26 September 2006

Hady is the new Singapore Idol. Yes my instinct aint working out right then. haha. Nvm. Despite the failed instinct, i am truly happy for Hady. Yes he deserves it and i underestimated the voters. I thought they will go for Jonathan since 2 years ago the title fell into Taufik's hand but i was wrong. They aint prejudice afterall. Kudos Singaporean!

Today i received last minute notice which i accepted with open-heart. However, i am worrying about the end-product of something so last-minute. I hope it work out fine. Let's just wait and see. At work, I broke out of the daily rountine of mine. I get my hands on something new today. Probate matter. It excites me of course. Learning again something new. Fortunate for me that I read those stuffs beforehand and thus I dont get so lost.

I wonder why the days seem to pass so slowly and i am not even looking forward to anything during the weekend. Haiz.

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