16 May 2006

I dont want to be like THEM!! *cries*
Don't want!! Argh!!
See see..You happy right I blog about gaining weight? Sheesh.
This someone keep saying that I'm going to turn like those Mak ciks walking back from the market in near future!
In other words, growing horizontally and wider! Argh!
You evil you evil you evil! *continue chanting*
I'll make sure I go to the gym every week ah i tell you.
I don't want to turn into a humpty dumpty in the near future.
I don't care I don't want to.
Gosh traumatising just thinking of it. I think i better stop thinking of it and start talking of something else.

My friend advise me not to rush things and I think she's right.
I will not rush things and stay happy for now.
At least I'm doing something I love.
Anyway, I'm feeling way better now. I mean I was sick on the weekend and now I definitely have recovered. Get back to real business. Memorising script. Scripts I mean. I'm so worried I'm gonna mix up my lines.
God I'm so stress now. *starts flipping the scripts*
I'm so stress I think I feel like shitting.
2 productions. 1 in 4 days and another in less than a month. Yikes!
Err..I think I need to shit now. See you guys another time.

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