21 February 2006

Wokay..It's me again!! Ermm..Actually nothing much to update now..
But since I'm in school might as well make full use of it. I'm taking a short break from studying.
Believe it or not..I studied from 12pm-8pm yesterday(20th Feb). Freaky huh?
Now my brain is super saturated with facts..
I even go to the extend of reciting the information before going to bed lah! How bad can it get?
Liver disease..Renal failure..Diabetes..GI tract disorders!!! Argh!!
Ok I just like to say that I'm glad..Really glad it is finally normal again..
Yes, Bestfriends Forever!
I know I have been mean and bitchy to you but I do hope I'm forgiven.
You know..this incident really make me treasure this friendship more..
Sorry once again ya!

I shall get back to studying or else I can't sleep tonight..
After 22nd Feb..It will be fun..Fun..FUN!! Whee!

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