31 December 2005

Say goodbye to 2005..

I have been waiting eagerly for this day to come..
To start afresh in 2006.
However, when it is reaching the end I feel reluctant to leave it behind.
2005 I must say is one of the most memorable year of my life.
I stumbled and fall and picked myself up again.
2005 really test my patience and I was hurt countless of time.
But all these just serve as experiences to keep me moving.
I learnt more about myself and how I deal with certain situations.
It's been a crazy ride in 2005.
I can't even remember how many times I shed tears over
People I love..
My family..
My stupidity..
My mistakes..
I really cant remember how I get over those hurdles.
How I move on with my life, thinking I have get over everything..
How I put on a smile while hidden deep inside was just sorrow..
How I turned into a damn good actress not on stage but in real life..
How I tried hard to make everything turn back to normal again..
How I succeded in hidding my true feelings..
How I masked my anger over certain issues..

Now, 2006 is about to arrive in about 2 1/2 hour more.
Since now it's about 930 pm on a Saturday night.
I sprained my ankle over the most dumbest thing on earth.
I sprained my ankle while playing zero point.
How dumb can you get. Gosh!
Camp Nexus was a nice way to end my 2005 (will talk about it in detail some other time)
But getting my leg sprained wasnt a pretty nice start to 2006.
I cant party tonight all because of my foot. Argh!

Ok so now I have come up with one new year resolution already..
I hope my foot will recover within this few days.
The rest of it I shall make it unknown to you guys.

To you loyal readers out there:
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2006 brings happiness to you guys!

Lots of LOVE from Me to you!! :)

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