18 January 2009

100 bucks on chemicals!!!

Yes. That's how much I spent.
But the experience is priceless.
Now at least i know how it felt like to sit for 4hrs in a salon!
I really warm up the seat.

The result: Extremely straight, silky and FLAT hair!! Now I know how Shikin felt the very 1st time she rebonded her hair. It's really like lidah anjing!!!

Enough about my tresses then. My very first theater experience for 2009 was great! It's been so long since I had a good experience with it. It's a brand new flavor. Unconventionally fantastic!
And of course, there were minor glitches here and there but Betrayed Babies left me inspired.

Brought him along to watch it to make up for the bad experiences. Thankfully, he loves it and don't mind to be theatrically-entertained in the future.

Next on the list will be Menopause the Musical and perhaps Past Caring by TNS.
Shall see how it goes and whether the finance department allows for it to happen.

14 January 2009


I am seeing light at the end of the pitch black tunnel!!
Eventhough that light isnt a floodlight and doesnt shine as bright but it's better than no light at all.

It was really funny how I was beaming and jumping with joy at the sight of the mark. I was not easily contented back then. Hmm..

Maybe I have learnt to be more realistic in life on top of the chaos i was in on the day i sat for the paper. It is justifiable but definitely can perform way better next time. I am so going to dedicate myself and enjoy later.

Ooh, my motivating factor for work is going to arrive in less than a week. The sole factor that anchor me to the ground now.

Whee!! The rain is falling real soon and the well will be filled to its brim.
*starts to do the rain dance*

CNY holiday is coming soon!! I am so looking forward to it. Away from office and the most annoying human I have ever met. Hmph!

Obviously, it is a reason to celebrate!!!!!

Haiyah..So crappy already lah eh! Better make a move now.

13 January 2009

In the middle

The blog has been long neglected.
There are many things I wanted to post up but everytime I tried to do so my brain seems to fail me. Like there are 1001 things running through my mind and string of words just keep making its appearance in no particular sequence. I had no energy to thread it into sensible sentences.

I know I am not going to be any better now but since I am less occupied I better begin it.

So, life has not change drastically since the sudden arrival of 2009. In fact, it started on a very solemn note. Imagine on a brand new year, you ended up witnessing war and cruelty!! My heart goes to the victims of the Israeli attacks.

On the brighter note, ended 2008 with satisfaction and joy.
Visited KL. Attended friend's wedding at Perak. Shopped like there's no tomorrow. Treat my taste buds to tantalising meals. Conquered fear of height.

Okay, shall let the photos do the rest of the talking..