31 January 2007

Nowadays, some people are too happy that they start to eat alot. Haha. Haiyah good for them. They are happy while me? Well, actually I'm not sad either. But it's just i am recently losing my appetite to eat. Like no more cravings. No more snacking. Most importantly, i can survive a whole day with just one meal. It is so a bad sign for me. Losing weight maybe healthy but for me? What I want to lose you tell me. I need sufficient fats to keep me warm or I will shiver to death even in an air-conditioned areas. I am trying to stuff myself with food but hey I dont feel like eating.

Hmm..Nevermind this will go away pretty soon I guess. After I get that medication of mine. :)

Tomorrow is February! Hurray! Means..It's 9 more days! Yay!

26 January 2007

January definitely pass by like a breeze and now it is ending soon. I cant wait for February to arrive with promising experiences yet to be experienced. I have more than a reason to anticipate the arrival of February. There will be too many things to look forward to eg. Valentines' Day, 9th February '07, Chinese New Year's LONG HOLIDAY and many many more.

It was another yet busy week which left me exhausted for entertainment or at least to engage in long conversation with and I definitely got it today. The initial idea was to watch Cicak-man but it was cancelled. Firstly,there isnt many cinemas around Singapore showing the movie. Secondly, they have odd showtimes. Lastly, due to the two major reasons mentioned I lost interest in watching it today. Haha.

So met up with my poly friend, Nadiah to catch up with things. Decided to head to somewhere East and convenient for both of us since we are the lazy bunch. Simei was the choice. A lil bit off for a Friday night thingy but we had lots of fun. Shocking news. Gossips. I basically couldnt shut up the entire time. From Banquet to Starbucks to the cab. Yak yak yak all the way. I even met unexpected people. I bumped into my one of my coursemates who used to be in my caregroup and found out that she is still with the same guy for almost 2 years plus. Great. Weird combinations produce a more stable relationships I guess.

By the way, the pending intention to pursue the cert will start to take action in March. At least now I am heading somewhere.

*2 weeks to go..

21 January 2007

Recap of 3rd week of January

-Ate Nasi Ayam Penyet countless of times the particular week which make me wonder how many kilos I have gain so far.

-The treat from the superior. Chicken Briyani. A very generous quantity with 1/4 of a chicken packed for each person. A packet could have been shared among 2-3 people actually!

-The Departure. Awaiting for the return in 3 weeks.

-Bought the 3rd Handbag for the month. It looks what was said by Shikin like a First Aid box. I like it!

-Better week with the colleagues and work.

-A certificate of Paralegal in the pending stage. Most prob, I will give it a shot.

-My 1st ever weekend spent at home with my parents. It feels nice actually watching old movies together with them.

-Frequent Parkway parade this week for the abovementioned reason; Nasi Ayam Penyet.

Guess that was what I did the entire time I wasnt blogging. Partly also due to my laziness and early nights. I am so drained out for the unknown reason. I had sufficient rest at least. I cant wait for pay day 'cos i am almost broke. Thank goodness i have no plans this weekends and the coming weekdays. So my rountine life is back. Work and then back home for my early nights. Hehe. I even borrowed a few books to chase away the incoming boredom I forsee to be approaching soon. I am also laying out my ideas to revamp my tiny room into a cosy resting place.

It is finally Sunday and tomorrow I am back to work! At least that is one major form of distraction for me. I never really look forward to Monday like i am now.

Ps: Anyone want to accompany me watch Cicak-man? I am quite keen to watch it.

10 January 2007

Miss that fragrance
wafting in mid air
that same scent
i longed for each day..

Come to me
closer than ever
and dont walk away
just stay on forever

Now I totally wonder how it will be like when the time comes. How am i suppose to go through it every single day? Shit. This is madness. How can i come this far? How can i be who i am now? This insanity is way beyond my limit. It crosses every possibilities i can ever think of. It comes unexpectedly and now leaving me in verge of tears. It conquers all. How true!

Ps: Return soon. pls.

09 January 2007

If only you knew
how it feels deep inside

if only you try looking further
you will find what lies within

the two futile letters combined
to produce a disheartening end-product

Gaze into my eyes tonight
'cos it reveals the naked truth
and answers the uncertainties
erase your doubts
of how much faith lies between us

Meet me here
to rekindle back
those memories
long forgotten

please dont walk away
dont turn away from me,

This week seems like forever. Neverending. It feels too slow. Please let it run faster so it will soon be Friday and I can take a holiday from those files.
Take a break from that screen.
Take a rest from the continuous slogging.
I think shall go to bed soon since I have nothing to do. Zzzzz...

08 January 2007


Alright people let's travel back to the sixties with us. On Saturday, we (me, Nad & Mel) were in our full retro gear and it feels real good. We feel so gorgeous! It was like we were heading to some award show @ SIA Sports Club instead of Shaiful's 21st Birthday celebration. At least now I know that I am not the first few to turn 21 this year and it feel kinda good. Hehe!

Talking about 21. Hmm..I am still twenty and on the same Saturday my aunt was telling me how I should not be getting married in my thirties. Her advise. She was trying to convince how I should get married at either 24 or 25! That's like in 4-5 years time! And me? Can you imagine me ending up as a housewife at that age? Just look at me now. I am not even ready to be called a woman yet. What more gracing the title "WIFE". Seriously. That title is no joke. It's a BIG deal. And I'm not up to that for the time being. I have my OWN plans and I am confident it is the right plan. It includes lots of allowance for me to pick up the essentials to build up my own HOME SWEET HOME.

