24 May 2009

One ordeal has come to an end. Let's call it a break, shall we?
It was one of the toughest challenge I had to face so far.
It really opened up my eyes and my mind.
So the next time I shall pursue it from the beginning and put extra effort into it.

This long break need to be well planned and utilized as to avoid aimless digressions.
I want to do something fruitful apart from doing substantial amount of reading.
It has finally dawn on me that I have no passion for anything at the moment.
Nothing that I really would like to do at a regular basis. I cannot find my moxy. :(

Therefore, I will embark on a journey to find it. Not to be analytical about it. Just to clear my mind and settle on something. I should start doing some changes to my lifestyle. I don't want to be stuck in a routine all my life. Let see what I can come up with within these two months or so.

Till then..I shall bid my goodbye and leave you with a song I heart at the moment.

07 May 2009

A very very long day..*sigh*
From sleepless night to chaotic morning
From giddy and nauseous morning to anxious mid-day
Sweaty & rushed..
And now, drained!
Sleepy too!

I never had a paper like this in my entire life!
Not even the vomiting.
Wishing that the rest will be a smooth ride.