08 March 2009

Bruised and Battered.
Torn and Tattered.
But it still beats the same.
Your name.

That's the hardest part isn't?
How I wish it can be as easy as quiting the game.
The pain too much to bear.

I cant believe I hold on so long just to be able to feel happy.
I cant believe I sacrificed so much to hold your hands.
And the saddest part..
You wont understand.
You never will.

All these years, I am nothing but negative.
I disappoint time and again.
I am that burden you always deny.
The forbidden name in your house.

Yes, it's not easy being where I am.
I envy you because you wont be going through it.
The way I did.

Am I asking too much?
Too much than what you can give.
Am I hoping sky high?
Too high that you cant reach.

If that's the case, pardon me.
And you don't have to worry.
I have stop hoping for my very own happy ending.

Whatever happen, happens for a reason.
Thank you so much for that temporary bliss.