10 September 2011

Be careful of what you wish for..

Since that very fine day in late March 2011, it has widen my horizon indeed.
Nothing beats the experience I have gained these 4 months. Can you believe it?
It is just 4 months passed but so many things have been going on in my life. Truly receive what I wish for.

By the look of it, I might just end up swallowing my own words and return to where I begin.
I am not exactly choosy about things, I guess my mistake is to jump into the ship in a rush.
I make rash decision without thinking of its future consequences. Like how someone describe my current situation; 'It's like jumping from the frying pan into the fire'. Yes, I got burnt! It sucks, isn't it? Well, that's what I wanted.

But..then I realized it is not exactly about the right environment or the right person, it is striking the balance between both and I was lucky the first time. I guess it was the beginner's luck. Unfortunately, I am not that lucky the second and the third time.

Currently, I am toying with the possibility of returning. It is not easy to swallow your own pride. But if it is for the sake of happiness, why not right? Truly clueless of what to do now. I shall seek guidance from Him. Only He knows best.