18 August 2006

I just finished reading my previous blog entries. Haha!
I realized I mentioned alot of interesting events and now I sort of regretted deleting other past entries dated way back to 2004? I cant remember. Shit I should have keep all that. For record sake.

I might enjoy reading those in the near future but stupid me deleted all those entries. Nvm. I still can retrieve some of it from different sources. Hehe! And of course one of the sources is my oh-so-good memory. I drink booster ok. HAHA! Kidding only.

Anyway, today at lunch discovered some interesting facts. Nad, I really wanna chat with you 'cos one of the interesting facts is about you! I hope you going online tonight but I dunno what time. There's alot to update you sey.

Work has been great. The things I used to be clueless about now I'm beginning to pick it up quite fast. So many procedures and steps to follow. So I decided to take down notes. At least it will keep me from being too blur. Oh ya did I mention at times I will be rotting at work because I finish my work fast? Yes I basically rot or take my own sweet time doing the assigned tasks. Works that can be complete within 1/2 hr i will drag it to 1 hr or so. Haha!

I'm not regreting my decision :)

The feeling just keep growing and growing everyday. I don't think I will ever be bored of it.

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