23 October 2010

Date: 22 October 2010

Time: 7:16pm

Venue: Hanis Cafe in front of National Library @ Bugis

This blog has been collecting dusts, huh? Well, I am at the above venue while typing out this entry. Why am I where I am? Hmm...My intention was to study in the library since there are lots of reference materials for me to look into. But no, the library has to close at a weird timing for some staffs’ function. So inconvenient.

In the attempt not to waste time staring into thin air or observe people walk by, I decided to plop myself here doing equally unfruitful activity.

I should have gotten myself mobile broadband for easy use. Failure to do so resulted in me typing away using Microsoft Office Words 2007 instead.

But I digress. My purpose is not to describe in details where I am and why I ended up blogging but more so to give an update to my avid readers out there about snippets of my life, perceptions and so on and so forth. Alah bukannya I have followers in my blog also. Only that I saje2 feeling important.

I have been at the same place doing almost the same thing facing the same group of people ever since the last I updated this dearest blog of mine. Yes, I am loyal like that to HOH. *roll eyes*

Anyway, I am still surveying market for future employment as well as thinking when to apply for it. I should not talk only without any actions. For a start, I have decided to revamp my resume and create a new cover letter which will add an extra oomph when read.

I need to be mentally prepared for bigger responsibilities, less slacking and a more appropriate dress code to work. I am currently going work with T-shirt, pants and crocs. Eh what you all expect.. I am working just above Sheng Shiong supermarket okay. Not some CBD areas. Should my future employment be at CBD area I am so gonna be broke before I even start working since I need to invest in proper office wears. Haiz.

Let’s move on to a better topic, shall we? How about talking about marriage? Haha! Aku dah jadi minah kawin-kawin these few days I tell you. Not talking to BF obviously. Nanti takut pulak mamat tu. Well, I have been getting views from my fellow friends about marriage and to be precise the wedding. One of my friends actually suggested on choosing a date first so that I can slowly and carefully plan towards it. Okay I have even gotten options for the dates from Nad yesterday while attempting to webcam with her. Her webcam mintak kena throw lor that one. It only showed a grey screen throughout our conversation. Potential dates for ceremony are within the December period. The solemnization as spoken with BF just now might be months earlier.

Both of us have varied concerns. His concern is the HDB flat while mine is pretty shallow I must say i.e. the wedding details.

Ermm..Enough of the sneak preview of my wedding preparation. Will continue with it once more things are planned.

I am looking forward for December to arrive due to the two great trips I will be having! At the same time, I am worried about the financial planning aspect of it. I need to save for my marriage and now to save up for my Vietnam and KL trips. I foresee myself spending a considerable sum during both trips. I better prepare my Excel sheet now.

I would like to think that I have posted up a decent entry of what’s up and latest. For further updates you may wish to follow me on twitter instead. Place where I prefer to be recently. (",)

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