20 May 2006

I'm all alone now. Weird.
After all those mad rush for the whole entire week I'm down with almost nothing to do.
After tomorrow things gonna pace down very much (I hope).
I've not been getting sufficient sleep and rest and to top it all been doing lots of thinking as well.
Emotional rollercoaster this week and I'm totally drained.
Beginning of the week I was feeling like on top of the world and as the days passed the feeling deteriorated.
Broke down couple of time. Haiz..
Stupid stupid. Should not have done that.
Anyway, now it's better now since I'm being assured (not insured).

Apart from being emotionally drained, I experienced something fulfilling this week.
Opportunities just awaits me right in front of my door steps.
Received 2 calls which changed my fortune.
The golden opportunity. Make me smile and cry at the same time.
And oh yes, it makes me think. Think real hard.
And perhaps I find the answer..(I think so)

After all these, going to get down to real business. No more fun. Just plain serious adult life.

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