20 February 2009

Rushed & Crushed

The days passed me without a second look.
Things have been happening at an ultra high speed that I can no longer stop and think.
There were times things got too much to handle that crying seems the best solution.
In just two weeks, it took away part of my youth.

Oh by the way, that rubber band was stretched to its maximum capacity and snapped.
No way for it to return to its original position. Period.

Let's just think happy thoughts for the time being now..

I went to watch Menopause the Musical.
It didn't meet my expectation. Perhaps I have too high of an expectation to begin with.
But it was enough to brighten my day and satisfy my theatre cravings.

He safely underwent that surgery and is recovering well. (or at least i hope he is)

I miss writing in Malay.But I don't know how to begin.

Expectation leads to disappointment.
The statement that holds so much truth.
Read it. Heard it.
But my brain cant seem to register it.
That explain the tears and heart aches.
I am in denial.Serious denial.
Why can't I quit hoping for a miracle?
Blooming petals.
Fantasy hardly becomes reality.

It is just 22+1.
Ascending numbers which only stops once your time is up.
Importantly, the addition multiply happiness deduct sorrows.

1 year wiser (hopefully)
1 year worth of lessons learnt
1 year filled with mixed feelings
1 year living the dream

Thank you to those who have made being 23 awesome!
Especially..Ashikin, Nurul, Shahdon & Marrisa.
I am 2 weeks late. Sorry.

To him who never fail to surprise,
Thanks for the wonderful effort.
You made me smile. :)

She left for Australia.
Pursuing her dreams.
Bid the goodbyes on the 17th.
No one like to part.
Especially with someone whom they are fond of.
Nadira, the technology is so advance now.
We will definitely stay connected regardless of the distance.
My well wishes to you. *hugs*

Oh before she left we managed to camwhore @ Chinese Garden.
Of course the photographer of the day was Shahdon.
End result was not bad.
But the process was definitely fun and challenging at the same time!

Finals is in less than 3 months and I am not even half way there.
I should have foresee all these before enrolling.
The commitment level is definitely high!

My apologies for various appointments that was and is going to be cancalled in the process to upgrade myself. Sorry.

Internet connection at work has been limited to work-related.
That explains my absence or lack of participation in Facebook, Blogger and Messenger.

Please enlighten me on issue of pregnancy.
Does it reduces one responsibility to rock bottom?
Does it increases difficulty to remember things?
I need to know because it drives me crazy!! Argh!
(I am not the one suffering from the above by the way.)

Okay, I hope it is good enough of an update for the time being.

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