24 August 2006

Singapore made the right decision for not voting out the better singers in the competition.
Tonight nurul was ousted.
I know she wont last that long in the competition cos she IS quite bland.
I cant seem to stay awake most of the time when she performed.
And I'm so happy HADY stay on. WHEE!
My 60 cents didnt go to waste.
This is the 2nd time I voted for someone throughout the 2 season of SI. (the 1st was TAUFIQ duh!)
Now I'm really rooting for Hady. His performance yesterday was superb! I love his rendition of Lagenda by Sheila Majid. Make me melt. Ah...
On the other hand, Joakim still stay on. Ya I've to agree with Dick and Flo that the way he handled all those criticism and controversy was commendable. And I also forget that he is just 18 years old. Despite how much I hate his singing and his personality, I still think he handle those shitty stuffs very well. For an 18 year old..Oh my what you expect and it's not his fault that he's bless with good looks and gain instant popularity by those teenage girls. Singapore decide who they want to vote. Not him. Pity him abit lah eh.

I think enough of SI. Now, I'm freaking depress!! I'm facing a MAJOR problem right now and I dont know how to solve it. Help!! Someone please help!! I am gaining WEIGHT! Yes, Halimah is officially growing HORIZONTALLY every single day! Blame my colleagues please! They feed me sooo well. I really need to discipline myself already. Even my mom said I've become BUNCIT!! Argh!! Stress!! Basically that's the only stress I'm facing currently. Wahaha!
So happy lah life down at Hoh Law. At least I wont have to worry about pre-mature aging! Haha! No need to use Olay to fight 7 signs of aging. Hehe!

Ok I need to highlight something very important here. haiz. You know I received a question smack right in front of my face. Snap me back to reality. He asked me..
"Where is the ambitious you I used to know?"
Upon hearing that, I was speechless and angry at myself.
How can I completely erase that fighting spirit in me?!
How can I change the used-to-be strong Halimah?
How can I become so dependant?
How can I be so weak?
How can I let my heart do more of the thinking than my BRAIN?
Gosh! I need to find the old Halimah back. I'm in dire need of some serious identity searching.
I need to gain back my fighting spirit. The competitive me. The girl who used to believe nothing is impossible. The girl who is willing to go against all odds to get what she want. And her wants are simple. And I believe it's achievable.
i can do it i can do it i can do it i can do it yes i can!!

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