresh and yummy, before he turns into a has-been. Rescue him from doing 7-11 commercials all the time.
I was at a standup show by Kumar, and he pointed out quite rightly that if Taufik had been Chinese, then he'd have got a contract in Greater China by now...

(He could conceivably still get one if he learned to sing in Chinese, which has been done before, but that ain't easy. But then, if Olinda Cho can play a straight girl, why not?)"


His reply?
"Har? Get him to act in play? I don't know man, I don't think local theatre can afford him. And his kohl haha."

By the way, the above comments are for one of his entries regarding HomeSick. Yerp, the one I'm gonna have to miss yet again 'cos it's too expensive!! haiz..
In conjunction with my topic about family..Let me present to you one of the HomeSick pictures.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Good Morning Singapore!!
The feeling of great satisfaction waking up early. I'm so happy I manage to wake up very early in the morning and to the sound of my hp. Not the alarm clock but just another message. You know lah my message tone. I was wondering who the sender is only to find out it was Shahdon with his GOOD MORNING!!! message. He is in one of his good mood. Hmm..
Oh actually I'm not intending to dedicate one whole paragraph explaining further about his sms. Only that something in the sms caught my attention.

You know how you get used to doing the things you love and then when at one point of your life you decided to shove it aside due to other responsibilities coming your way, you feel something is missing? I'm feeling this way right now. I suddenly realise how I miss doing something I used to proclaim to the world as my passion. I bet you people know what I'm talking about 'cos it's pretty obvious. For those who don't get it, ask me and I'm more than happy to share.
I'm feeling the temptation to pursue my passion once again but not at this very moment I suppose. I will return to it when the right time come. For now I shall stick with a responsibilty I'm entrust to.

At this point of time, while facing the screen happily typing I realise how time pass. Like it was ages ago since I last graduated from Damai and was stressing over 'O' Level. That precious moment remain cherish forever. Now, slowly I'm growing into an adult. All these while I have always considered myself as a teenager. Living life the way I want and care less about responsibilty. Go out during weekend and enjoy! I'm not saying that I'm about to turn into a boring adult. No! Definitely no. I'm just saying that things will be much more different as an adult. Scary. Stepping into adulthood once and for all. The next thing I will realise I'm already married with 5 kids!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That'll be a total nightmare for me. I don't wish to have so many kids. Ok now I'm beginning to talk about kids. *stop. look left. look right. change topic*

Let me move on to the next item on my list. My favourite movie. As some of you might be aware that I am (/was) a HUGE fan of Bollywood movies. I can endure the 3 hours of non-stop dancing, singing, running around trees, rolling down the hill antics (I'm stereotyping here). I don't mind all that. Now I begin to wonder the main reason why I watch those movies. I'm not a fan of love fantasy in the first place and Bollywood movies are full of it. So why do I watch it then?
I watch it because of the actors and actresses. Very captivating. Even the not-so-into Bollywood movies agree with the mentioned statement. Another reason why I watch the movies is because of the music, colourful costumes, beautiful landscapes and the choreography. It is something extravagant and pleasing to the eyes. Now I know why I watch it. Call me shallow but I dont quite bother about the content of the movie. However, I have to agree at times Bollywood do produce movies with substance. Example, BLACK.

04 August 2006

I received a forwarded email from a friend of mine.
I had a great time laughing at it.
It was regarding those maths problems which you often encountered way back in secondary school.
It only make me realise one thing. How I miss Maths.
Yes..You read it right. I MISS MATHS.
Ok call me weird or even crazy but I sort of miss those days when you had to crack your brain to solve those challenging Mathematic questions.
Eh at least I'm still considered normal can..
This friend of mine is even weirder than me. She only could attempt those challenging questions and leave those 2-3 marks questions completely blank. No, not that she's lazy or something but just that she COULD NOT answer it. She didnt know how to do it. WEIRD.
Yes let me introduce that friend to you readers.
She's none other than our very own..
Ms. Nadira.

Since I'm at the topic of Mathematics, why not I share with you those humorous mistakes done by some courageous students. If I'm their maths teacher I would have award them marks for being brave and thinking out of the box. Haha. So that explains why I dont qualify to teach and is incapable of tutoring.

Here are some interesting maths problems solved by those said students.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I wish I could do all these during my 'O' Level!

01 August 2006

First day of work was definitely a good beginning of my career as a Litigation Secretary.
Colleagues are extra nice, lawyers curious what I learnt in my course and where i was attached to and my working place covered with FILES. Lots of them.
I was busy or should i say "step" busy on my first day.
It was quite an enriching experience.
Learnt the litigation procedure.
Introduced to Syariah Law & the manager made me read about it.
I brought it home and still have yet to finish reading it.
Have to get use to facing computer for long hours. Typing letters.
I'm proud of myself since today I typed numerous letters and faxed it too!
Yes I learnt to operate the fax machine! Finally! Hurray!
And i discovered the shocking truth about lawyers..

They have the WORSE handwriting ever! Tsk tsk..