17 May 2006

Will wonder ever cease?
3 Male teaching a female dance moves.. hmm..*ponders*

Oh yah..Guess what? I discovered something today..Interesting to me but perhaps not to you guys. But oh well let me just share it anyway.
Do you know how the name "techno" even derived from the eating place which sells 1/2 fried spring chicken rice?
It was said that the name was derived long time ago..to be exact 6-7 years ago.
His brother told him that.
The reason why it was called 'techno'..
Simple reason. Cos that place always play techno music.
What a way to name an eating place. So predictable lah!
But nonetheless the name still stuck in our head till today.
Originally stupid but it created an impact though. Haha!

That's all about the history of 'techno' (eating place opposite TP)
Hail techno! Hail techno!

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