05 August 2007

A joke went all wrong huh?
Some realisation hits you too deep inside that you cant really accept it neither get over it.

Before I proceed any further with my updates, I would like to thank people who regularly visited my blog for the past few months only to discover that there werent much updates except for some random music videos from 2 different language. Sorry to disappoint.

I am in no obligations to update this blog with all the bad memories. It is just so yesterday.
I used to be that teenager with ounces of angst to pour out and let it flow freely. But all that seems like a long time ago. In fact, alot of matters feel like a long time ago. I feel so old now.

Haha. Oh well, look what have I become? Some boring adults. Less expressive, creative and innovative. Hey I am tired of living my life the way it is. I am tired of complaining over every single things. I am tired of shedding tears for people who wont care less. I am plain tired of typing out my life out in words.


I know you are going to read this one day or another. So here it goes..

It is all more than what meet the eyes. It is all about in between the lines.
The other day it feels so wrong and when it's time to be with you, all the wrong seems right.
I am not a supergirl to fight all that was thrown to me.
Your words can hurt like a sword.
But funny how your words can be the cure to the wound you cause.
Maybe that's the magic you possess. That no one else have.


Yesterday, I attended another Magus Luna by TP Dramatec members.
There's some confession I want to make right up here.
I didnt like the feeling yesterday.
I felt so lost.
I felt so out of place.
Worst I was with the people I know for years.
How ironic!


I just realise I have tone down alot. Maybe it's the age.
I hate the aging process.
It burns a hole in my pocket too!


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