05 August 2006

This is my second entry for the day. I'm plain bored at home now. Intially, planning to go out to watch some fireworks spectacular down at esplanade but come to think of it I decided to skip that. So I'll have to opt for the other choice then. Sit at home and rot. Maybe not exactly rot ah 'cos my cousin have kindly decided to lend me her Bollywood vcd. So 3 hours of activity for me and the rest is still unplan. Hmmm..

I was too free just now so I read one of my poly fren's blog. More specific her friendster blog. Then for some weird reason I begin to think of him. Not about missing him but how I'm constantly envious of him. Not for any other reasons but solely related to family. When we normally have our conversation about siblings and parents, I always end up a little cranky unknowingly. All because of one simple reason. His family and him is so closely-knitted as compared to mine. Actually it's not that I'm not close to my own family, I am. But for some funny reason I don't feel belonged at times. On some ocassions, I feel that I belong with them while most of the time, I dont. Weird. I am not saying that we treat each other like complete strangers. No. It's just that maybe my expectation is too high. Or maybe my idea of an ideal family is too far fetch. Maybe those belong only in a dream. Perhaps.

Yesterday I had a dream. I dream that one day we will be one happy family again & you will be fine with your brother once again. How I wish.

Sharper than SWORD: WORDS

Quoted from Alfian's Journal http://www.blurty.com/users/sleepless77
From the comments column.

"...actually, come to think of that, you should write a part for Taufik someday. The boy is just *terribly* easy on the eyes. You should convert him into an avant-garde theatre rebel while he's still fresh and yummy, before he turns into a has-been. Rescue him from doing 7-11 commercials all the time.
I was at a standup show by Kumar, and he pointed out quite rightly that if Taufik had been Chinese, then he'd have got a contract in Greater China by now...

(He could conceivably still get one if he learned to sing in Chinese, which has been done before, but that ain't easy. But then, if Olinda Cho can play a straight girl, why not?)"


His reply?
"Har? Get him to act in play? I don't know man, I don't think local theatre can afford him. And his kohl haha."

By the way, the above comments are for one of his entries regarding HomeSick. Yerp, the one I'm gonna have to miss yet again 'cos it's too expensive!! haiz..
In conjunction with my topic about family..Let me present to you one of the HomeSick pictures.

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