15 November 2006

According to my Hp calendar which is 99.9% accurate today happens to be Shahdon's Birthday. So I like to take this rarest opportunity to wish him.


It seems that I lack of free time to relax and do nothing nowadays. After work, it is totally draining. Mentally. I never experience things like this before. Only recently that it happen to me. Perhaps one of the reasons is that I am given more work. Well not exactly more work but more to tedious drafting per file. After a few draftings, I end up being so drained that I wish I can be at home sleeping. But unfortunately, by that time it is only 3 or 4pm. A few more hours to go and that is when I find leisure in reading the newspaper/making myself a hot drink/walking to the reception and start a conversation with her. Well that's life in the office for me and I always look forward to my lawyer going to court and those other superiors out of the office leaving the secretaries and the receptionist to conquer the office. It always spell
F-R-E-E-D-O-M for me. At least I need not have to pretend to be busy or being pile with tonnes of work and photocopying. This is life at work and so far I have yet to regret accepting the job offer. In fact it widen my options for my future.

Today I have plenty of time to spare before I'm off to dreamland/tvland i.e Project Runway. I shall update more than usual. Let me enlighten you people with the "What's Happening?". The previous weekends was jam-packed with emotions. You just name it you get it. Emotions apart, let me give a brief highlight of my weekend. Saturday for some reason feels lively. Started the day with Drama (YCP). Rehearsed for Fauzi's Festive Fiasco. Performed soon after that. As usual, YCP never fails to put up a great show. After that headed straight home to freshen up and went out again. Err..I think now my entry sounds more like what-I-did-today kinda shits. I guess that's about it for Saturday. Details shall not be disclosed then.
Sunday was awesome!! For once I had this festive mood in me. Went out as an honorary member and had so much fun. I reached home at a record-breaking time of 1am! Woah..That's totally so rare for me. Thank goodness I am such a forward-looking person and I applied 1/2day leave on Monday beforehand. So I slept for more hours and woke up refreshed. Oh I think wasted that 1/2 day leave about an hour. I am so dumb. I thought I need to report to work at 1pm but instead it was supposedly to be 2pm. Haiyoh! So I reached work at around 12 plus thinking i was going to be late and ended up being too early. I guess cannot blame me lah hor. I'm still new.

Time really flies. Soon the attache is going back to school. I am so going to miss her. I have no more same "kaki" to engage in a youthful conversation with. Haiz.
AND November is ending soon. It is seriously fast! Soon without realizing it is going to be New Year! Of course, new year for me too! :) I think new year will be the happiest day of my life. Ermm..Well maybe ONE of the happiest day. Oh my Birthday is approaching too! 21! Legalise age! Hurray!! I can get ERS!!

Oh Oh Oh!! The GST is increasing by 2% soon. That will be the most tragic day of my life.

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