22 December 2005

Oh my god! Oh my god!!!
Today..I had a shock of my life..I mean not once but twice!
Firstly, ANTM cycle 5 winner! I hate that bitch!!
How can she won the cycle 5?!!
How could she?
I hate her ah! I don't care ah! And Shahdon..You better stop showing her pictures to me!
No matter what you say I shall stick to my principle! Wahaha!
She don't deserve that title. Argh!!
I can go on and on about this but I shall stop here and continue with the second and final shocking moment.
Shit! Shit! SHIT! I cried! Yes..I did!
I cried while watching the freaking story. It thugs on my heart's string! Bohoo!
"Someday, Somewhere, Somehow.."
Thanks to Shahdon for recommending to me that story. Haha! Oh yah..About the musical I'm still considering but I won't go for the $100 plus one surely. No money liao.
Oh yah..Tomorrow last paper and I still have not start studying. *dies*

I think I should stop here and start studying.
So Shahdon, I have mentioned your name like thrice in my entry..So stop complaining your name isn't in my blog. There you go! Nah..Ambik kau! Hmph!

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