13 December 2005

My New Hobby!

Thanks to Nad I have found a new hobby.
Not stamps, not Pokemon stickers and not even Bus Tickets..
But..Earrings! Yes! E.A.R.R.I.N.G.S.
Going out with her for the past two days can really drive me crazy.
You should have seen the amount of clothes she asked me to try on.
Those Skirts..Jackets..Tops and Earrings!
I'm just in love with ALL of them!
In just 2 days, I bought two pairs of new earrings.
Just imagine if I am to hang out with her everyday.
Each day a new pair of earrings.
By the end of the month, I will accumulate dozens of earrings.
Madness I tell you!

On the other side of the story, I have been up with quite a number of planning to be done.
Revision plan. Project Meeting schedule. My own personal outings.
I still need my life ah.
End of the year sale..Shopping!! But I owe people money and need to repay them before they start chasing after me for it. I'm so gonna be dead.
By the way, I am easily agitated nowadays especially with a particular someone.
I have no idea why but yes I'm always getting irritated/angry with this someone.
Very bad of me though but guess stuffs keep accumulating and then it all happens.
I won't give an explanation to it any sooner. I will keep it to myself.
I better get some revision started now.
Will be back with more updates in time to come. See ya!

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