16 August 2006

I've given up on staring at the computer screen for hours! I am really heading towards the Myopia road. My eyes need to rest more. So that's the reason why I have not been blogging or going online for quite sometime. Miss blogging and chatting though. Whenever I go online, it's either i'm too early or those people are busy. Sheesh! I always choose the not-so-perfect timing.

Ok since I'm trying to stay awake to watch my favourite show, Project Runway..I decided to kill the time by blogging. Let me give you a brief update of the "what's happening". On the National Day eve, I spent it gawking at the oh-so-beautiful fireworks together with 3 others. Unfortunately, had a hard time going back home since it was so so so packed. I hate the crowds and worse still I was in heels. But I think the beauty of the fireworks was all worth it despite the poor coordination of music and the firework itself.
On National Day, obviously without fail I will plunge myself in front of the TV to watch the parade and all. To top it all, I had my mouth-watering AYAM PENYET after that( of course after watching S'pore Idol also).
Talking about Singapore Idol, eurgh!! It's just frustrating every week seeing the faces you wish will be gone soon and those you wish could stay on are gone just like that. I have come to a conclusion that Singaporean don't know how to vote wisely. I wonder how they vote during the campaign. Hmm..

Apart from my rusty update of my National Day celebration, I finally got to enjoy myself on weekends. Sunday will be for recharging my energy. I'm very pleased now since at least I have something going on in my life. I'm doing something with my life. All thanks to my friends who keep supporting me and being there for me. Thanks ya! :)

Ermm..Oh yah I got to catch up with some of my polymates. Get updates from them and I realise I miss Poly life. I miss design and ITAS canteens. I miss my foccacio bread! I miss alot of stuffs. And I'm still not giving up hope with my dreams (if you know what I mean).

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