15 October 2006

Ok people!! Back again..at this hour I am still awake. Surprise anyone? No? Nvm..Haha!
Aniwae, just reached home from watching Magus Luna 2. It's been like sooooooo long lah since i last visited Techno and the place never change. Gosh it housed alot of our fun conversations while eating the chicken cutlet rice and drinking ice-lemon tea!! Met ex-dramatec members and of course the juniors. It was like reunion kinda thing and i enjoyed myself.

I think i shall reserve my comments to myself. If you wanna know you can ask me yourselves and I can gladly share my views with you guys.

And..Shit! I miss acting big-scale performance! and most importantly..I miss being BUSY! ok maybe you guys out there will think i'm nuts but I am seriously missing my used-to-be hectic lifestyle. Wanna know why? Becos there seemed to be a kind of adrenaline rush when you are busy and alot of excitement. Suddenly when you are thrown into a routined lifestyle, you feel caged! WAHAHA!
Ok i dunno what i am talking about. But for those who get what i mean..congratulation to you. You are on your way to be the next SINGAPORE BRAINIEST KID! * throws confetti*

Took a few pics with Nad's digicam and perhaps might be uploading it here. see how lah eh. Nw i am itching to get a digicam for myself!! So i need not have to rely on other people and bugging them for pics. BUT shah..I still want all those pictures you owe me! This is totally not professional and at the rate you are going..I am not gonna hire you as my wedding photographer ah! Lebih rela hire orang tanjung pinang sey!

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