29 March 2007

Another week pass by unnotice and a few of the dates that I anticipated are over.

Before proceeding any further, this shout-out is specially for someone that holds a very important position in my heart..


Yes today is her birthday and she even cooked up a special meal for the family. So sweet right?

Like the past Thursdays, today is no exeption. I attended the Lecture on the Overview of the Singapore Legal System. It is a very dry topic but the lecturer was good enough to capture my attention throughout the entire 3 hours. Not only that, she even cultivate my interest towards Singapore Parliament and Government. How the system works and how they pass the legislation. It really reminded me of Secondary 2 History lesson with Mr. Ho. By the way, he was/is also the Physical Education teacher. I shall not elaborate more on it just in case some unknown readers happen to be closely related to him. I shall reserve any further comments.

"The worse place to work in is in a Law Firm. Welcome abroad!"
Argh! How true! Yesterday and today was disaster. Too many things need to be done and today I didnt have a proper lunch since I was delayed at work. Initially today started off on a very good note. I had basically nothing to do until the clock striked 11! The lawyer camed in and my work officially started thereof. It was madness plus an almost empty stomach made my life seems even tougher. The clients were not helping either. I felt like forgoing the course today but thinking of what I had to sign I decided to attend no matter under what circumstances. Next week will be the last week for me and finally no more going off early on Thursday. There is pros and cons to it for sure.
I cant help it but to wonder.."People are trying to climb out of the hole but here I am digging a deeper hole and voluntarily jumping into it." I find myself to be out of my mind. Is it really true that desparation drive me towards insanity? Or is this what I will end up doing for the rest of my life? That question needs plenty of time to be answered. Only time will tell.

Someone pointed this out to me recently. "You can sometimes be overconfidence. You should not be that way."
Thanks for pointing out my flaws. Perhaps it is true that I might appear overconfidence at times. Perhaps it is human nature. Once you fly a little bit too high, you start to forget the ground. I think that is how things goes. But not to forget, I can be on the other extreme as well. I can be pessimistic. It all depends on the circumstances.

This computer of mine is giving one heck of a problem and I shall not proceed to type any further. Till we meet the next time. Adios!

22 March 2007

It was 5.30pm and I was at home. This is a rare situation because the normal time I reach home everyday is 630-645pm. It all depends on the work and the waiting time for 60 to arrive.

Today was different as I had my course earlier. Lecture on Real Property which I expect to be tough end up to be quite manageable since it was taught very briefly. I expected more details by too bad the lecturer did not provide any of it. And the test..Oh my..I never come across any simpler formated test in my entire life. I thought the test on Civil Litigation was simple. This is even simpler than simple. 4 MCQ and some fill in the blanks questions with helping words! And the funniest part is it is an Open-Book Test! I almost burst out laughing. Of course the test did not take up 45mins. DUH! So we ended earlier than plan.

So..That's explain how I ended up being too free to blog today. It is definitely been awhile since I can properly blog. Even today I decided to type out a simple entry to kill time.

A few major events I am looking forward to are as follows:
  • Parents' Anniversary (1st April) Yes! It's April Fools' Day. Isnt it cute? Haha
  • 26th March 2007
  • 6th April 2007 (Good Friday=Holiday) Hurray!
  • 29th March 2007 (Mommy's Birthday) I am still thinking of what to buy for her. Thought of double celebration with the Anniversary but not very sure the final decision.

So that's it for the event. Hoping for a nice celebration with my family and relatives. Plus yummylicious food! *evil grins*

18 March 2007

With reference to my entry dated 27th February 2007, I would like to make several amendments to the list of activities I came up with.

Since it is approaching April, it means I have 3 more months to fulfill several desires that have been set on the pending mode for quite some time.

I have set a new list with some stuffs omitted since it have been accomplish/fulfill.

So here a new list for my reference just to set as a reminder to self not to go astray.

  1. DigiCam (this will definitely be achieved before July, still hunting for the perfect cam for myself)
  2. Dine at AlaTurka (Arab Street)
  3. New clothes..For outings (Realise that I have plenty of office wear, so shall go hunt for more casual attire then)
  4. Weighing machine! (Need to keep track of my weight)
  5. Final pair of heels
  6. Zoo trip

That's for the amended list.

The reason for me to update today not to provide any form of essay-like entry since I am so lazy to type so much. I am only doing this for the sake of killing time and waiting to indulge myself to some Indian food later. I am very please with that idea. It's been awhile since I have any form of family gathering. I hope this work well.

It's unbelievable how someone can walk away from his/her responsibilities without any second thoughts about the consequences of their actions. It is so unprofessional. It reflects on the level of maturity they possess. Dumb!


So many events passed by without you even realising it. By the time you try to catch up with it, you have no stamina left. It leaves you panting. Inhale, exhale and think of the reasons you even bother to appear in the middle only to find yourself not needed. Start to think why you even care to appear after so long. Why the thought of getting back into action ever cross your mind when you know things are not the way it used to be. It's a cultureshock. So much have change. Within a short period. Now you feel you dont belong there. Never will.


How I wish life is never this fast-pace. I wish that there isnt the need to rush get from one place to another. Even shopping seems so rush! I hate that feeling. I begin to fall in love with nature six months ago or so since I realise it help me to de-stress. It calms me down. Very therapeutic. *meditate*

I dont think there's much to share anymore. Let's continue this some other times. Let's make the next entry a reflective one? A blog-worthy entry? Ya I hope I can bring myself to squeeze that brain juice for good ideas. Till then.


15 March 2007

I have been postponing the updates for two weeks now. It is not that I dont want to update but I hardly can find time to drag myself in front of the PC and type a decent entry nowadays. It is super madness the past few weeks.And I envy those who are having their 1 week school holidays now. Ya I know it is just a short holiday but if you ask me I would be very contented to have that 1 week holiday. Beggars cant be too choosy. They cant afford to.

Now that March has arrive, there are plenty to be done. The need to clean up my room have been long postponed due to limited time available to do the said. Then it come to outings. Weekends are always not enough. 2 days wont be enough especially when you want to meet too many people at the same time. When you want to catch up with numerous people.

All that aside, am doing exceptionally better at work. There are definitely more to learn but I assume I have gain sufficient to carry out daily tasks assigned.

Guess at work I am not only doing paperworks but also acting as Nutritionist. Haha! Aint that bad afterall. At least I still able to put my diploma to good use. It isnt a waste.

I am dying for 26th March to arrive. If you know what I mean. *grins*

I am having major headache now due to excessive exposure to the glaring computer screen. That is also another reason why it's been awhile since I updated my dearest blog.

I have too much to tell till I have lost my train of thoughts and now am left with nothing to share. Great! This is what severe headache do to you at times like this.

I think now you people should get my point. To those extremely slow ones I shall not beat around the bush and get straight to the point.Time for me to make a move. Will try to cook up one excellent entry soonest.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully