21 April 2006

One month passed and finally the reunion. Haha! Met 3 of my closest poly friends on wednesday. Fazira, Kyrul and Ann. It was nice meeting them all over again especially with so much laughter. Despite the short outing, it was enough to bring back the old times we hanged out together. Our destination of the day was Seoul Garden. Thanks to Fazira who treated me as it was kinda obvious I'm broke! So sweet of her. Oh well she has always been sweet to start with. :)
Okay my first time there or in fact everybody's first time there. At first, was quite clueless about the whole thing but ended up being quite pro.
I could not recall the amount of food I gorged into my mouth but all I know after 3 hours there I find it hard to move or even laugh. Haha!
We talked and talked and of course not to forget photo-taking as well.
I discovered I looked FAT in the pictures!! Gosh!
We wrapped up the whole outing with our plan to meet at the FHA in expo next wed. Formal attire wont destroy our plan to go out ya! Hehe!

Yesterday, had MSN convo with MR too good to be true and had a glimpse of his life. Not bad. There's an interesting update about him though. He recently acted in Ch5 new comedy (Maggie and Me with Fiona Xie), Ch8 tv series and 1 of Jack Neo's Movie. Impressive but well with no script of course. Nonetheless the experience is definitely a good one. Well did not chat with him much since I'm chatting with ehem ehem in the next window. You know my common sense just tell me not to have a long elaborate conversation with Mr too good to be true. So ended the convo quite fast. That was the past afterall. No point you know having more connection with him after that. I guess it's enough to stay mutual. Separate life and everybody is happy. Most importantly, I'm happy or better beyond that. :)

Reflect back..Been quite a long journey I've go thru' so far and a longer journey ahead. Will definitely continue to stay true to myself.

19 April 2006

What an inspiring day today is..Despite the weather being oh so bad, surprisingly it doesnt affect my mood though. Perhaps some people might just wanna sleep all day long *stares* and blame the weather for making them sleepyhead. Tsk tsk tsk! Terrible. But oh well I started the day early..and went for an interview. Not bad. I see hope there. Being very determined to stay strong. 2 days of waiting and hope there's positive result at the end of it.
Yesterday, I cant sleep that well and I wonder why. It's like I was closing my eyes but still awake. Weird.

Yesterday was the sweetest day perhaps even with the drizzling. It didnt destroy the day. :)
It's gone too far..way too far. I hope it last!

17 April 2006

It's getting oh so frustrating!! When..When will the time come??
I need miracle fast..Faster than ever. I hate it when people keep saying to me I'll get it..But when? When is it exactly? I don't want any wishes anymore! I just want LUCK. It's all about LUCK now. I'm getting agitated at the fact I still don't get it. I hate this ah! Am I going to go on like this for months? Or worse still years! I wont let that happen!! I better remind myself not to get demoralise or discourage over the fact that I still am unsuccessful. Gosh look what I'm doing to my life right now? A complete utter MESS! I'm aimless clueless and worse JOBLESS! I need to pull myself together and go full force this time round. Haiz..Isnt that what I've been reminding myself every single day..every single morning when I wake up I just hope and keep hoping to receive a call. Call for some bloody miracle. But NO..It have not happen as yet!
*start pulling hair out of frustration*
In case you have not notice, I've been blogging frequently nowadays.
The reason being..I'm just too free!
Boredom drives people to do unbelievable things.
For example, surfing the net in search of some love poetry OR going to ChannelnewsAsia website to read the NEWS!!
I've started to pick up that habit only recently and I find it quite interesting especially reading the stuffs written under the Health News.
I learnt more about Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease and not to forget effect of Green Tea to combat Alzheimer's Disease. Cool shit!
Oh gosh I've turn geeky but never mind..Improve my health knowledge.
Alrite readers..Will be up with more entries in days to come.

