01 February 2007

Hey it's me again! New month new look. Reason for the change of blog skin?
Well partly due to my niece comment on my blog and partly to get in touch with my "nerdish" side. Have i succeded? I guess i need not have to try too hard to project that image huh? *roll eyes* Whatever. Hmph!

Updates! updates! Tomorrow I am officially turning 21! And hey..I am officially a young adult and I am capable to build my own sweet home. Sounds like a great deal? Haiyah..Not for me. It feels all the same. My colleagues were asking whether I am throwing any sort of birthday bash this year. Well turning 21 isnt like a big hoohaa for me. It all feels the same. In fact it feels kinda depressing to know you are growing old and you are still not sure what to do with your life. Sad isnt it? Haiz. *shakes off the thought*
I guess I shall not dwell on the matter too much or else tomorrow i wont be enjoying my day. Haha! Oh by the way, my colleagues actually celebrated my birthday in advance just now together with another colleagues whose birthday happens to be today! Double celebration. Great huh? Yes it is indeed a fun celebration.

My countdown is still on. The more I start counting down the more anxious i am about it. I cant wait for that day to finally comes. I am surely going to be one happy lady! Wahaha!

Actually now I have nothing to blog. I just want to provide you readers with a new utterly meaningless entry to accompany this change of blogskin. Testing out the way the entry is going to come out after typing it all out.

Oh it seems that my life is slightly progressing. Going to be tied down for another year. So i have ample time to make my next decision. I am definitely going to fully utilise my youth to the maximum.

Alright wont bore you guys any further. Shall update more soon.

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