17 October 2006

"Ewah ewah kain langsir ela-ela..Datuk janggut putih nenek rambut merah..Emak jangan berletih bapak jangan marah..jangan masuk kolong..Hari ini HARI RAYA!"

Whee! In less than a week we, muslims gonna celebrate Hari Raya. Guess what? My lawyer gave me a HUGE Hari Raya Hamper! Cool! And my work place is also ready for Raya! I got my new work table just now and it's GREEN! Like ketupat rite? So happy. Now my area is at least much neater and organise. Ok like every Hari Raya..the norm will always be the norm. We will always exchange Hari Raya cards or e-cards or something like that asking for forgiveness. Since blog is a very very public place and very accessible let me post up my Raya message here instead. Save cost and everyone can read. Easy for me easy for you!

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Dear Friends and you lovely readers out there,

I take this opportunity to seek for forgiveness for all my wrongdoings especially with regard to what i have said in front or behind you. Hope we can start a new chapter and so I can have more opportunities to create more bad things to you and ask for forgiveness again later. HAHA! Kidding lah. Like I was saying, let's start afresh and forget the past 'cos what is important is the present and the future that awaits us.
I wish you guys all the best in what ever you are doing (of course the good things only), good health, prosperity and progress for our nation. HAHA! ok again nonsense. But I hope you get what i mean. Please remember no matter where you are and how long I have lose contact with you, I will still cherish those days we spent and knowing you once is already a pleasure.
Lastly, wish you all muslims and non-muslims out there..SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN & HAPPY HOLIDAY respectively.

Yours truly,
Halimah Omar (aka Hally or whatever nickname that was given by different individuals)

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