16 April 2006

Raining!! Again it's raining. Perfect weather to fall asleep. Whee! I feel so lazy eversince I dont know when. I wonder what's gotten into me. Am I sick? I think I am. Haha! It's only a few months and I'm like this. What can I say..Must be someone have cast an evil spell on me..hmm..*wonders*

Today had to wake up quite early..in fact very early indeed to follow my mom for morning walk. Brisk walking to be exact. It was organized by Eunos CC and my mom conveniently signed my name up and told me only a week before the event. How nice.Haha. So being a*ahem* good *ahem* daughter I am I followed her to the event. I was given an oversized T-shirt to wear for the day but oh well I didnt quite bother about it 'cos it was quite comfortable actually. And now come to the most interesting part of the event..The Brisk walking started and guess what..the distance was so short that I did not even produce a single beads of sweat. Talk about trying to burn some extra calories..I dont think I lose any!

After the whole brisk walking thingy, we proceeded to the market to observe the opening of the new market by BG George Yeo and the MPs of Eunos CC. I am such a good resident I tell you. An act to follow. Hehe! Whatever ah eh.

Aniwae, there's a night market around my area and I'm sooo loving it. I always look forward to night market. Kinda fun actually especially the food! *grins*
My mom and I never miss the opportunity to check out what's in store for us at the night market. Food such as Otak-otak will always win our hearts. So there we go again..checking out the night market and I'm seriously amused at how many friends my mom have. Imagine from one end of the night market to another end we had to stop countless of times so that my mom could have a small talk with her friends!! Amazing..My mom is extremely friendly beyond words. Hah!

Not bad at least today I have something to blog about rather than trying to crack my brain to come out with an entry not worth blogging about. Well well I have been writing my usual malay stuffs again. I seriously need quite abit of polishing up. I'm just too free I tell you. I need my job fast or my parents wont let me go off that easy..Argh!! *meditate*

15 April 2006

I'm still in disbelief.
In disbelief about the things I did..and how sensitive I can possibly be.
Especially over some things people said.
Talking about stupidity! Haiz..

Things get a 'lil spicy after me being the itchy mouth started talking about perfect.
The ups and downs..
The tears and laughter..
And not to forget Anger!

Frankness can be a hazard some time but oh well at least it's better. Rather than hiding things and creating MORE problems..

"Things just change the day I meet you..Perhaps for the better"

Truthfully, I'm running out of things to blog here. Hmm..What can I say, not much have been happening and I'm still worried sick about my unemployment and finance.
Sorry you have to endure this super uninteresting entry of mine and oh well come to think of it since when is my blog entry interesting in the 1st place. Hmm..Haha!

Oh! I've decided to amuse myself with some malay songs!!! *faints*

Mengintai Dari Tirai Kamar (Exist)

Dinginnya angin malam ini
Menyapa tubuhku
Namun tidak dapat mendinginkan
Hatiku yang kau hangatkan

Terasa tercabarnya kelakianku ini
Dengan sikapmu menentanglah
Aku ini insan kekurangan
Senangnya kau mainkan...

Siapalah aku ini untuk
Memintal buih yang memutih
Menjadi permaidani seperti mana
Yang tertulis dalam novel cinta...

Juga mustahil bagiku
Menggapai bintang di langit
Menjadikan hantaran syarat untuk milikimu semua itu
Sungguh aku tak termampu...

Silap aku juga
Kerana jatuh cinta
Insan sepertimu
Seanggun bidadari

Seharusnya aku cerminkan diri
Ku sebelum tirai kamar aku
Buka mengintaimu...

06 April 2006

Shit..I was just speaking about perfect..
and the next thing you know..
Heated Arguement!
I should have not touch on the topic of being too perfect.
But anyway, it all went back to normal after that.
I'm so glad it didnt drag on further.

I'm back to the gym! Healthy lifestyle all over again. Whee!

03 April 2006

I end up finding things to do to pass the time. Haiz.
Doing alot of cleaning up at home. Even down to cleaning the refrigerator.
Things I normally do to kill time.
I read a couple of books and magazines as well.
I'm still waiting for more call-up. I'm bored at home especially with no cash!
Now, I'm worried what's happening. No reply from him. It's 12:30pm and I bet he's awake by now. *smack self* I'm just worried for nothing I guess but I'm still waiting for the reply. Please reply....

I'm off to tidy up my room then. Cya!