31 March 2006

It's already 11:05am in the morning..Oh no!! I'm about to determine my own fate in just about a few hours time. My oh my..This is scary and nerve-recking to be exact. *pray hard*

Anyway, to a particular someone..Cheer up ok! Smile and don't let it get the better of you which apparently it already did.
And always remember I'm here and you can always consult me. :)

Oh yah..I discovered something interesting while looking thru' Nad's Blog. And guess wat..Her mom and my mom share the same birthday. Yes..Wednesday, 29th March!! So cool isnt it? Haha! I just realised it after 3 years of friendship.

oh shoot it's 12:03pm already..Better get going. Bye! Wish me luck ya!

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