17 April 2006

It's getting oh so frustrating!! When..When will the time come??
I need miracle fast..Faster than ever. I hate it when people keep saying to me I'll get it..But when? When is it exactly? I don't want any wishes anymore! I just want LUCK. It's all about LUCK now. I'm getting agitated at the fact I still don't get it. I hate this ah! Am I going to go on like this for months? Or worse still years! I wont let that happen!! I better remind myself not to get demoralise or discourage over the fact that I still am unsuccessful. Gosh look what I'm doing to my life right now? A complete utter MESS! I'm aimless clueless and worse JOBLESS! I need to pull myself together and go full force this time round. Haiz..Isnt that what I've been reminding myself every single day..every single morning when I wake up I just hope and keep hoping to receive a call. Call for some bloody miracle. But NO..It have not happen as yet!
*start pulling hair out of frustration*

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