A few days back, chatted with a long lost friend. It has been so long since i last heard from her and guess what finally met her online. We chatted a fair bit. And talk about marriage. Ok you guys must be wondering what the word "marriage" constantly appears in my entry today. 'Cos once you reach this particular age of mine you are constantly bothered with this no matter how hard you try to run away from it. Your relatives especially will start talking about it until you are so immuned to the topic that you finally learn to accept it. Ya i am accepting it but I wont buy their reasons for getting married at 24! No way. That's too young for me. And I am extremely sure my parents wont force me to get married. If my brothers can run away from the "marriage issue" why cant I? At least for now.

It is so true that once you mature your perceptions about certain things change. Your views and ideology start to mature with age. I used to think that marriage is not a necessity what more having kids. But now I begin to realise that marriage IS important and so are children. They complete you. Seriously i am not kidding. It is very true. However, I still hates whinny and wailing kids. They are NUISANCE. Whenever they start screeching, I will feel like strangling them to shut their mouth. Bloody annoying! Eurgh!
And of course I have to face it in the future but I will make sure I educate my children enough so as they can mind their manners in public. I dont want to drop my water face.

Back to where I started..I shall post some of the Retro moments we captured throughout the night. *do the agogo dance*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Our Grand Entrance to Disco 69

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Appetiser of the Night

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Iggy and Me :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Us and the Birthday Boy. eh correction: Birthday Man!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Happy Duo

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Sizzling Duo! *ouch*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is how we accentuate our nose. No surgery required.

As soon..it was time to say goodbye!

05 January 2007

Bad habits are the easiest to pick up and I have successfully pick up those habits. Thanks to my colleagues and me being the fast-learner.

Guess where am i now?

At Work? Sorry, wrong answer!

I am at home and happily typing away.

On leave? Sorry, try harder next time!

I am on MC. Yes you heard me right. I am on MC.

Sick? Yes you are right!

I am utterly sick in the mind and i am suffering from Morning sickness!

Pregnant? Your head!

I wasnt talking about the normal morning sickness. I was talking about the draggy feeling you experience each time you wake up early in the morning to go to work. That's my definition of morning sickness.

So I guess Shikin you are right. Money can really buy happiness and only that my money will be compensated. Hurray!

Today reveals the shocking truth about myself.

I am not only such a BAD actress. I am also a BAD liar!!
I am so not use to lying that I swear my family doctor can see through my lies. Bloody hell!

I must have been too honest the 20 years of my life! Tsk tsk tsk!

I am so disappointed with myself.

I guess New Year teaches me New Antics. Hehe! Long Live 2007!
More things are open to my discovery! Whee!

I have a few more hours to go before I meet Nad and Shah to check out the Coregroup. I shall go and watch TeeVee. See what repeat telecast of old shows are in store for me. I miss TeeVee.

Anyway, i shall do teenie weenie bit of revision on Family Law. At least wont be lost on Monday. Shit ah! Stacks of file awaiting for my arrival. Haiz..

02 January 2007

I hope i am not too late to wish everyone


It is 2nd January 2007! Can you believe it how fast it goes by? We are here witnessing the new year. Amazing huh? The Countdown. The Enthusiasms. The Sales. All over now. Within a span of 2 days? That's something for sure. Like every new year we all have our new resolution. A fresh new start. Some even with a fresh new look. All brand new. For me this year like any other years will be a fresh new attitude. Well not a total change I have to admit first. Just a slight change in perceptions and how things going to be handled in the future. The old mistakes will be my guide to the new beginning. Being more responsible, practical and sensible if definitely one of my new year's resolution. I guess the rest of it shall be just between me and myself. I shall take my times to accomplish my goals and dreams. Patience is the key. I wish myself all the best and not forgetting you guys too. Hope you guys will be able to stick to your own New Year's Resolution. If you believe, you will.

Let me take you back to my past entry regarding the activities I wanted to do but have yet to find the time to do it. I am glad that I manage to actually complete a few of my "Christmas Wishes" in 2006.

I managed to watch Night at the Museum with dearest Nadira, Dine at Fish & Co. and of course a lil of the Shopping Spree.

So I shall re-list the activities I want to accomplish in '07.

1) Watch Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix
2) Singapore Zoo
3) Cable Car Ride
4) Singapore Discovery Centre
5) Sentosa (Luge & Musical Fountain)
6) BumBoat Ride
7) Nasi Ayam Penyet adventure
8) Around the world in 80 days. Went to Arab, New York, America, Australia & France. Have yet to cover

I guess this is quite a realistic goal for '07. I know the list is getting shorter but i think it's more achievable. Hah!

The Start of the Year is mild for me. Nothing spectacular whatsoever happen. Only that soon it will be quite bittersweet as the day is approaching. It's difficult not to feel sad. Shall not dwell on it too much for now. We'll see once the time arrive.

The last few days of 2006 was Great! It adds up to the memorable events. I deduced that the unplanned events are the best events!

Today shall be resting day. Resting the mind and body in preparation for the work tomorrow. Back to work. No more enjoyment till weekend arrives.