07 July 2006


It all started out fine.. Had an appointment with Venture Era at 2pm. And then from things began to deteriorate. It was totally a bad day to be out of the house. I should have stayed at home and sleep the entire day. Haiz..
They quit their jobs..
No one is working..
I made someone angry..(I'm sorry once again)
I'm still jobless..
I cant meet him cos he is held up..
They created too many troubles I hate THEM..
Tell me how fucked up life can be?!
And someone smsed me in the morning asking me how I am..and and want me to coach him/her in acting..Especially crying!!!
I think this someone have yet to go thru' shits..That's the reason why he/she cant cry.
My advise dear someone..Put urself in my position and I bet u can cry ur ass off!
Stop bothering me! I hate being used when needed! Go away! Dont bother me anymore! Go find someone else if u wanna earn ur stardom!!!!!!

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