20 December 2005

To the mystery reader who have been reading my entry secretly..This is for you.
I am sorry..Really sorry I caused you so much depression.
I am sorry you are falling deep into this.
You hope it will be smooth sailing but it all turn so wrong.
It is a rocky ride..and now it seems so hard to give a definite answer to all your questions.
I am sincerely very sorry..My heart seems to be torn between two beings.
I don't know how to untangle the mess I have created.
If only I could turn back time and take back all my words..
This will never happen.
If only my heart quit playing games with me, this wont happen.
I'm lost in the midst of all these.
I cannot turn to anyone for help because there's nothing they can do.
You have been supportive and understanding throughout this period of time.
I cant possibly thank you enough for what you have done.
I know it hurts you real badly and I cant be the one to nurse your wound 'cos I'm helpless.
Too helpless.
I'm sorry that you thought that you have found the one and thought that everything is going to turn out right.
But all this seems so different now.
All I request from you is to give me time.
Time to sort my feelings.
I hope you understand this just like you did previously.
Thank you..

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