29 November 2005

In deep shit right now!
Progress interview is approaching in a few days time and I have not even update my logbook!!!
Nervous and my stomach is churning. I feel like shitting.
Today is one of the rarest time I reach home before the sun set.
I need to rush my logbook and better not procrastinate again!
On the brighter side, I'm still maintain my position at the Top 10. Being consistent.
Hopefully that will be sufficient enough to get my application for scholarship accepted.
Pray hard..
Ok ok People!! I shall write up a decent entry here after so much of my "poetic" entries. Haha! It isnt poetic afterall lah. It just that my entries are shorter than any normal entry and they are not in complete sentences.
First and foremost, people keep asking or saying that I'm stupid to delete all my past entries. Haha!
Maybe I am stupid lah..but my past entries are EVEN more stupid. I don't even regret deleting it all 'cos nothing too precious in it.
Oh well, been lazy to blog eversince projects keep piling up on me. What a life!
Thank goodness I have my stress reliever kit every Monday and Friday with me. DRAMATEC!!
I love you guys. You guys are just so happening.
Oh yah, there are 2 new happening members in DT. Emmy and Jared! Cool people. I like!
Now, my throat hurts after so much screaming, shouting, laughing and squawking at Techno and the bus stop yesterday.
Mas, you Minah Busok you! Haha! I still cannot get the image out of my mind. Long skirt and smoking doesnt fit well together! Haha!
Oh oh..better get going now. Will update more in the future if time permits me to.
Miss acting!

28 November 2005

Missing a few people here.
Been thinking about them lately.
I wish they are here with me.
Missing them really badly.
I'm counting the days till I meet them again.
In 1-2 weeks time..
That's quite a long wait I suppose.

27 November 2005

If I'm given a chance to ask you just just one question.
I will ask..
Why aint you here with me?
To smile at the achievements.
To observe the glory.
To applause the successes.
To catch me when I fall.
To heal me when I'm wounded.
To hold me near you when I'm in fear.

You are always not here.
Despite being so near you seem so far away.
I almost lose you.
Walking through the mist
I'm lost
Searching for the right path
Through unfamiliar roads
I'm afraid..
Afraid to go on.
Afraid to choose 'cos I might be wrong...

26 November 2005

Everything change.
It changes so much..
When you get accustomed to a certain thing
It just changes.
But you can't run away from changes, can you?
So let's nature takes its course.

25 November 2005

The story of Snow white.
The poisoned apple.
The witch.
Why must fairy tales come true?
How I wish it never come true.
How I wish the apple wasnt poisoned.
How I wish witches don't exist.
But they do!
How sad.
Very sad.

Read Me!

Starting afresh.
Deleted the past.
Living the present.
Awaiting the future.
Smile and enjoy every seconds of your life.
The chance will never come again.
Everything have been cleared from the system as of today.
It will just be some memories. Be it good or bad.