17 February 2006

Wah..how long have it been? 1 month plus?
It's been so long since I last updated my blog and I almost forgotten my password. How dumb!
I've not been updating my blog due to certain unavoidable circumstances.
Ok now I'm squeezing in some of my free time to update my beloved readers about some highlights within the 1 month of my disappearance. Haha!
Time is passing by so fast..and errmm..it left me a week before I graduate from TP. Very scary.

It is amazing how life can change in a split second and it is even more amazing how people can change so much without they even realizing it!
Oh well now life have been pretty nice to me..Guess it is finally back to normal..Eh wait.. ALMOST back to normal.
I know it will never be the same again but what can I say..Something just happened and it happened for a reason. Some hidden reason which will be unveiled when you least expected it.

Ok wanna get an update about my boring academic life? Well, yesterday(16th February) was the end of the hell period. Major Project is FINALLY over. Hurray!! And I must say we did quite well for the presentation (surprisingly..) On the other hand, I still have a killer paper to study for. Nutrition in Disease!!

Apart from academic, something beautiful happened to me and I shall not further elaborate on it.

Oh yah..Dear friends..My sincere apologies for "drifting away" from you guys..Haha! I've been busy with alot of things..
Let me divert your attention by doing some publicity here..
Do come and give your support.. Yellow Chair Production is presenting a drama production entitled "TAINTED FLOWER" at Tampines East CC on 3rd March. Tickets are selling at $6 each. If you are interested, you can place your booking through me. Thanks!
Ok yah to my friends..Don't worry..I'll catch up with you guys after the exam ya.

Next, DRAMATEC. I heard there have been quite a DRAMA in DRAMATEC. Haha! I know i missed all that but doesnt mean I'm totally ignorant about it. I have my sources. ;) Love is in the air huh?

Ok lah guys..I think it's enough for the time being. I'll try my best to update my blog as often as possible..even if it's not daily. I know you guys miss me. Haha!

And one more thing..I'm doing well and still crazy as ever!! WOhoo!!

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